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  1. Is that stapelia good grapht stock....?
  2. flumsquid

    some trichos

    bulk bridge. pm'd
  3. flumsquid

    Seed Grown Lophs available in Perth

    are those beauties still available e.dude?
  4. flumsquid

    *Some Orgasmic New Additions*

    great pick ups mate, i can vouch for blowng.just got my lophs today. they're 10/10!
  5. flumsquid

    *Some Orgasmic New Additions*

    L.jourdaniana is another great pupping loph
  6. flumsquid


  7. flumsquid


    Yer wat a rip.literally just opened a package with 250 l.w.seeds For$45 haha.wat a tosser
  8. flumsquid

    Trichocereus Scopulicola & Peruvianus

    i got lots of scop.i can take pic s.pm me if keen
  9. flumsquid

    Perekiopsis by the metre $15

    sweet thanx peeps
  10. ive been to jerex.got a small tbm but nothing else worth worrying about.very limited supply
  11. flumsquid

    Perekiopsis by the metre $15

    hi blowng. i dont think its possible but im after sum peres in wa. the quarantine laws in wa. are extremely strict.have you ever done/had success in this regard?. thanks F.S.
  12. that macro/peruvianoids a beast. or do you have small feet? only jk. got any of those cuts for sale?
  13. hey watertrade.any peres left ,id be keen :-)
  14. hi myco .il take a couple pax if still available?
  15. flumsquid

    unknown 10-15yr old cactus

    looks like a cereus. cereus peruvianus perhaps?
  16. flumsquid

    Cacti cuts

    yep its a tat :-)
  17. flumsquid

    Cacti cuts

    hey every1 this is my first post.im intetested in some cuts if still available?