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    Mineral/Medium resources

    Cool, i was sort of thinking... or hoping if the clay is in granules it would sit in the voids. i also thought one benefit of clay is that it holds its form unless agitated or something...??? I have been lazy with dust masks as I haven't been doing a whole lot, but i should and now prompted WB i will make sure it is a common practice, thanks :-) Thanks Change, i will try this :-) - i read of a gardener using seed raising mix of 90% diatomite 9% coir and 1% gypsum that I want to try also..
  2. 2XB

    Mineral/Medium resources

    Cheers mate, i noticed from my google searches that tassie seems easier to get some of this stuff :-) most local quarries are granite here, i have been playing with deco for the bulk of my substrates. I can get my hands on bentonite through work as we use it create under ground bunds etc it is as you mentioned a fine powder, i will try ag shops to try and find something granular... :-) do you think there is a need to wash this source WB????
  3. 2XB

    Mineral/Medium resources

    ooh thankyou Change :-) I am reasonably local to carina.... at $40 for 100l of perlite I would buy from a hydro store, as I like my local store I will quiz them and happily support them :-) however that 28$ a bag is pretty good from the ebay shop!!! I have been using vermiculite from work out of the chemical spill kits, I have been washing and drying prior to use... just in case, do you think this is necessary change???? This source is ok for the time being, however if I get anymore serious here I will need to start purchasing :-)
  4. @zed240 , maybe this can help you..? anyway I just did a post with a couple piccies, so it seems that after you upload the image and click the '+' to add the attatchment to your post you can double click the image within your post (the pic actually in the post window now) and it will give you the option to change the image dimensions... this is the display size, you you can specify whatever size you like, and when a user wishes to see the pic they can then click to view full sized image... I assume this is creating a thumbnail and not simply resizing the full size image with html. So... this may help you with YOUR posts but unfortunately the default setting means that the forum will still run like a bucket of shit with those huge data heavy threads......
  5. #22 will probably be the winning number, thanks everyone. They're some super crosses @zed240!!!!!!!!! nice job :-) creepy fucker
  6. Hey d00d; well yes it can be used as a medium- washing is critical as the fines really clog, deco is used for paving etc as it compacts to a hard surface really well - thoroughly wash of the fines and it will be sweet. I've only read about using it and this is the beginning of my experiments with it. I'm using it in all mineral mixes, but I'm sure it would be great in my organic mixes for trichs etc in place of river sand..... It certainly doesn't seem the choice medium for premium growers, but a lot of those fancy rocks used are difficult for me to obtain but decomposed granite is easy... I think it be be great, but will know for sure in a few years ;-) From what I've read it is acidic, so may not be great for everything.. I am still giving it a crack with l.w. though :-)
  7. Processing Deco G >5mm 3-5mm 2-3mm Group shot Worked really well by stacking 3 15l buckets and girating for a bit. 2mm, 3mm & 5mm drill bits used.
  8. 2XB

    Sowing seeds

    hydrogen peroxide
  9. This always gets me going too :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hsTGylY_xE
  10. Seems to get a regular run for me- the colours on my record are way different to this piccy tho ???
  11. 2XB

    Sowing seeds

    I would leave the lid off and dry it all out a bit, like overnight, then mist with a peroxide solution, I think around 1 - 1.5.% is the go, vent the chamber every day or 2 after that
  12. nice broad questions ;-) I guess I've had many life changing experiences, s ome expected or chosen and some others not.I'm not so sure I can comment on life goals etc but to me the most important thing is setting clear intentions. With intention (sometimes in combination with the right medicines lols) everything can just sort of fall into place in the most beautiful way- things like goals, or even your idea of what a goal is, may change without any conscious decision- experiencing bliss and joy from just being is the most amazing thing- I myself have a long way to go, but I feel i am on the right path, if I had a life goal it would be to live a joyous life!
  13. having a quick look at IPS help it is possible @zed240, the admin sets 'Maximum Image Size' in their control panel - the default setting appears to be huge......... This sets the max dimensions of the image displayed, if a user uploads a file larger than this, a copy of the file at the reduced dimensions (max file size setting) is created and displayed, the original, full sized image file is obtained by clicking the displayed thumbnail image..... super easy fix, just depends on if admin agrees its necerssary. https://invisionpower.com/4guides/how-to-use-ips-community-suite/managing-your-community/general-posting-control-r22/
  14. make sure you make it down to a brissy meet man, if we ever pull one off ;-)
  15. 2XB

    Free large plants - wgong

    very nice d00d!!!
  16. 2XB

    Bulk plastic tubes and pots

    I am just about to order some more supplies and checked out a few links in this thread, I am still going to go through the cssnsw (hamiltons) :-) FYI- I got a pricelist out of garden city plastics, for eg, they sell 85mmx100mm square pot for 19c each per 1000 where the cssnsw sells the same size @ 25c each, no minimum quantity, not worth buying 1000 to save 6c a unit for my circumstances- garden city plastics do have a huge range though! They (CSSNSW) also sell those 68mm ones the dood linked to at the orchid shop for a bit cheaper @ 14c each I'm happy to support the cssnsw and hamiltons for those sized pots and prices :-) I have a queestion..... where do we australians get our large volume square pots from????????? I see these euro collectors with grousse looking square pots, I would love to get my hands on some.. I am making some queries to garden city plastics, but would love to hear of anyone buying these already
  17. 2XB

    How do people get through the day sober?

    I hope you are ok @ace1928 - it sounds like you are in a dark place, I dont mean to sound anything other than concerned for a fellow human being, so please dont be pissed about my comments, but I hope you have the support you need and if not, know that there are always sabers who want to help :-)
  18. 2XB

    Ephedra sp. cultivation notes and discussion

    I have been informed that e. sinica seeds need to be fresh to be viable, I received some old seed in a giveaway that I had no success with, I tried again with a ~650ppm ga3 solution over night with no luck either. My question is now is it worth trying again with a higher ga3 concentration or longer duration?? And where should I cold stratify??? Before or after ga3 soak?? Any thoughts appreciated :-)
  19. 2XB

    yearlings, a bit wobbly

    For what its worth I put some lime stone in a glass of water over night, pH 7.8 out of the tap, before stones went in, tested at 8.3 this morning
  20. 2XB

    Bulk plastic tubes and pots

    Mate the Danbar forestry tubes are great, and grab the stands... Also the NSW cactus and succulent society sells some great size square pots, just email and they will quote u postage if u don't go to meets Pix #1 is some cssnsw pots have little holes so those mineral mixes don't fall out #2 is a Danbar tray #3 & 4is a Danbar tubes, have large holes
  21. 2XB

    yearlings, a bit wobbly

    My observations are not scientific by any means Dood, but I have noted that most plants that I repot because they are stunted, yellow and just generally looking poorly, all have lime stone rocks in the medium. I did a few soil batches with lime stone a few years ago, I'm not sure why, but probably because I had it and was trying to bulk out a potting mix... Anyways I know linking the lime to poor health is not a certainty but there are enough clues for me not to do it anymore.. Other plants that get the same attention with different soils do great... The limestoned plants always bounce back quickly after repotting... Also I have tried to love some of the fucked plants back to good health, but nothing I can do helps until I change out that medium.... Our tap water is 7.8. I use organic ferts, but not often home brewed.