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  1. victorski

    ID Pretty Please

    Thanks mate, greatly appreciated!
  2. Hello Brain Trust, Found these babies at Bunnings in Sydney today, hoping they are pachanoi but have a feeling they might be PC pachanoi. Could anyone please help with identification? Thankeeeeee
  3. victorski

    Sublime times in NSW

    It's Raining Yaaaaaay a hunt will be in order soon! how many days after rain should you wait for maximum potential ? 2-3s ?
  4. victorski


    Hey matey, this is a nice pictorial tek that some guy made on how store mushrooms http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.p...73/fpart/1/vc/1
  5. victorski

    any oberon hunters?

    Hey everyone, i was up at oberon last weekend for some mushroom hunting, although it was a bit dry we did find alot of slippery jacks and saffron milk cups! i made a nice mushroom stew and dryed the rest of the slippery jacks a decent rainfall should lead to an abundance of mushies for all to feast on!!! i was hunting at the pine plantation at the turnoff to oberon, not many other hunters around though!
  6. victorski

    sub storage

    Haha, cheers genesis! Yeah man love "000"s fit a gram easy into each, nah dude no problem swallowing them, if there was size "0000" or "00000" i would buy them, just take a big gulp of water!!
  7. victorski

    sub storage

    Hey man, i put together a nice little drying and capping tek on the shroomery if your interested don't know if im allowed to post links, if not my bad http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.p...573/an/0/page/0
  8. victorski

    Mushroom season 2008.

    Bah, bout time this forum is back up!! Now down to business, i've got some photos from my last trip up in the blue mountains! my patch was boomiiiin, these are from 2 weeks ago! These last ones are from across the road, within 5 metres but look completly different!!!
  9. victorski

    How One Starts A New Patch

    Ah ok, awesome :D yay now i can hope to bring a patch closer to home! cheers hyphal for ya help!
  10. victorski

    How One Starts A New Patch

    ahh awesome idea hyphal, if i was to do the PF Tek with BRF cakes then innoculated grain spawn with crumbled brf cakes then use the grain to innoculate a wood chip patch outdoors, would that work? or would i get some woodchips then innoculate them with the grain say indoors then take those chips outdoors and place them under the wood chip bed ? is the cardboard spawn method very slow or fast?
  11. victorski

    How One Starts A New Patch

    Hey guys, i was wondering how one would go about starting a new patch, ive got some patches but there quite a distance away it would be great to bring some closer to home! i read that unlike dung dwellers that wood lovers (subs) are quite strong and the mycelium wont die over the summer months so hypothetically if i was to take a big clump of mycellium from the ground and transplanted it to another patch and water it and the conditions were right would it grow and roughly how long would it take to begin fruiting again ? Love Victor
  12. victorski

    Advise for absolute beginner

    Hey man, check out shroomery.org then search the forums for the PF Tek using BRF (Brown Rice Flour) cakes , then for the your chamber search Poor Mans Pod, by magesh this is one of the basic and easyiest ways to grow little ones!
  13. victorski

    Rainfall Charts Or Radars

    Hey guys, i've been looking at www.bom.gov.au for ages now and cant understand it, i was wondering where everyone gets there rainfall reports from? is there a simple way to find out when and how much its rained in a particualur suburb ? my patches are up in the mountains so i dont really want to travel up there just to see if its rained or not i'd much prefer to check a website for recent rainfall reports :D any help will be greatly appreciated!
  14. victorski

    Mushroom season 2008.

    shittt! nice mushroom man, that thing is massive!
  15. victorski

    sub ID (again)

    sure are, the one at the bottom is mammoth! :D enjoy!