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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I'd really appreciate some advice... Most of my Viridis and Caapi's are happy and healthy.. but the tips of the leaves of one of my newest PV - DX10 are browning off (see pic). I only potted him 2 weeks ago, and I did add a bit of seaweed/fert - have i burnt it? I used the same pH 6 soil mix for three others and they are doing ok. Maybe the soil is too soaked? Its quite wet when i put a finger in the the drainage holes. Should I repot? I don't think it looks like bact/fungal infection - no need to chop the brown bits off? Also one of my tucanaca Cappi went gangbusters and grew from 20 cm to 1m in a week or so - I'm wondering if she is 'stretching for light' - the distance between nodes is almost 30cm. I've removed some of the shade cloth from the greenhouse roof - but all of the other Caapi's (including another tucanaca) with identical light/heat/humidity/soil conditions are still about 20 - 30cm...why has this one decided to walk towards the light? Cheers!
  2. TheMooseZeus

    Looking for rooted cuttings!

    Hi all! I'm looking for the rooted cuttings of Psychotria Viridis Banisteriopsis caapi And Passiflora incarnata (I will also happily accept seeds for these little guys) I was thinking $15 for each cutting and as for incarnata seeds, $5 - 6? Please PM me if you could help me out and we can discuss prices
  3. Hi All, I'm new to ethnobotany and to this community, and am trying my hand at growing some caapi and viridis, I've got a few varieties of each. I'm in Melbourne and have set up a greenhouse. My temps range from 14 - 36c and humidity from 60 - 80%, I've lined the inside with 70% UV block shade cloth, and some lattice for the vines to climb. All the plants are still in pots, when the weather warms up a bit I will transplant the caapi into the ground. I'm getting some good growth from my caapi's, but I've got a problem with ?aphids (see pic attached) I tried some appropriately diluted eco oil on one of the caapi plants, but it killed off all the new shoots and baby leaves. I've ordered some Green Lacewing bugs in the hope they will get the problem under control. In the meantime I'm just manually cleaning the leaves and squishing the bugs between my finger, but I can't get into all the little nooks and crannies. Does anyone have any other suggestions to get rid of these things? My Vidiris on the other hand are showing no signs of growth. I've got Chacruna and UDV. I know they are slow growers, and I didn't have my greenhouse setup when I got them, so they had to endure some very cold nights, I'm worried the cold stunted them. The leaves they have look healthy enough, but no new growth. I'm working on getting some Nexus and DW10 variants, in the hope they will be a bit faster growing, and more cold tolerant - and can go straight into a nice cushy greenhouse. Any suggestions of breathing some life into my Vidiris? This is what I've put together so far on each plant; Caapi; Sun: Part Shade Cold: Variant dependent - die at 4c, like min 15c night temps and day temps of 24c for growth Soil: Humus Rich, moist, well draining soil - needs root space (prefers ground not pot) Water: Thirsty plant - can be watered daily Fertilizer: Plant is a heavy nitrogen feeder - Fish Emulsifer pH: 5.5 Humidity: Likes 90% Pruning Info: 50g / 1ft long 1" thick section. At end of growing season, not from the bottom 3ft of plant. Vidiris: Sun: 70% shade Cold: Doesn't tolerate well Soil: Loam Rich, moist, well draining soil Fertilizer: Seaweed - Maxicrop pH: 5.5 Humidity: Likes Pruning Info: 50g fresh weight of mature leaves at sunset Does that seem about right? I really appreciate any feedback or tips to help me along the first few steps of this beautiful journey. Cheers!
  4. This shows that the best times to harvest P. viridis are 6 am and 6 pm. (Sunrise and sunset) I was wondering if we could correlate/compare data such as the activity of insects in a 24 hours period or humidity percentages etc. (bearing in mind that this plant was in the jungle) Original source - https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/221d/facd7adfa3947e46cd101764a3d25e9da678.pdf?_ga=2.40171938.1492583384.1526295629-1998647047.1526295629 Pic was taken from the Herbalistic instagram
  5. Hi all, newbie here, looking to trade some seeds within NZ if possible. Wanting; P. viridis leaves D. cabrerana (long shot i know) Phyllodium Pulchellum To trade with some of the folllowing; Acuminata, Floribunda, Decurrens, Longilolia, Wolfberry, Silene Capensis, Prickly Poppy, Datura, Mugwort, Wormwood, Celastrus Paniculata, Tobacco, Voacanga, Empress tree, Bridgesii, Salvia (cuttings), Morning Glory, Echinacea, Coleus Blumei, Kowhai, 6-BAP, Gibberellic acid. Also have small amounts of; Delosperma Bosseranum, Mapacho, Schizandra Chinesis, Hostilis (thornless I think), Wood Betony. Or can buy. Peace, Acu.
  6. thoughts

    P. Viridis Help

    Hey guys I'm wondering if you can give me a hand my p. viridis has started to develop brown patches and a yellowish fading of the leaves the past week. It is kept in a hot house (shaded area) and misted regularly for humidity. Any ideas what might be happening?
  7. This is just to give back (in a small shitty way) to the community that I've lurked in for so long. Don't worry about postage guys it's sweet, I reckon I should split the syrian rue/nicotiana seeds for 2 people & there's enough viridis for like 4 people? Just PM me with whatcha want. Cheers guys!
  8. Hey guys just received some seed and ended out with way more than I need as always: 4x packs of ~20 Salvia apiana 2x packs of ~10 Salvia viridis (colour mix) 2x packs of ~10 Naga Jolokia chilli ...to give away, first in best dressed. I have no probs with people requesting multiple seeds as long as they'll be planted, saves me effort anyway ;). EDIT: doing the random number lottery thing instead (see below), post your preferences and in 24hrs I'll announce the winners, cheers. happy gardening -ef
  9. 3lliot

    Growing B. caapi in pots

    I have some B. caapi which I've grown to about 2 feet tall in an indoor growbox. I've decided (what with the new legislation) that I'd like to move them outdoors onto the balcony (Sydney Eastern suburbs), just to attract less curiosity from visitors like estate agents, cleaners etc. What I plan to do is pot them in some decent-sized pots, and give each one some vertical trellis to climb up. I have a big (6 x 6 foot) trellis which I'll chop up vertically into 5 or 6 strips, and fix each strip to a pot, which will make the plants more portable if I decide to move (rather than having them all grow up one big trellis). My question is though, what's the best way to keep them nice & compact? I don't want them growing long & stringy up the trellis, because they'll run out of climbing space pretty quick. Should I just prune the top buds off? or would it be better to train them to grow around the trellis in a spiral? Also, the balcony is right on the ocean & gets very salty at times. will this be an issue? I have some tropical chillis (trindad scorpions) on the balcony already, they're fine. They did go fully dormant & lost all their leaves over winter, but they're growing back nicely now. Also also, I'm thinking about moving my P. viridis out onto the balcony - I assume they'll be ok as long as it doesn't freeze, but should I make sure they don't get full sun? has anyone grown viridis in full sun outdoors? cheers -E
  10. Hey guys, I have a bunch of P. viridis seeds, and mature plants I can easily take stem or leaf cuttings from. PM me if you're interested, trades appreciated but not expected. gem
  11. Hey guys, I have 6x packs of 5 each Ephedra nevadensis and Ephedra viridis (10 seeds per winner). These are some of the easier ephedras to get started growing (relatively!). Post here if you're interested; entries close 8pm Sat QLD time (a long way away I know, but there's not much point posting them until Monday anyway). Six winners will get Ephedra packs, and... all entrants will get a mystery seed pack! EDIT: Saturday 4pm - One entrant will now also get 3x E. sinica seed, also chosen at random. edit: looks like this will be a big one. quantum_reality has kindly offered to throw in stamps and i'll be matching him on them up to a total of at least 60, after that i'll have to ask for SSAEs (but I'd rather keep things free). could all entrants please PM me with their postal addresses after posting, so i can start preparing envelopes in advance. use the message subject "giveaway 2013-1".