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  1. Good to hear the hops are doing well for you @manic, they'll be breaking the ground here any moment now.
  2. mushfun

    Old colour scheme!

    ∆∆∆ Yeh I'm happy the old colours are back too, thanks.
  3. mushfun

    The Carolina Reaper

    That was great!
  4. mushfun

    Sailing round the world

    You lucky lucky bastard...
  5. mushfun

    WBs random photos

    Ah cool. Does sound nice and simple. Using lenses of compost to plant in to? Cheers for the links.
  6. mushfun

    WBs random photos

    Nice one WB. Got any links on the bale cook procedure?
  7. mushfun

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Ooh dear, obviously no a city boy. Jumped on the tram but wrong direction, don't recon I'm going to get there
  8. mushfun

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Hay, thanks for the open arms. I'll contact some more if I make it to town.
  9. mushfun

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I might be about Melbourne, how would a stanger from a strange land go turning up?
  10. Thanks Darklight, that was beautiful.
  11. Do the thing you do well WB, give us the tldr please.
  12. mushfun

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    Aye WB, depends on how much of a rush you're in. I'm guessing you want the shiitake pretty soon, so probably no good for that one.
  13. mushfun

    Trichocereus lengths for sale

    I'll go number 1 thanks
  14. mushfun

    WBs random photos

    Someone left the tap on
  15. mushfun

    Windows 10 good or bad?

    I don't mind 10. Definitely a big improvement on 8, which is an abomination. Win7 is a goodn though.
  16. mushfun

    Serra blue?

    How old are plants on the pictures? Surely much more than a year?
  17. mushfun

    Moonunit cacti seed auction