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  1. dragonfly

    Herbs to stop or reduce bleeding

    What are some herbs that can stop or reduce bleeding immediately when taken. I am not talking about serious bleeding, just minor things such as nosebleeding or menstruation. I have tried shepherds purse but it had little effect.
  2. dragonfly

    panax ginseng and panax notoginseng the same thing?

    Yes, that would be good, i'm interested in it. Does anyone know what the common name is that chinese people use? I went to a chinese herb shop and asked for notoginseng or sanchi, but she didn't seem to understand. In the end she said do you want sanchi? and I said yes, that is what I have been saying all along. So she gave me 100g for $6. Does anyone know if it is possible to identify what type of ginseng it is just by having the dried sliced roots, because I am still not sure if she even gave me the right thing. Also what is the best way to take dried ginseng for maximum strength? e.g. should it be boiled, or just put in a tea pot? How much?
  3. dragonfly

    panax ginseng and panax notoginseng the same thing?

    Panax notoginseng or sanchi is supposed to be very good at stopping bleeding such as nosebleeds. From what I have read it is supposed to be one of the most powerful herbs for stopping bleeding- not all ginsengs only the panax notoginseng. Also does anyone know what type of store would sell this? Any suggestions for where to buy it in Adelaide?
  4. Are panax ginseng and panax notoginseng the same thing? Has anyone taken this to reduce bleeding (any type of bleeding), and has it worked for you?
  5. dragonfly

    how good are zonk capsules if you want to chill

    I have noticed that octopamine is in many liquid herb blends etc. What does it actually do for you? I haven't been able to find out much about what it is, except that it is used for weight loss??
  6. dragonfly

    kava recipes

    I have a question for you people that make kava into milkshakes. Do you strain the kava or just drink it mixed in without straining it? Also how much do you add to your milkshake?
  7. dragonfly

    Idea for a self made doco

    I think that you need to do it on a group of people, not just yourself, because your opinion is biased (you say that you want to show that alcohol is more damaging), so it wouldn't really be very educational. I think you need to do it for longer than 2 months as well to get any real results. I've seen documentarys like you want to make and the people that get addicted to cannabis and other drugs seemed much worse and more damaged than the alcoholics.
  8. dragonfly

    what shops sell kava

    Then what could happen to someone who bought it off the internet from a legitimate australian herb company (IM NOT SAYING THERE IS A COMPANY THAT SELLS IT), and the person who bought it off the internet didn't know it was illegal because they were just buying from a well known australian company?
  9. dragonfly

    what shops sell kava

    So how could I have found the answer to my question then? If I didn't ask it I still wouldn't know.
  10. dragonfly

    TWEAKERS THREAD- Caring for Your Body

    that partly answered my question. I am interested to know what herbs/plants can keep you awake for that long?
  11. dragonfly

    GA3 Gibberellic acid - Where to get it?

    I'm not sure where you live near but look up laboratory supplies in your phone book and many of them sell chemicals, most of them also do delivery and you order over the phone. HD scientific in NSW sells chemicals, not sure if it sells GA3. I know that southern cross science definatly sell GA3 http://www.southerncrossscience.com.au/ LOMB scientific in NSW also sell it http://www.lomb.com.au/search_keyword_submit.asp?productname=gibberellic+acid Anyway what are you trying to germinate, and what concentration and how are you applying the GA3? I have noticed that some seeds don't respond much to the GA3 unless the pH is adjusted. just warning you, but it probably wouldn't happen often, when I ordered from overseas all of my parcels were opened (I could tell because the packaging was ripped, and the inside packaging wasn't resealed properly. It was obvious that the post office had opened them to check what was in there. So I would definatly recommend getting your chemicals from an australian scientific company. I've never had any problems.
  12. dragonfly

    TWEAKERS THREAD- Caring for Your Body

    I understand those things, and there are many things you can take to stay awake for partying, studying etc, but I don't understand why you would want to stay awake for 3-5 days, 1 or 2 times a year. I am interested to know what the benefits of staying awake for days is? Also what are the ethnobotanical herbs/plants that would keep you awake for this long?
  13. dragonfly

    what shops sell kava

    I only mentioned the sellers after someone replied and told me where it can be bought, okay?
  14. dragonfly

    TWEAKERS THREAD- Caring for Your Body

    I must say I am a bit confused, and agree with the other poster - what are the benefits of taking something that "really fucks with your body" and makes you stay awake for so long that you become dehydrated, clench fists, sore eyes, tattered mouth etc. I'm sure that to some people the benefits would outweigh the negatives, but can someone tell me what the benefits are? I sure wouldn't want to stay awake for that long to get all those side effects...
  15. Does anyone know what the full list of ingredients are in these capsules? They look interesting. On the SAB webstore where they are sold it says "bought to you by HappyHighHerbs" Does this mean that HHH makes them? I have seen zonk capsules at HHH, but they were $25 for 2. at the SAB webstore they are $24 for 12. Anyone know why there is such a price difference, especially if HHH supplies them (I might be wrong but I am just guessing this because of what it says on the website)?