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  1. Found some info on on Acacia phlebophylla today, evidently it hybridises naturally in the wild with Acacia alpinia and Acacia dallachiana. The hybrids however are sterile. Perhaps this could be an alternative plant for trippers to harvest from and leave the last phlebs alone. Is there someone interested in finding this hybrid or creating it and testing it? All we need is a pollen source for the above mentioned and some one to do the dirty work on the phlebs at flowering time. WOuld it work?
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    Is this S. emarcidum or S. tortuosum, planthelper?
  3. how is your big fella doing Apo? did u get it going last weekend?

  4. Happy Cadaver

    Is bushfood still running?

    Can't remember an email from u Tepa, but anyway Rimbaud is the guy to send a pm or email, he's the admin over there. It's still active though quiet, really depends on the input members r willing to give to it, still some good knowledge on there.
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    hey hebe, it was Zornia dyctiocarpa, an Aussie native Zornia species (found it growing in my lawn), believe there is another one or two species around the country as well, one up in the NT. To me it smells spicier than Z. diphylla, almost makes me sneeze. Sound slike it might be bettere than diphylla, i had similar effects from diphylla. Thanks for sharing.
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    Wanted: Flying Saucers

  7. Back to the question i posted originally, before u side-stepped it to change the topic, why is your last seen time private and no one else has this option? This is the gutless facade you speak of, anonymous logging in and private last seen time. What or who are you hiding from? And why is everyone else not able to have their privacy if they choose to have it? When i quote i get it right mostly, i don't see the need to make more and more elaborate and unbelievable lies as i go along to cover up for old lies, etc, etc. Well u and darklight are like peas in a pod are u not? U both spoke the same things according to my memory. I do things for people if i want to or not, and if it is part of business i keep it professional, not out of pity or to make myself look like a saint to others like u do. Pretty pathetic. Have the last say, go on Over and out.
  8. How do i keep the last time i was online private, like you do? Is this a case of security for you but not other members?
  9. Cuz u are a 'service to the community'. Nothing is made up, i know what you and darklight said about being and folias, no biggie, just gutless, several others know it too. Same about other members. Why do u block out such memories but know others? Lol about gomaos, you really thought he deserved your pity, nothing taken out of context at all, just pathetic at your end once again. In the end, it's your forum, so make love to yourself all night long Bodo As we said before: whatever u believe. After all, it is your fucked up head.
  10. Oh, i forgot. Gutless facade? Wouldn't that be logging in anonymously? Or perhaps signing up in another member name to promote SAB products like u said u did? Wau, what a scoop. If anyone wants to check, this site sets more cookies than the FBI Why are they needed i wonder? Even The Nook only sets one, this forum sets about 5-15 even about member profile views, lol.
  11. Dunno. I log in anonymously so I don't get a barrage of Pms when I log on. But other than that I haven't enabled any special security options for myself. Lol, a barrage of emails? What, you're too good to respond to members of 'your community'? So what is the last seen private deal? U seem to be skirting around this one? here it is from your profile, members can click u and check: statistics Joined: 29-March 00 Profile Views: 1,149* Last Seen: Private Oh, you must have forgotten about your alter ego "metzger" on eba then? And no, metzger did not abuse me, he/you abused several other people. If I don't like someone I'll tell them to their face rather than making up identities. Maybe that's why some people hate me - cos I don't hide my dislike of certain people behind some gutless facade. No, haven't forgotten that's just another thing i told u in confidence and you couldn't help yourself to reveal. Fractal called my fermented Sceletium 'garbage' so i gave it to him I was over that pretty quik, lol. Just another example of how you treat people. Here's some quotes from u while we're at it, you seemed quite opinionated about every member. "Being is a twit", "Gomaos is my social project' (cause u feel sorry for him which is sickening, cuz you're such a hero). what else can i think of shortly? I think u pretty much had a slag off at anyone who has a heart, something u have no concept of, other than the 'bottom' line. Gutless facade? You're the master
  12. lol, no, i don't mind. Just wondered as i saw on your profile it says 'last seen: private. I wondered why and where it is in the profile options to modify or if it was only for the elite few who respect their privacy and no one elses (?). What features would i use but not be seen? I log in fully, not anonymous like u do Other forums? My ID is manteufel and no other, i don't see why i would need another one. Just cause some people bag you out doesn't mean its me. I think u have the wrong person, there are others that hate your guts, i don't waste my time on it anymore. Gom can see IP's, i have no need to hide or change it because i don't use other ids. Get a life.
  13. My favourite NARC was and always will be Officer Steve.
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    Members who have 0 posts will be deleted

    Sorry there, i mean if u can't edit posts or change your profile, then what is the point of being alive on this forum? Has it something to do with the enormous amount of cookies set by this site?
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    Members who have 0 posts will be deleted

    I believe u may have to display some homophobia, misogynists are allowed to stay, just look at admin.
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    Bridgesii x Pach Seeds

    I'm in, thank you. pm sent too.
  17. Happy Cadaver

    native psychotria

    Maybe you could answer this Ed. are the native psychotria species, such as hairy psychotria (loniceroides), similar in chemistry to the south american ones? did aboriginals have a use for them? i found some today in a nearby forest and was wondering if they can be useful for anything (besides producing oxygen and the like) ethnobotanically.
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    Germniation of hops seeds

    So many lies about germination from bodo, so little time to correct.
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    Does anyone know the germination prep for this man of heat from the depth of the ages to the dawn of the mankey virus?
  20. Happy Cadaver

    SABs Lance

    Well i'm glad you cleared that one up big boss man, it's been haunting me, there wasn't much of a description on the cacti source list.
  21. Happy Cadaver

    SABs Lance

    It's a clone originally from Arizona Cactus (Aus).
  22. Happy Cadaver

    Zornia diphylla

    Anyone have some info on this plant? The only ref. i have is plants of tthe gods which states the dried leaves are smoked as an hallucinogenic subsitute for cannabis. Maconha Brava means false marihuana. Found some plants and was wondering if they are relatively safe to test.