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  1. cactus kate

    anyone interested in opals ?

    Wow any left they look amazing
  2. cactus kate

    Triple pink P somniferum seed giveaway

    Wow would love to try put me in draw please
  3. cactus kate

    Melbourne Cacti

    still available, wanting to recieve by post
  4. cactus kate

    Loph seed 20$

    any left please am interested in couple of packets
  5. cactus kate

    Trichocereus Bulk Packs

    why excluding tasmania i received all zellys mix and would be interested in these
  6. any photos of luther blue banks
  7. cactus kate

    Martin seed FS - Kiwi Trichocereus Cross

    still available i am interested am in tasmania
  8. cactus kate

    Trichocereus Australia Seed List 2017

    Any chance in maybe getting a variety for $150 ,obviously not them all ,sooo interested I grew all sells mix and doing real well
  9. cactus kate

    ending thread

    Is Tasmania a noption for post have received heaps of dry cuttings through this way
  10. cactus kate

    POD 2, 2016 Giveaway, Trichocereus seeds

    How can I do a cash payment pls. As have no credit card
  11. cactus kate

    Small Orange Dots On Cactus

    Not sure think might be a form of mite or scale ,have just cut mine back for the same reason was covered ,although I notice it is on one of my euphorbias,I am in Tasmania and only see this around winter time,have had many causaualities due to it
  12. cactus kate

    OP tricho seed give away

    Was it hard to get permission to collect the seed, please help ,would love to collect seed at Tasmanian botanical gardens
  13. cactus kate

    Trichocereus scopulicola

    Still available am interested can you post to tassie
  14. cactus kate

    Nelly Crosses FT

    Sorry nothing to tradein seed only plants heaps of blue trich and monstrose ,maybe seed this year, also have some cool cereus perivianus ,interested in buying seed if you get no interest