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  1. Quetzalt

    First steps into A. Phlebophylla

    Hey thanks a lot. Looks like simple is the way. After my faillures and research I realized that in nature most seeds must remain exposed/ stuck within rock cracks and receiving water/ humidity from clean streams and night/ day diferencial temps. I hope I'll have the chance to have another go at these beauties someday Best of luck for the growing process.
  2. Quetzalt

    Duboisia hopwoodii

    Well good luck, GA-3 seems to do the job nicely. Yes the roots are intact, so I'll cross fingers...
  3. Quetzalt

    Duboisia hopwoodii

    Hi, My Pituri was doing fine until a couple of days ago when my dog cut it in half I'm left with a leafless 15 cm bit in the vase and a 20 cm tip with some leaves (I'v removed the bottom ones), which I've put in a glass of water (check pic). Can I do anything to help it's survival or is it condemned? Can I expect the tip to root in the water (would rooting hormone help?) ? Thanks for the help.
  4. Quetzalt

    Trade/ purchase gone wrong?

    Hi It's been a year since the begin of the events in this thread and to my surprise there's been a follow up I ought to divulge. Well guess what, last month out the blue, I received a package with the forgotten items. Better late than never? So, in the end Teo redeemed himself... I will now contact Zelly to return his due. Any follow up, I leave in the hands of the administrators. Regards
  5. Quetzalt

    Iboga plant growing process question

    Wow 2 years old Nice one... I was afraid of winter so I brought it in a heated and humidified greenhouse until today and it grew 1 foot (doubled its size...). Looking very happy and branching out. I hope next year I get some flowers and fruits too The vocanga/ shippibo and Colubrina liked the same conditions very much but the Yohimbe died early, maybe too much water or too much cold or both... I lack the courage to get them to the ground though... Kada, maybe you could just get it a nice transparent roof. It likes humidity a lot, I don't know about excessive water...
  6. Quetzalt

    First steps into A. Phlebophylla

    Well, end of the line for me... I only had 2 germinations from coco pellets, one died trying to surface and the other trying to shed the seed coat. I had removed the seed coat from another 2 without success. The remaining ones litterally disapeared/ rotted... I dugged but couldn´t find anything. I probably had too much humidity during the whole process. If I'm lucky enough to have another go at them some day, I'll defenetly go for the remove seed coat option. Does any one know if sand would be better then vermiculite? (I'm asking because vermiculite seems good for air circulation...)
  7. Quetzalt

    GONE. Australian native seed giveaway!

    How nice of you I don't know if I still count but as an artist I have to contribute with "Jame Lee Byars", he was a touch more than a comet in the artworld. Even more profound than Walter De Maria The Rose Table Of Perfect Is Is The Human Figure The Death of James Lee Byars Is
  8. Quetzalt

    Duboisia hopwoodii

    Sorry, can't help you with seeds but I'm sure someone will be able to. My plant is doing great, I'll update a pic when I have the time.
  9. Yes this thread is sad, and that is why people feel inclined to give their 2 sents. I don't agree with you C_T. In this case the privilege is being able to use this platform to "offer" and make some profit. Even if it only costed 80$, answering a question seems only natural. I mean, I see people in this forum "offering" stuff and providing more info than the present case. If this specien doesn't deserve a page bio, then it might not be worth the price. If it deserves one, then it should be provided to the buyer or potential one indeed. If there's no info, then I don't see why all the fuss, there's no info. It's a matter of genuine interest and good faith, no need for negative reactions.
  10. Quetzalt

    First steps into A. Phlebophylla

    For me, nothing yet 3 weeks after treatment ... I might take a few coats out to see if it helps. For comparison sake, I planted 6 seeds of A. Maidinii at the same time and 3 germinated promptly.
  11. Quetzalt

    Intergeneric Breeding with Electricity

    Wow a lot to go on in there.... I had read an article from a japanese researcher who found electromagnetic comunication between trees... Now this opens for a lot of "freak" experiences. Zelly, have you done some experiments with multiple wave oscillators? Care to share your experiences? That reminds me the Lovecraftian movie "from beyond" (a wave oscillator to stimulate the pineal gland) On a more realistic note and on a planetary scale, there's that "Evil" Tesla related "experiments" they are doing in Alaska called HAARP (check youtube). Another obscure author but well worth checking is Viktor Scauberger. His works touches on nature, thecnology, water and healing.
  12. Quetzalt

    Intergeneric Breeding with Electricity

    Interesting The next step will be to play with Tesla coils
  13. Quetzalt

    the d00d abides again

    Thanks for the offer: bhut jolakia chilli x 0 birds eye chilli x 3 rainbow chilli x 1 inferno chilli x 1 siam chilli x 1 peruvian purple chilli x 1 sweet temptation chilli x 1 general enthos: stevia (youll need to pick the hairs off!) x 1 tassie red poppy x 2 giant pink poppy x 2 unknown pap som x 4 cali poppy x 2 datura stramonium x 3 datura metel var fatuosa x 0 Leonurus cardiaca x 1 n. rustica x 4 n tobaccum x 4 c. bluemi x 2 milky way x 1 salvia coccinea x 3 Salvia africana-lutea x 0 c. validus x 1
  14. Well, that would be great I'll wait and see, amazing how some thing look like dead but aren't... If that's the case, do I need to keep watering it?
  15. Well, I have one which is just dying on me... I don't know if it's the cold but it was beautifull just a month ago and it's been drying up , I believe it's almost gone. Any tips would be nice... Unfortunately, not enough leaf material was produced. I've never heard of Mullein before...