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  1. Hello! I can´t resist the temptation and I adquired a new trichocereus from ebay Germany. Nice grey color The seller says that it´s a true trichocereus pachanoi. To me looks more a trichocereus peruvianus (or peruvianus matucana), but I´m not sure. Any Ideas about it would be? It would be much apreciatted. Many regards from spain! Edit: I add two photos from a german online vendor (not the same of ebay). Photo 1 is from a peruvianus matucana (and seems pretty closer to the trichocereus that I acquired). Photo 2 is from a pachanoi.
  2. Filosalvilo

    New here. My two cactus

    Thank you to all for your fast replies! The cactus are growing in a terrace with three hours of direct sunlight, but with many hours of light. The peruvianoid is a magical one, and in the photos don't appear the blue due to the light conditions when I took the shoot. It has a cool blue look. See you!
  3. Filosalvilo

    New here. My two cactus

    Hello friends. I´m new here and I want to introduce my two cactus. They were rooted on March and after a growing season (I live in Spain) they grow around 40 centimeters! Please, any ideas on identification. First fotos are from what I think it´s a hybrid peruvianoid. The second fotos are from what I think it´s a true pachanoi (maybe hybrid?...). But I sometimes think it could be a PC. What do you think about? Endly, I post a photo from the mother plant of my pachanoi. Tell me if you need better shots. Thank you!