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  1. ethnodude

    Lophophora Seeds

    Please PM.
  2. ethnodude


    A bit off track but certainly relevant is this article. http://www.naturalnews.com/035688_Monsanto_honey_bees_colony_collapse.html
  3. HI all, I have a quite a few klip dagga seeds to give away, for anyone interested. A return seed trade would be appreciated but not necessary if your new to the game. Please PM for details. Peace
  4. Please PM for details. WA pickup only. Will not separate. Regards
  5. ethnodude

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    I have some river sand you can have mate. Hit me up.
  6. ethnodude

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    I still have a few eileen available for anyone interested. PM me.
  7. ethnodude

    PC pach cuts available including WA

    Price drop 60cm cuts for $50 for 2. That's $25 each. Pickup available in Perth. Please PM.
  8. ethnodude

    Meet up: Perth

    Sorry I couldn't make it guys. Will arrange time off work for the next one. I look forward to catching up with some familiar faces.
  9. Hi all, I have some 60cm PC Pach tips available 2 for $60 or 6 for $150. I'm willing to post in Aus at the expense of the receiver. Please PM if interested. Thanks
  10. ethnodude

    Where have you seen a cactus lately?

    On my local verge-side rubbish pick-up a few weeks back. 2 nice lengths of pach looking neglected and unloved. Needless to say they have a nice new home and are looking happy. One mans thrash is another mans treasure.
  11. ethnodude

    Perth meet 2012

    Haha that would make the masons happy. A bunch of plant heads on their turf. Nice one.
  12. ethnodude

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    Hi peep's. Just a heads up for those eager WA punters. I will be selling off some of my collection over the next few weeks. I have eileen $1 per cm and PC pach cuts ($0.50 per cm), as well as a bunch of large seed grown lophs. Please PM me if your interested in pics and prices. Local pickup only for lophs and eileen. PS welcome back BT.
  13. ethnodude

    Will Rekowski aka Gomaos has died.

    A man who spoke his mind even if it caused him great discomfort. I admired this in Will. As sad as this is I suspect in a way part of him got what he wanted. I'm sure he's in a more comfortable place now. This dimension can be painful for some souls.
  14. Let the boat people in I say. I welcome the light ships as any change to current planetary control systems is for the best. Its as if government had to push us to such extremes in order to become ready for the rapid global change that is occurring. Habit and novelty if you will. The question is would you trust the first ship to reveal itself and take the opportunity to go on board if given the opportunity? Given that the gov has holographic projection tools, which can create the illusion of light ships. I've been thinking about this a lot lately as I feel the time is not too far off. My intuition is to follow my first intuition whether its right to leave earth if the option presents.