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  1. Amazing. So I imagine that the seed came from a mature horticultural specimen rather than wild.
  2. Those with the super-long phyllodes certainly look like hybrids. Any idea what species might be involved ?
  3. Mycot

    covid 19 vaccination

  4. Mycot

    covid 19 vaccination

    Your BS detector is in serious need of tuning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7zcx03LAHI
  5. Mycot

    covid 19 vaccination

    As the person who made the statement I may be best qualified to answer it. That clip illustrates how corporate news no longer has any regard for truth but is merely a lying propaganda machine. This applies from 9 News to Skynews, and the ABC is no different, so there is no moral argument for preserving it.
  6. Mycot

    covid 19 vaccination

    More fun and games in Melbourne as the saga continues. VIC Govt wants to see Australianso get killed by violence instead of covid. Here's links to two vids on the action. At some stage I'll find the patience to remember how to embed vids. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jReamRwtNrU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCIWfRmZ-Ww
  7. Mycot

    covid 19 vaccination

    Brave Australians stood up to tyranny just days ago. Posting here a link to standard Australian media coverage which as we all know is free of disinformation so it's OK for this thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqlpO785Y90 The ABC should be de-funded.
  8. Mycot

    covid 19 vaccination

    Speaking of freedoms, I believe there are to be to be major protests across Australia coming Tuesday Aug 31 for those that are interested.
  9. Mycot

    covid 19 vaccination

    Thanks for the sentiment cubism and RC, I appreciate it. I just lost a lengthy post of reply, after hitting 'Submit Reply. Fuck it. Wish all Corroboree members the best (Tripsis too Haha) may we all, both pro-vaxers and anti-vaxers get through all this OK.
  10. Mycot

    covid 19 vaccination

    Vaccines Can Lead To More Potent Viruses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05H3Ckihz6s
  11. Mycot

    covid 19 vaccination

    So it was researched. It doesn't sound like they found much. Perhaps they could research some more.
  12. Mycot

    WA Gyms, tis the season

    Giving this thread a heads up. There are still gyms out there & they make great pics which everyone totally loves. A bit of gym news ; There was a gym sequenced on Genbank from NT that had the same sequence of G.dilepis, an active species.
  13. Mycot

    covid 19 vaccination

    Double post
  14. Mycot

    covid 19 vaccination

    If Scummo wasn't such a great fuckup, Covid would have been totally eliminated in Australia a year ago, no vaccine needed. By monumental stupidity or by design, Australia still struggles with something that lasts no longer than 2 weeks. Don't trust authority, political, scientific or medical..
  15. Mycot

    covid 19 vaccination

    Those who haven't done so should check out the movie 'V for Vendetta' possibly the most relevant film of these times and one I re-watched last week.