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  1. Joshwaa

    Wollemi pine spots

    Exactly that, brown lump with black spot, foliage yet to drop. Light intensity is probably too low, was cautious of too much after the stress of relocation. Still getting error uploading image unfortunately
  2. Recently accuired a 2ft tall wollemi pine and have positioned it by a window in indirect light. Today I noticed some spots on the foliage similar in appearence to the spots my cacti suffer in humid conditions. Would It be unwise to treat this plant with a systemic fungicide? Any other action I should take? Possibly stress related due to its rehoming? Looking forward to your replies! Thanks, Josh Edit: struggling to upload a photo, will try again tomorrow
  3. Joshwaa

    Noob's cacti

    You may have already done it but a light dusting of sulfur on those cuts wouldn't hurt! Awesome garden man, jelous seeing your daily posts and also inspired to start my own garden thread if i can find a spare half hour sometime soon!
  4. Joshwaa

    San Pedro and Peruvian Torch for sale!

    $1/cm is a fairly common price for CUTS of named clones, unnamed cuts frequently sell here for 50c/cm. Rooted plants may be worth a little more. Named clones are worth more mostly because people collect them not because the plants are necessarily better. Grafting is not "weird shit". Calling someone a "druggo" only reflects poorly on you especially when its your second post. I agree you won't fetch those prices on here but I've also seen your plants advertised elsewhere so I dare say you may need to come down abit regardless of where you try and sell them. Goodluck with sale.
  5. Joshwaa

    Townsville man facing court for growing cacti

    I was really intrigued by this bit!
  6. Joshwaa

    Townsville man facing court for growing cacti

    Thats strange I read it earlier but now it wants me to pay too, would have copy posted if I had realised. I did not realise these plants were prohibited in QLD! They don't seem to prosocute the council's for all the prickly pears I had to deal with when I was working up there last year!
  7. I'm no legal expert, could this case set a precedent for other qld collectors? https://myaccount.news.com.au/sites/townsvillebulletin/subscribe.html?sourceCode=TBWEB_MRE170_a_FBK&mode=premium&dest=https://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/news/crime-court/townsville-court-seeks-clarification-on-legalities-of-backyard-cactus-due-to-dangerous-drug-mescaline/news-story/3f68bb66dd64ae9fd9778e2865bf9866&memtype=anonymous
  8. Joshwaa

    Does someone legally have to have an identity?

    I was fascinated by this awhile ago after watching some videos of "soverign citizens" in the US on YouTube, my resserch led me to the conclusion that it was possible there (legally) but basically unachievable within the australian legal framework. There is a movement though and some aussies giving it a go, good luck!
  9. Joshwaa

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Sounds like were getting hazed hahaha
  10. Joshwaa

    Noob's cacti

  11. Joshwaa

    Noob's cacti

    I've heard many are, not sure about 80% There are test strips avaliable for tmv (again fb trichocereus disease and virology) Diatamaceous earth kills bugs and is fully organic Pyretherum is another one to look at Sounds like the tomatoes could be the source if the infected plants have come from all over Skim milk is the best antiviral/sterelizer for tmv Soil and tools should be treated (again more info on fb) Tmv is ravaging the states atm but is alot less common here, please consider this before trading your plants!
  12. Joshwaa

    Books and vacuum pump

    Im intrested in the pump but don't know what its worth and would not want to offend you with a lowball
  13. Joshwaa

    Noob's cacti

    As far as I'm aware its safe, possibly due to the boiling process or maybe its that plant viruses can't affect humans? Defiantly do your research because I'm not informed on the subject
  14. Joshwaa

    Mimosa Hostilis seeds

    Herbalistics sell tubestock if your intrested
  15. Joshwaa

    Noob's cacti

    Theres some info on the group i mentioned about skim milk neutralizing the virus on exterior and in the soil, if you were to keep her you may run the risk of insects transmitting the disease, some however are keeping infected plants and rehabilitating them. Theres debate as to whether many cactus are carriers of the dormant virus and whether nutrient play a part in its activation.