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  1. I cant write you am I blocked?

  2. dworx

    Building a cob pizza oven

    Firstly on clay, Clay deposits in the lows of the soil layers, if you want to find clay you have to dig through the topsoil, which can be deep,shallow, or non existent. The clay may also be deep, shallow, non existent, but that doesn't mean it isn't 20 cm's away or a meter etc. If not go to a river and dig around, clay is every where.. The refractory capability of clays is your next concern, but not really a big concern, the lighter the color of the clay the more refractory, but as you said its not going to be used too often, so build it, use it, look at lining did it check or crack etc The sand you use, I would go with a coarser sand, river sand is good and adds to refractory you could also add some finer beach sand to the final lining but wash it first. The straw, I would leave the straw out totally, better to use just sand at 80% clay 20% maybe mould bricks, build over a wooden form, and burn the form out when fully built and dry, or mould your oven again a form but if you want a dome??? Do it all on site. Reasoning straw is proven to cause more cracking than it is believed to prevent, sand will not dramatically change volume I.e. expand / contract so less cracking. Inner lining, using same clay + sand + perlite or similar mix up a mortar that when your oven is built dried and the form is burnt out render the inner wall, this will give your strong she'll a softer but higher refractory lining. This is cheaper than tubs of fireclay I.e. the commercial render you use to repair fire places, and will definitely do for a pizza oven. Refractory is the ability for a material to reflect heat, keep its strength and shape, so it will keep the heat in the oven space. Pm if you want more details.
  3. dworx

    Bhut Jolokia seed giveaway

    Australia, lol...
  4. dworx

    Digital Artwork

    I am thinking you will end up working with at least something similar, very nice work
  5. dworx

    Carvings of mine

    I don't come here much anymore but this sort of made me curious and made me smile a bit - I love jade carvings
  6. dworx

    Carvings of mine

    So just out of interest - [sorry quoting you from a different thread] - would this be deemed by you homemade or handmade and does this allow for you to meet the two chinese criteria or is this piece a failure because its not perfect?? How much will this piece cost to buy?? or is this a piece you won't sell because it isn't perfect???
  7. dworx

    Sausage Tree

  8. dworx

    Rosebud Salvia 2013 giveaway

  9. Beautiful work Amz how did you polish the undercut -where the gills would be? it looks sensational.
  10. Anything new in the works Amz???
  11. Just to put it in perspective Psylo there are small carvings called netsuke that have become collectable and some are tiny like beads, others like alittle smaller than matchbox cars etc. Some of these sell for thousands, so $80.00 is not a lot when your talking carved semi precious stones.
  12. yeah I suppose, after all money isnt everything, what i meant was if you wanted to make sales you could easily sell what you make here and the money could fund your next carving? You dont need to profit to excess, just enought to buy you equipment etc and cover your true costs like consumables - diamond bits, emery cloth, polish, jade etcetc
  13. You should start selling your trinkets here Amz? The loph buttons are popular