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  1. since us poor west australians have some pretty bad customs issues and im pretty sure alot of people in west oz dont like to have to buy things from other states due to the possibility of losing thier trades or orders before we even get them i feel we need a thread for us to trade and sell with others in our own state i think any time a west aussie has anything to trade or sell it should first be posted here so our fellow west australians have a better chance of obtaining things without having to worry about customs taking it away from us if other west aussies think this is a good idea please keep this thread going and advertise your trades or sales here and even just state that your a west australian here so people can come through and know who to pm others with anything they have to trade or sell you could even come through and make a request of something your looking for and hope another west australian comes thru with wat your after i know alot of us order things from interstate but theres also alot of people who dont like to and really say your looking for a loph or a trich cutting or some seeds if you can find a west aussie with em your much better of than trying to order the same thing from someone in another state by eliminating the fear that you wont recieve your order / trade wether it be spore prints, cacti, plants, seeds watever you have i think it should be posted here first to help our fellow members from the same state so west aussies let me know if this sounds like a good idea and start posting anything you may have for sale or trade or anything you may be looking for
  2. hi ive heard that some cacti seed is legal to import is this true?? if so can anyone point me in the right direction to finding out wat species are legal to import thanks
  3. (PLEASE NOTE THE SPECIES USED WAS STROPHARIA PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WITH ANY KIND OF ILLEGAL MUSHROOMS PICTURES ARE FOR ILLISTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY) This is my guide to growing woodloving mushrooms outdoors i hope this will be of help to anyone new to the subject and also serve as inspiration for others wanting to try and create thier own outdoor patches in a lovely garden setting this has proved very successful for me in the past and i wanted to share with you all the way i make this happen. this will serve as a complete guide to growing your own woodloving mushrooms outdoors i hope you all find this informative and as i said earlier inspiring...... enjoy throughout this guide i will be showing you some different techniques i have used in the past so this is how it all starts you can begin with either 1: freshly picked specimens or 2: pieces of wood that you know for sure already contain mycelium of the mushrooms you intend on growing so we will begin with number 1: freshly picked specimens for this method i like to take my fresh specimens and rather than using just the stem but i cut the mushroom into 3 pieces so that i end up with the stem but, the stem and the cap get yourself some cardboard and tear the outer layers away so that you are left with just the corigated middle part you can soak this in some boiling water to try and get rid of some of the excess glue however this is not at all necessary place your mushroom pieces inbetween your wet cardboard i like to start small with some small plastic containers allow the mycelium to take over the cardboard as you see in the picture below (the black parts you see are just old rotting pieces of mushroom this has no effect on mycelium growth and has never caused any kind of mould growth for me i have done this numerous times without a problem) the mycelium pictured below is from an unidentified species i discovered last season after this i then take the step to a larger tub (pictured below) firstly i will add more larger pieces of cardboard into the tub and spread my smaller cardboard pieces throughout the layers once these larger cardboard layers are colonised i then get wood chips and basically make a lasagne by pulling the large sheets of cardboard out and placing woodchips between the cardboard layers and again leave this to colonise once this is colonised i make my outdoor beds i do this by simply placing as many layers of cardboard on the ground as possible (this also acts to stop the weeds growing in your garden) take your colonised chips and cardboard and spread it out over the cardboard you placed on the ground your new garden bed is on its way i now take some fresh woodchips and layer them over the top about 1-2 inches is good it should look something like this now if we go back to the start this time we will begin with option number 2: pieces of wood that you know for sure already contain mycelium of the mushrooms you intend on growing pictured below is wood containing mycelium in this case you can simply take your colonised wood and place chunks of it around in your outdoor woodchip patch just like this then ofcourse simply bury it in your woodchip bed and allow the mycelium to spread throughout the bed now this next method is something i devised using the idea of the spawn plug tek this method has worked extremely well for me get yourself some logs drill some holes throughout the logs and place either colonised cardboard, woodchips or even stem buts inside the holes i like to then plug the holes up with some pieces of fresh uncolonised cardboard this should last long enough to allow the mycelium to take over the log from the inside out you can see in the picture below where i have drilled holes in this particular log then take your colonised log and simply bury it in your woodchip beds i like to just bury it halfway like this i then take this log and move it around my garden every year or so within a few months the mycelium from the log will spread like crazy into your woodchip bed this log has been in this particular spot for around 7-8 months as you can see from the pictures below the mycelium has spread outwards from the log quite dramatically so thats basically it a very simple way to create not just outdoor beds for woodlovers but to make a beautiful garden that grows your favorite woodloving mushrooms thankyou all for reading i hope you found this informative and inspiring (AGAIN PLEASE NOTE THE SPECIES USED WAS STROPHARIA PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WITH ANY KIND OF ILLEGAL MUSHROOMS PICTURES ARE FOR ILLISTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY)
  4. myco

    WA Gyms, tis the season

    mate and I went for a bit of a hunt today thought I'd share some pics of some gym's from the far south of W.A. Pins galore
  5. haha here we go the 2 experts dissagree I would tend to go with zelly and your original thoughts of peru spines dont quite look bridgey enough for me
  6. do you have holes in the bottom of your FC ? you should have holes on all sides including the bottom the perlite shouldn't stay wet enough to go bad in any way if you need to bring the humidity down why not just add more holes to let more air flow you want plenty of air flow
  7. a bubbler should increase humidity not decrease it I would suggest bringing your FC inside the house rather than the shed if temps in the shed are going to be a problem a shed is going to also potentially increase your risk of contams unless its a fairly clean place that being said contams aren't really a problem once your cakes are colonised its very hard for any contams to take hold this is why airing out your FC is not a problem you also say you have a bug problem in there another reason to maybe stay away from the shed and a fan is most definitely not a good idea unless you are able to keep your humidity up while the fan runs which will be very difficult all the fan will do is decrease humidity and dry everything out unless your FC is absolutely huge like an entire room none of these things are necessary shotgun terrarium remove lid once a day and fan it out give it a mist with a spray bottle once or twice a day nothing to it
  8. myco

    happy birthday irabionist. 2016

    not sure if its actually his birthday facebook says its not haha Happy birthday if it is the right day
  9. myco

    Gold Coast Collection Sell Off

    I can vouch for jox great guy wish I could purchase some stuff damn W.A. and its damn quarantine laws
  10. myco

    Show off your freaks

    yeh its F latispinus I know I love that lil guy one of my favorites
  11. myco

    Show off your freaks

    few pics
  12. Anybody heard of this looks like it could be ok any fans of trailer park boys might recognise this guy/girl hahaha I was confused as hell at first I thought maybe it was fake but it is a real documentary thats in the making just thought I'd share for anyone who might be interested
  13. myco

    Wheres your cash at?

    so my partner and I are trying to sell a house at the moment how long do we have before it gets to the point of not even being worth selling we've already lost 100 grand on it in the last year
  14. Hey guys I have been trying to find a timer that can go on and off multiple times a day I really didn't think this would be all that difficult but its proving to be not such an easy thing to find I have managed to find one however its American so obviously not suitable for here in oz if anybody can help me out on this one it would be greatly appreciated P.S. I didn't know where to put this so I just put it here
  15. not quite gonna cut it unfortunately miss meander it needs to be happening automatically so if I was going to try and mess around and see if i could learn some of this crazy electronics arduino stuff would something like one of these be good to buy to help learn how it all works http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Lab-Starter-basic-Kit-MEGA-2560-R3-Kit-for-Arduino-Enthusiasts-Nano-Leonardo-/151766863188?hash=item2356028d54:g:18YAAOSwgQ9VvswS http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/3D-Printer-RFID-Starter-Learning-Kit-for-Arduino-from-Knowing-to-Utilizing-/231464223379?hash=item35e457c293:g:O5IAAOSwEeFVBpRe
  16. hahaha I know electronics for me is like trying to read some kind of alien language I recently tried to see if I could figure out how to wire up a standalone crossfader for my turntables shit I felt pretty stupid once I started reading stuff and watching videos even with that help I had no clue hahaha thanks for all the help and ideas guys your certainly giving me alot to think about for my future greenhouse builds I might have to hit you up Ace the functions needed to be controlled would probably be fairly simple really (for someone who knows what they're doing) all I'd really be looking at controlling is humidity and temperature as darklight suggested the heat sensitive pneumatic roof vents was what I'd planned on using so really just something to help control humidity would be great
  17. I have always dreamed of having a greenhouse with full control via computer haha I might just drag this up again once I finally can build my big greenhouse been paying off our land for just over a year now its been one shitty fuken hell of a year but we'll be stickin a shed on there in jan and start building house not long after that once that sheds up though the greenhouses will begin ahhh finally
  18. hahah ok thanks guys well I've never even heard of the word arduino just had to check google I'm definitely not one to be messin around with electronics I wouldn't even know where to start haha its surprising there isnt more timers that can achieve this it would seem my best bet would be to try one of those analogue ones maybe give wert's idea go see what kinda sketchy shit I can rig up with a few different timers hopefully that will do what I need thanks for the help guys I'll give that a go
  19. do you know the brand and model number or anything
  20. myco

    Bonsai -- Show and Tell

    Yeh I know I keep looking at it thinking about where I'm gonna go with it its rather overwhelming haha so much can be done
  21. myco

    Bonsai -- Show and Tell

    few more pics I scored this beautiful big ficus from the kerbside rubbish collection when I was up in perth back at the start of the year I chopped the top off it and half of its root system and got it all potted up in some fresh soil its coming back great now cant wait to do somethin with this gonna be a few years before I can get it into a pot and lookin nice has an awesome trunk on it
  22. myco

    Ariocarpus appreciation thread.

    Thought I'd share a few pics of some of my favourites from my collection
  23. myco

    Youtube vids

    had to share this one
  24. glad to hear its not just me thats getting some pretty shitty success rates with astro's and peres I've done plenty of them plenty of them have taken no problems some have stalled others have immediately shown growth but as for rate of them taking its definitely noticeably lower than other cacti
  25. myco

    The Federal Government are dogs!!!

    I'd be interested to know how being white affects your situation