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  1. lindsay

    fungi and slugs

    Yep I do agree, in a controlled environment, would be then real science. A 25 ltr bucket with a lid, some wet rocks in the bottom, so they can hide. and say 10 each, of each type of slug (I may have 3 types here) or 30 in total. a tray with some young broccoli leaves and pea sprouts. so you knew you were no starving them to death, and a tray for the bait. some observations say 2 x per day. then in 3 days do a head count of the living or dead. I do know it works myself. it just was not, until the other night did i notice the contrast in what i could see. I had seen snow peas were just busting through the ground that day. so i took a look that night. The year before they took out half of them and had to replant the gaps. this year they are up a inch and only one has been chewed at. i have be at this place for 3 years and have never know a place so chronic for slugs. the first year I squashed hundreds and getting close to a thousand. the second year i use a iron based bait i got online and this worked, but was not cheep. this year its costing me next to nothing. someone else needs to run a trial. I am just one man who is happy with a victory. if can help someone else then i may have two.
  2. lindsay

    fungi and slugs

    Had some trouble with slugs last year. so I purchased some organic slug killer. when I read on the packet the active constituent was iron, something went click. I had observed when I put my mushroom off cuts on the compost heap. then look at night, the mushroom would be covered in slugs, "a real attractant". I was also aware that mushrooms accumulate heavy metals. so I added some chelated iron to some grain and inoculated with some oyster mushroom. this spawn works fresh and dried. it takes about 3 days to kill the slug, by stopping it digestion. 5 nights back i took a quick walk around the garden with the torch and easily could have counted 100+ slugs over a cm in size. so I through out some dried spawn. and last night when i took a look all I could find was some really small ones, recently hatched I guess and the few larger ones I could find seemed dehydrated. recipe- 1 gram of chelated iron per 100 grams of dry grains. mixed into the cooked grain before sterilization.
  3. lindsay

    Cordyceps Militaris growing

    search Azomite ebay, ozy seller $5.60 for 100g or 1kg $20 free postage. good for compost worms as well.
  4. lindsay

    Cordyceps Militaris growing

    found this facebook group the other day. you may already know of. have not gone through much of it as yet, but this post may shed some light. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1449554748397163/permalink/3257908330895120/ there is a huge amount of info to filter through on this facebook group.
  5. lindsay

    Cordyceps Militaris growing

    Harvested some trays few days back. This tray was started 30/5/20 Harvested 18/7/20 7 weeks from start to finish. Used 2 different size trays, and I noted that in one size tray the cordyceps were large and fat. in the other they were thinner but more of them. The influence was substrate thickness. So I done some math, measuring the Base of the trays and looking the amount of dry rice that went into them. This is how it looks 16cm x 7cm =112cm square, 75ml rice = .67ml per cm square big fruit. 11cm x 18cm = 198 cm square, 100ml rice = .5ml per cm square small fruit. My new bigger trays are 15x22cm and by chance they are .58ml per cm square. right in the middle of these 2. yet to do a harvest weigh in of each tray size. still sitting in the desiccant chamber, finishing off. should learn some thing from this.
  6. lindsay

    Cordyceps Militaris growing

    Part 3 the rice and broth go into trays, with foil over top and cooked for 20 min at 15 psi in a pressure cooker. 4 trays 26.5 x 19.5 fit in the presto cooker. the plastic storage container are prepared adding 40ml of a Sodium percarbonate solution. the the stuff used for home brew. shake around inside the container, making contact with all the surfaces. when ready to enoculate, in front of a flowhood crack the corner open and pour the solution out into a jar or something. then open the lid. drop the tray in and peel the foil off. with these big trays i use 15-20ml LC zig zagged across the surface off the substrate. I have melted 2 holes into the top with a metal sewer and covered over with micro pore tape. the containers are not a tight seal so the holes may not have been necessary. after 3 days at temps 18c-20c in the dark they look like this. at this stage put into fruiting. fruiting temps should be kept below 20c. lighting are 5050 grow leds strips of a ratio 3 red 1 blue.
  7. lindsay

    Cordyceps Militaris growing

    same brand as i got and ozzy supply. https://www.u-buy.com.au/catalog/product/view/id/12138166/s/himedia-rm007-100g-soya-peptone-100-g?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvJyO2p_O6gIVCH8rCh0JKgIIEAkYASABEgJK2PD_BwE
  8. lindsay

    Cordyceps Militaris growing

    give me a day i could send some through at cost price plus postage to get you started.
  9. lindsay

    Cordyceps Militaris growing

    Amazon is were got peptone from. was the cheapest I could find. got a 100gm forgot the price. its great in the LC, how necessary in the broth i dont know. i must test. bit mowed down at work for a few days at the moment. may some days before i get back to the rest of this topic. will log into amazon tonight and find the product again.
  10. lindsay

    Cordyceps Militaris growing

    part 2 my grows are on brown rice. there a many grains cordys grown on quinoa, birds seed, soya bean or a mixture. rice is cheep and easy to get. there a organic source that I hope to track down. just like cooking rice to eat. you go 2 cups water to 1 cup of rice. in this case broth. Broth recipe 2 cups water 7g dextrose 2.2g cornflower 5.5 g insant dry yeast 2g azomite .5gm peptone I aim for about 15mm of cooked substrate in bottom of the tray.
  11. lindsay

    Cordyceps Militaris growing

    Part 1 doing in parts--lost 2 hrs work last night -- done something stupid I have been interested in the health benefits of cordyceps for some time now. the main benefit i was looking at is the increase in exercise performance. I take a 1.5 gm tea 20 min before my workout. can easily say it gives me up to a 10% increase in the intensity of my workout and it makes me feel good. so I am hooked. my goal at the moment, is to grow enough through the colder months to last me and mum, until its cool enough to start again. there is a heap of health benefits, just google search cordyceps health. Now to why I have started this topic. that is, to show how I have gone about growing this great mushroom so far. So I hope, with this bit of info I can help others get started. I started off growing in jars. but with a 23 quart presto pressure cooker the harvest volume was not cutting it with me. a lot air space in the cooker between jars and having to inoculate each jar had me turn to aluminium baking trays. inside a plastic storage container . started with 2 small trays, then a medium and now I have a larger one that fits perfectly into the cooker and into the storage container. To start a grow, liquid culture is the way to go. with a 5 mm agar wedge in 250ml it takes no longer that 6 days to fill the liquid. and I do mean fill it. these jars are 4-5 days old. as you can see, peptone adds good vigour to the culture. malt is ok without the peptone. #1 250ml water 1gm light malt #2 250ml water 1gm light malt .5 gm peptone #3 250ml water 1gm dextrose #4 250ml water 1gm dextrose .5 gm peptone
  12. All to happy to help where i can rottenjonny. The log will start with the grow i am about to harvest. and the steps that were done to get to that. i have just inoculated a new grow and have another just starting to fruit. i take pictures all the time. so i hope i can put together some helpful info together and learn somethings myself.
  13. only 1 LC syringe left
  14. ------------All gone------------- i have 2x 30ml syringes $35 each and a slant $45 this includes postage. this of my own isolate, first slanted 10/5/2020. The LC and a new slant was taken from this. so is a fresh culture. Note cultures from this fungi don't keep well in long term storage. 6 months max in the fridge. after this it will grow, but not fruit. offer is open only till monday midday. after that, it will be a week before i get another chance to post. put your hand up here and then pm your addy. i will be putting up grow log in the mycology section on this site by monday. including recipes i use. i am no expert, so be open to ideas and experiences.