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  1. btotl

    Red leaf Borneo Kratom?

    I’ve recently discovered that kratom is used for a RLS (restless leg syndrome) which I struggle with most nights. was wondering if someone has some seeds or (unsure if even possible) cuttings?? or even some dried leaves to see if it helps me?
  2. btotl

    WTB: Catha plant, caapi, loph

    Hey guys, I'm back after a 4 year hiatus and hope to come back to the helpful and supportive community that the corroboree has been to me in previous years. I've finally moved somewhere with decent space to start my entho-garden again, after losing many plants during large interstate moves. I'm looking for a few plants and/or seeds of the following species: -catha narrow leaf and/or 'planthelper' (plus any other stimulant plants you may have?) -caapi -loph (mine went 'mysteriously' missing) As I said I've been away for a good few years and may not be aware of any policy changes so let me know if anything in the post is against forum rules. Much love, looking forward to hearing from some of you!! -btotl
  3. Hey guys, haven't been on Here for ages. Finally settled for a bit and wanna get my garden back up. Lost few plants from traveling around now trying to get it back together and replace them. I first had a look on SAB but they seem sold out for b. Caapi ourinhos. Anyone got a live plant wanting to sell? Cheers, btotl.
  4. btotl

    Is This A Genuine San Pedro???

    i seriously think its cereus.
  5. btotl


    pogo stick
  6. btotl


  7. btotl


  8. btotl

    apparent bad garden fungi?

    They are black though?
  9. btotl

    apparent bad garden fungi?

    yes there is yellowing and slight leaf drop. Deff doesnt look like Armillaria.
  10. I have a few plants with these guys popping up and am told they bring disease?? Sorry for bad photos just had some rain and they have fallen over.
  11. I had some seeds a while ago from a member here but they were very small during times of moving around and didn't make it through! Very sad! Anyway so if anyone has some and would likey likey to selly selly...
  12. btotl

    The Random Thread.

    I do that but with even numbers... my ex passed it on to me. but then i will settle for 10...15...20 I find it annoying when there isn't much definition of what value your volume is on certain TV sets. For Christmas my parents will be visiting with her 3 dogs making a total of 8 dogs in the house.... for a month... and the majority have some queer anxiety issues... fun times ahead. Bah!
  13. btotl

    Nikon Cameras - Question on cameras and lenses

    The camera isn't necessarily the important part its the lens. For Good plant close ups and macros i'd go with around a 100mm lens and for scenery and landscape you'd want a more wide angle lens 35mm to 18mm are usually considered wide angle. usually the more expensive the lens the better quality sharper and more clarity.
  14. btotl

    3d modelling

    Fuck yeah man! I've tried several times to model a head/face. my meshes are always so messy and un realistic. Thats awesome good job! keep it up.
  15. btotl

    What have i got here.

    i have one that looks just the same. even lost a rib bout the same place as yours did. And it was sold to me as scop.