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  1. Fresh Brewed

    the 'TPM' thread

    This graft was done on July 28. And for all of Aug and most of Sep...nothing. Then in the last week, signs of life! I don't have very much experience grafting, but is this normal?
  2. Fresh Brewed

    the 'TPM' thread

    About a week later
  3. Fresh Brewed

    the 'TPM' thread

    Thanks! I have some pach montrose seedlings going and the 5% or so showing crest/montrose characteristics seem to be more prone to sunburn. Made me wonder if I needed to treat them differently.
  4. Fresh Brewed

    the 'TPM' thread

    Do montrose forms want different growing conditions than standard forms?
  5. Fresh Brewed

    So...Kimnach 2876D

    He didn't have a lot of info about it, but he was very quick getting back to me with what he did have: Hi, this was a cutting originally collected by Myron Kimnach along the Cajamarca to Namora road, Cajamarca Dept., north Peru. I got it from the ISI distribution at the Huntington Botanical Garden that introduced a lot of Myron's collections. that's all I have on it. Ben
  6. Fresh Brewed

    So...Kimnach 2876D

    I received this cactus 2 years ago from SS. I believe it's a Pachanoi, but have not been able to find out much about the Kimnach 2876D part. I know Myron Kimnach was an early investigator of many cacti and suculants, but...2876D??? That seems like a very specific designation to not be able to find much information about it... does anyone have a trove of info about this cactus and its lineage?
  7. Fresh Brewed

    Serra blue?

    Really appreciate all the photos!
  8. Fresh Brewed

    Serra blue?

    Except for the large and very small, this is the gang all together.
  9. Fresh Brewed

    Serra blue?

    Thanks Zelly! I have googled what I thought they were many times, but I guess the confusing jumble of images that always produced is a result of my jumbled search request. Nothing like mid-labeled seeds to further complicate an already crazily complicated subject! Too many people like me I guess...just growing a bunch of stuff that they think they know what it is...oh well, it's fun:)
  10. Fresh Brewed

    Serra blue?

    Started thinking about it and went back and checked...August will be 2 years
  11. Fresh Brewed

    Serra blue?

    They were sowed mid winter here, and are about to start their second summer outside...so a year and a halfish I guess. There has been a dramatic weeding out process, and these two are the very best of the 2 Phenotypes. The few run of the mill types remaining are between 2 -3 inches.
  12. Fresh Brewed

    Serra blue?

    About a year ago I sowed a bunch of cactus seeds. They were labeled trichocereus bridgesii x trichocereus bridgesii Serra Blue. These are the two Phenotypes that resulted... About 5% of the seedlings displayed the short fat phenotype( which aesthetically I prefer). Does anyone have any experience with the Serra Blue cultivar? Am I right in thinking that the squat fat cacti are the Serra Blue genetics?
  13. What about the other way around? I have some trich seedlings that are not quite a year old that have been nearly acclimated to full sun and are doing great. For my more mature cacti I usually dry them on a covered porch that gets a lot of sun but no rain for a month or so before the first hard frost and then into"cold storage" for the winter. Do the seedlings have the resources to handle that treatment or should they come back inside and under the fluoros again for the winter with a regular watering routine?
  14. Fresh Brewed

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Today...after months of fairly regular reading, I am finally up to date on the "What did you do to your cacti garden today" thread! You guys have been BUSY!
  15. Fresh Brewed

    What's wrong with these Loph's

    These small Lophs are about 4-5 months old. They were slowly acclimatized to ambient RH more than a month ago. At that time I started to water them at least every other day with 5-10 cc's in "soil" immediately around them. All seemed well for awhile, but they have seemed to shrink a bit and start turning dark. I've read that turning dark can be a sign of over watering. They've been under the same CFL that they germinated under, but lately as the seasons change they have gotten a taste of direct sun through the mostly closed blinds. Thoughts...suggestion???