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  1. Huachu Ma

    Show off your freaks

    Psycho0 x tpm chalaensis x tpm chalaensis x tpm seedlings pachanoi monstrose crest from cuzco terscheckii x pc tbm
  2. Huachu Ma

    Serra blue?

    I think its T.bridgesii x T.peruvianus 'Serra Blue' looks like a bridxperu hybrid. This is Serra Blue:
  3. Huachu Ma

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Add and potted some great cutting from Sacred Succulents to my collection. Juuls Giant SS01 SS02 SS03 Kimuras Giant Torres&Torres Los Banos T. bridgesii 'W. Baker 5452' T. peruvianus 'Serra Blue' Thanks to the two awesome Sabers that make this possible!!! And the third Saber, the legend for a nice Kimnach. Thanks Thanks Thanks
  4. Huachu Ma

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Yes. A great thanks to caudata which makes is possible to hold this spezial SS clones in hands!
  5. The birds are flying to the south. Thats the sign thats get cold and the season for my cacti is going over. Time to make pictures before they get into sleep until march.
  6. Huachu Ma

    Beautiful new Trichos

    What does the first label mean? That are two different species. And the second one? Peru x Macro got more spines for true.
  7. Huachu Ma

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    The pachanoi is never a seedgrowen one. Look how thick this plant is. I know a few shops who selling this clone and one of all very good. He bought his plants from the importer. This pach came strait from a nursery in lima. KK ;-) Regards
  8. Huachu Ma

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Last repottings before the season starts next week in Germany.
  9. Huachu Ma

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Nice one, which clone is that? Nr. 1?Regarts Huachu Ma
  10. Huachu Ma

    NZ Trichocereus Clones

    Its a old thread but, can somebody tell me is the NZ Yowie the same clone like the OZ Yowie or a other one? I am a bit confused. Thanks and Regards
  11. Huachu Ma

    The 2016 March hunt for the Ultimate Horse #1 - Operation Taquimbo

    I can send you this one. Its seed growen from koeres seeds. Grafted/cutted/rooted. Same batch/age...owen roots growen. Regards PS: I shot pics of a T.taqimbalensis in the botanical garden hamburg, i take a look at my hd at home. Possible my friend cut me this plant this/next year. If so, i can give a piece.
  12. Huachu Ma

    "Pure mineral soil" for Scopulicolas?

    I will not speak again. But he dont speak about seedlings. And i have never seen a long spined scop in europe.
  13. Huachu Ma

    "Pure mineral soil" for Scopulicolas?

    What is a long spined scop? The only i know is cordobensis/Super Pedro.I got 3 different scops here in europe and not only one got longe spines. I think 2mm. And the predominant in europe is the fr991 i think. Regards
  14. Huachu Ma

    T. peruviana 'Ariacampa'

    Seed growen from succseed seeds.
  15. Very interesting. I got some propolis left, i want to try it. Thanks
  16. Huachu Ma

    Zelly's trich crosses, got pics? post here please

    4 winds huanucoensis x pachanoi 'Kimnach'
  17. Huachu Ma

    Pachanoi Matucana/Lima Region

    Wow. Thank you. One of my new favorites.
  18. Huachu Ma

    chavin clone

    Thank you for that awesome genetic.