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  1. Howdy, I’m looking for all, or any, of the following. 

    Phalaris aquatica 'Atlas PG' 

    Phalaris aquatica 'Australian II' 

    Phalaris aquatica 'El Golea' 

    Phalaris aquatica 'Killer' 

    Phalaris aquatica 'Landmaster' 

    Phalaris aquatica 'Seedmaster' 

    Phalaris aquatica 'Sirocco' 

    Phalaris aquatica 'Uneta' aka. 'Unita'

    thanks, Enjaytee :) 

  2. Yeah @Flux I understand how “rare” it is. I feel like cabrerana doesn’t even exist. The species I’m after I think is D.lutea?? Should be able to get some to Aus easy enough just didn’t want to go through the bother if someone already had. :) 

  3. Ok so there is a Diplopterys (not cabrerana) getting around the Us which has been reported to contain nndmt. If anyone has gotten this into Aus can you please contact me. Cheers. :) 

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  4. My vine was about the same size as yours @sagiXsagi

    A few month back I gave it a prune taking off roughly 30%. I was also getting impatient with it not flowering so I started dumping chicken poo and bananas peels at the base of it. (I consume a lot of bananas) I tossed a couple of handfuls of potassium at the base of it too. Seems like a good prune and a heavy feed did the trick because not long after that, I noticed extra floral nectaries (efn’s) which I hadn’t seen on my caapi before. (Efn pics below)


    2 weeks after noticing the efn’s I noticed flower buds forming. Whether there is any correlation between the efn’s and flowers showing up I’m not sure?? :huh:


    After another 2 weeks the buds started to open.


    I now have a lot of flowers showing up but they are only on the side of the vine that gets exposed to full sun. 
    Interesting that @Buttsack also pruned his recently and it flowered not long after.


    Anyway… I reckon hack it back and give it a solid feed. 

    p.s. I’m in the subtropics. :) 







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  5. Me? Show off? Nah. I just love plants is all. I’m personally not fussed on fancy names and cultivars but a friend of mine is collecting psychotrias and I said I’d help them track some down. For the record I’m not a supporter of Herb****tics, some might even say I’m anti Herb****tics. And yeah, I have learnt a lot from you… and some other guy called Planthelper. Mostly good stuff of course. ;)

  6. Hey gang. Looking for all of the dw psychotria leaves except for nexus and DW06. Also looking for ‘Brazil’ 









    If you have any or all of these that would be great. I might have something to trade or can do $$$. 


    (Please only reply if you’re 100% certain of the cultivar you have)

    Thanks :)

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