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    T. Thelogonus X E. Seminudus

    Hello, I read a thread a while ago about the above cross.. But cannot find it now, does anyone have photo's of this cross? Sounds insanely interesting
  2. Rum and Monkeys


    I am done here, or I am going to get carried away :D
  3. Rum and Monkeys


    One day little Johnny was walking up a hill pulling his red wagon behind him saying,"Fuck this," "Fuck that." The town priest hears this and walks up to Johnny and says,"You shouldn't swear like that, Johnny. God is all around us." "Is he in the sky?" asks Johnny. "Yes," says the priest. "Is he in that bush over there?" asks Johnny. "Yes," says the priest." Is he in my wagon?" asked Johnny. "Yes," says the priest. "Well tell him to get the fuck out and push!!!"
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    Why do ghosts like to ride in elevators? . . . . . . . . Because it raises their spirits!
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    How do you know when a moth farts? . . . . . . . . . It flies straight for three seconds.
  6. Rum and Monkeys

    Post a random picture thread

    That is all
  7. Rum and Monkeys

    Post a random picture thread

    Some of the shit you find when putting a minute or two into finding pictures....
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    Post a random picture thread

  9. Rum and Monkeys

    Post a random picture thread

  10. Rum and Monkeys

    Law changes in NSW

    I hereby volunteer my ability to annoy you in every thread you ever comment on, or create ;)
  11. Rum and Monkeys

    For Sale Cacti

    I have not been able to find Hamiltons on E-bay, do you have a link?
  12. Rum and Monkeys

    Want list

    Can swap you a few TBM's for something interesting (cacti) if you like?
  13. Rum and Monkeys

    Tricho all sorts Auction

  14. Rum and Monkeys

    urgent help youtube troll

    Poopoo head.
  15. Rum and Monkeys

    last chance lophophora sale

    Why the fluffin' hell abuse one of the most respectable members here?! Peoples arrr feerrrny. This is a lophophore sale thread, not pick the shit out of people thread. Nice plants mate
  16. Rum and Monkeys

    One of my mates lost all his garden in the fires yesterday

    I got some nice cacti cuts, if that's what he is into?
  17. Rum and Monkeys

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    I couldn't find anything after that video, but do you know Ceres, if it actually grows? Thanks for sharing
  18. Rum and Monkeys

    Law changes in NSW

    So what happens to businesses like SAB/Wandjina, Hamiltons, Collectors Corner and the other nursieries where this is a means of an income? They just close their doors? This is a real sad time for all of us.
  19. Rum and Monkeys

    euphorbia give away/trade

    Let me know if you can't get rid of photo number two, and I will be happy to pay postage. Not much for trade here unfortunately
  20. Rum and Monkeys

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    Bring it brother, the whole team is waiting!
  21. Rum and Monkeys

    euphorbia give away/trade

    Spewin' I don't live closer, that second photo looks pretty cool
  22. Rum and Monkeys

    Spring 2013 Cactus Buds & Flowers

    Hey GOT, That mam, is that a M. bomycina? I can't remember off the top of my head if that's the correct pronounciation but i'm on the lounge and it's comfy so I can't be bothered looking at my label which looks identical to your plant
  23. Rum and Monkeys

    Looking for Passioflora involucrata seeds

    Nice user name
  24. Rum and Monkeys

    Cactus ID please

    How many damn cacti do you have Jox!
  25. Rum and Monkeys


    ooo0o0oooo, BURN!!!, want some ice for that Abbott? lol (made me laugh, anyways)