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  1. trippygardener


    Hiya wondering if anyone can help out with some loph seeds. Cheers, tg
  2. trippygardener

    Cordyceps Militaris growing

    Any basalt rock dust will do fine. Palagonite rock dust is pretty damn good and there are a few others around check enfield pet and garden online. Americans use azomite because its mined in utah and easily avilable and cheap to transport, pretty expensive if your in Australia and probably not worth your money because of that. If you have a listen to clackamas coot and his soil mix convos there is a great wealth of info and will always advise to source ingredients locally. currently running a mix on a different species (dont know if its helpful) which is: neem cake, rock dust, kelp, coco, spent coffee grinds, gypsum, calcium carbonate, malted barley grain and am having amazing results so far. wish I had some good quality worm castings available and is all im missing really. As said before great for the worms or compost too, even better, use the whole fruiting block once your finished!
  3. trippygardener

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    YOINK. thanks glaukus Next can have some of the following seed: t. corymbosa Accacia. Maidenii Pach x Juuls Scop 1 peru 2 x ss02xss01
  4. trippygardener

    Spore prints p.

    Hi guys looking for some spore prints for microscopy not to fussed at this point happy to trade hit me up
  5. trippygardener

    Moving State cactus sale!

    Was awesome meeting you and picking up some very cheap very nice cactus not sure if there was any more available?? I couldn't imagine how you'd move that much cactus haha
  6. trippygardener

    Bloody butcher corn seed giveaway

    yes yes please
  7. trippygardener

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Much love doublebeno I'll take that and offer in return seeds of the following: R. Corymbosa N. Tabaccum T. "Fields 2" T. "Scop 1" Lumberjack x huarazenis
  8. trippygardener

    micoz seed giveaway.

    Micoz your a legend mate thanks for all the hard and tedious work I'm sure everyone is in super appreciation mode for your efforts can't wait for the seeds to arrive :D
  9. trippygardener


    What a steal!! Beats 1000
  10. trippygardener

    micoz seed giveaway.

    thanks micoz your a legend pm'd
  11. trippygardener

    Acacia Courtii Seeds

    What an offer!! Sending through a pm now. Everyone should grow at least one Courtii imo lets get the population of this species through the roof and all around the map!
  12. trippygardener

    Acacia packs for sale

    I'd love to grab it if available :D pming
  13. trippygardener

    Saddest day of my growing life..

    The shittest thing was I was just about to secure it when I had time of work with a square wood base and some rope which was today haha watching those things in the wind is painful I've cashed in a refund for the greenhouse at bunnings thinking of a diy from pellets I have access to from work then I can curse myself if anything goes wrong:p
  14. trippygardener

    Saddest day of my growing life..

    yeah man thats a pretty good point actually and something to keep in mind generally ive shared it with pretty like minded people and the occasional family member but if it has alkaloids and isnt well known about I don't usually tell them (the family) unless there pretty cool you know, with cacti everyones cool you know just force it upon them "look man its a cacti, you cant say no" lol
  15. trippygardener

    Saddest day of my growing life..

    Hey dox that's an awesome idea! I've strayed sharing what I can with friends and family because I just wanted to spread my plants around but never thought of going back for cuttings and what not when they've matured love it thanks buddy