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  1. Hey mate, I have a Yowie that is about to flower.
  2. IceCube

    Loph seed wanted

  3. Hi there, Any chance of obtaining one of these beauties? i've got a grafted tpm x N1 crest coming but wanna try more diversity!! Cheers
  4. IceCube

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    I'll take pls. Offering 25 x Erythloxyum australae seeds + bush tomato and random cactus seeds
  5. IceCube

    Sausage/Macrogonus cuts and Loph Grafts

    Keen on the loph on bunnings trich PMd
  6. I'd be keen on like half
  7. IceCube

    "Bird's Beak" chilli seeds

    Keen to have a go, will probably end up crossing with peter pepper
  8. Hey cuntz in the mail, some of you gus will be delayed by a week as waiting more to arrive Sorry for delay been broke cuntz
  9. IceCube

    Kiwano seed giveaway!

    Oh man been eyeing off for ages want some chilies?
  10. IceCube

    Erythroxylum australe and Acacia giveaway

    Hi everybody, expect a PM with status update tomorrow just bagging and tagging at the mo'
  11. Any information on autoclaving coconut water vs filtering it/cheap ways to filter sterilise?
  12. IceCube

    Gumbi Gumbi Diaries

    http://herbalistics.com.au/plantblog/ross-river-fever/ :D
  13. IceCube

    Erythroxylum australe and Acacia giveaway

    No worries guys, enough for you all