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  1. if the rain picks up you might find psilocybe cubensis growing in suitably shaded cow paddocks, although in my experience its too dry and windy in the north burnett. but would be interesting to hear of other local experiences... a trip to the sunshine coast hinterland for a spot of bush walking through cow paddocks might be in order. acacia concurrens might also be present if you near the coast, but its not a confirmed dmt source as far as I am aware.
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    any cubes yet

    yeah too dry yet tweed river north to mary river i'd say, even in a patch that was fruity august into summer here in 2007. but the clouds are looking darker these days and word of storms on the winds... potency - sensitive to location, climate, stress, substrate, species. sometimes i have entertained the idea that older specimens somehow increase in potency when not exposed to full sunlight. recently heard about encountering thai cubensis whilst on an elephant walk... apparently same strength as cubes here.