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  1. botanika

    Creating an Outdoor Patch for Woodlovers or Subs

    First time trying at home with cardboard and it's working already!
  2. botanika

    Canberrans where you at?

    They prefer open woodland, sides of roads and paths and I often find them where grass is growing. Not too dark, not too light, not too wet and not dry. They just love a slightly rotted woody substrate with grass or ferns to hide in and keep the humidity up. In pine forests look for more mature forests that are not as dense, especially near disturbed ground or clearings. Again somewhere close to ferns, grass and other indicator species helps. You need to get down low to the ground because they can be easily missed. Especially after rain when the caps are young and dark copper colour. Plus people pick out easy well known spots. As Chemiconaut said, 2-3 days after rain. In Canberra that is NOW. https://ibb.co/pjV4dfh https://ibb.co/kDKMsRr
  3. I've often theorized aussie subs are actually Cyanscens due to forestry links between australia and west coast USA and the fact subs are almost always found in proximity to Pinus plantations and indigenous australians having no history of use. The variation between the species could be drift and local adaption over the relatively short period of logging in australia. Unless someone finds evidence to the contrary, I am not yet convinced subs are endemic to Australia.
  4. botanika

    Boycott America

    The Paris agreement takes money from developed nations and gives it to developing nations. Its an economic deal and has little to do with ambitous environmental stewardship. Our population and economic infrastructure are pressuring vast ecosystems for sure, but look at what happens to nations with a declining birth rate, autonomous economies or wish to change the economic structure to something different. Boycott international banks, media and big corp if you want to make a genuine difference. Remove some invasive weeds from your local park. USA has long been a bastion of environmental knowledge and endeavour and I buy a lot of great stuff from there. The idea of 'Boycotting' one country because of media hype probably motivates buyers to purchase....something...somewhere! Another economic deal.
  5. botanika

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    Mountain gullies
  6. botanika

    How much rain and humidity?

    I've had a few good finds already, particularly after a week of heavy rains a month ago. Seems to be better when there are multiple days of soaking rain or continual damp humid conditions (fog, mist, showers). Cold nights but maybe not frosts. I didn't find much after random showers since then, even though its been misty, except in a garden mulch bed that gets sprinklers. Really need that saturation What do you guys think? Optimal mm of rain and humidity %
  7. botanika

    American election, what's your call

    Sanders...but he got cheated out by Shillary. Actually there is only 1 option in America...those who own the media, banks and lobby groups.
  8. botanika

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    Dark souls dark soul dark souls dark souls. Demons Souls, Dark Souls 1, 2 & 3, Bloodborne. Can't get enough of those From Software games. Dark Souls 1 is a masterpiece of level design, atmosphere, replayability and fighting mechanics. I could happily live in Undead burgh. I've played a bit of Elder Scrolls online and Neverwinter recently. Started playing No Mans Sky this week...fun to trace around a psychedelic procedurally generated universe.
  9. botanika

    American election, what's your call

    Either way it's a vote for American power...which is out of control.
  10. botanika

    How do people get through the day sober?

    If you find life tedious or boring then it's likely it will also be tedious and boring with mind altering substances. Lots of people get high...lots of people are sober. It's their attitude that makes a difference. You don't 'get through the day' you 'live life' and appreciate what you have. No one likes a whining complainer - be a passionate leader - you only live ONCE. If you have belief in yourself you can live a full life and help others to do the same. It doesn't matter whether your high or not if you have a great attitude. If you are passionate about something it will be fun and shine through. If you have no passion for what you currently do then leave and challenge yourself into something new. Great things happen when we put ourselves on the line. Put yourself out there. Seek people and situations that challenge you and reward your accomplishment. That is what you are lacking now. I recently went through a rut and simply got back into fitness. I MTB up hills...I bought second hand skis and went skiing on the cheap. I started off by conquering mountains. Small ones, then bigger ones. No matter what happened in my life in the back of mind I always had that raw accomplishment, and sore thighs, to drive me both up and down the hills. 'Life is hard' is not descriptive enough and meaningless because it's hard for all lifeforms - its the language of a lazy person. Life is 'topographic'. Ride the waves, feel the vibes, paddle back out for more.
  11. botanika

    Any canberra crew around?

    Oops bought a house...been under the radar...we'll have to tune something in over summer
  12. botanika

    Any canberra crew around?

    Oops bought a house...been under the radar...we'll have to tune something in over summer