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    sceletium sp. and water

    just to be clear what im offering is larger amounts say 20 per tray scelly plants not trying to sell individual planst here but rather to assist anyone who wants to learn to grow and process this legal and interesting herb to get planting stocks
  2. Rev

    b/s posts

    yeah speaking of rules why is onemind still here? are the mods asleep at the wheel? fucking trolls grrr
  3. Rev


    i still havent found a substitute btw i dont think one exists shes unique
  4. likewise beware the truth V 2.0 that says clumpers arent cold hardy most are to 0C or -2C which makes them ideal in most of coastal southern australia and fair selection take it to -6 and a few degrees below that even theres not many places in australia that need runners but if you do theres nowhere too cold for a useful species of those Australia has native species too, up north in the NT
  5. youve been kinda misinformed hmm like' truth version 2.0 when u need an upgrade to truth 8.0 its not hard to get stuck on V 2.0 though as almost all boooks and most websites parrot it most species have a tendency to flower periodically. the timescale varies hugely between generations and between species when they flower they channel most of their energy into it and most but not all die afterwards. like annual grasses do likewise around teh world most but not all bamboos of that species will respond to the same cue - which is unknown so far the seed lasts like any grass seed, well in human hands, less well in contact with soil when bamboos flower , like when agaves flower huge amounst of seed are avaulable, these are stored for years afterwards by seedsmen - so this is how i get my seed our knowledge of biology is expanding at a rapid rate now, as is access to germplasm by the time i hit complete edit here there may be a truth version 8.1 ready to find somewhere out there :D
  6. Rev

    My Loph to Pedro Graft

    ive mentioned it before but there no evidence that Peyote are endangered some populatiions are or may even be extinct - like in the USA but theres suggestion some of those are the result of human activity anyway, ancient peyote gardens gone native in Texas for conservations sake you need to be growing diffusa, fricii, koehresii and the texan populations Peyote is a very widespread plant, inlc very remote and inaccessible areas and very capable of holding its own if its habitat remains intact and only native harvesting practices are used. Its not a hard plant to grow in culture either and in the right climate could easily and cheaply be 'ranched'. trout says 3 year old plants have sufficient chems to repel most wild animals - except goats - and are suitable for re-establishment efforts what you did to that cactus was normal. that it grew back demonstrates how tough these plants are ive noticed that except for wet feet rots, observations that peyote are very resistant to rot are spot on, prob due to all those antimicrobial compounds they have in them this is my philosophy as a counter to that of precious conservation it goes that its better to sacrifice a few individuals to learn what you need to to grow a dozen more than to nervously guard a few relict plants from investigation im confident if the peyote could speak english itd be happy with this offer. the nature of plants clonal abilities makes them less self oriented i see weigh up the benefits vs risk if you guess wrong the plant will grow back in time, youd have set it back several years and miss a fair bit of seed, and theres a small risk of total loss but if you win you have created 2 cacti. the original mother and a new stock mother which will grow 300-500% faster and can be used to bear many more seed it also prserevs that original planst genes so much better because now there are more clones so the chance of survival of catastrophe is higher by several degrees its always best to go practice on an analogue species first. something with similar characteristics but more common but if you are confident then go for it i say while you are at it think about helping to conserve the many ariocarpus and turbinicarpus species at risk
  7. Rev

    sceletium sp. and water

    free draining and freely water over winter. feed it too with liquid ferts - youll be amazed by the yields on patch i grew which was maybe 2 metres square yielded 14kg fresh herbage in one harvest which made nearly 1/2 kg of finished product basic rule of thumb is 25-28kg fresh herb = 1kg processed herb i tell you this cos ive done my dash with scelly growing commerially. biomass is easy. but its a lot of work to process that 14kg to finished product you are proud to say is ur finest theres easier herbs out there to wildcraft and simply dry so have a go its an autumn and spring grower like a lot of mesembs leave it dry over summer but if its a mild summer itll grow all year around in winter itll take at least -5C without damage plant april to june, harvest november as it starts flowering need stock? ill gladly make you tubestock of it all proceeds to charity email me
  8. Rev


    lol ive tried - really i have - to patch up our relationship and get back together but it always ends in tears but its been nearly 12 years now for me since i could still tango with her
  9. ive got this book but i also have the one you need and that is the 2003 reprint and update sacramental and medicinal cacti try rainbow gardens bookshop i def use this book as a reference frequently its a necessity to get up to 2003 speed on dead leads and new leads then go to the nook to see how far its gone since
  10. Rev

    Nicotiana, winter and repotting

    they are tiny fragile seedlings but once they are up they can be transplanted, decapitated, n rustica even grows from cuttings! they are after all a solanaceous plant virii and nematodes aside they are all tough as
  11. Rev

    My Loph to Pedro Graft

    dont freak the graft will work or not worth and most times if it doesnt work teh scion just forms roots anyway better to leave them semi-attached till this happens sometomes when just the parenchymal tissues fuse its enough to slow dehydration while roots form
  12. Rev

    Lophoturbina flowering !

    well i do have a few of those as good a reason as any to keep the collecting net wide
  13. if its degenerated to name calling on both side can you guys take it outside please? or do i have to be a tool and start reporting posts to mods?
  14. Rev

    Lophoturbina flowering !

    nice one i have lophs and turb lophophoroides grafted ive been hoping to make the same well done. they look great also you can make mammilaria loph hybrids as well and there are unsanswered quiestions about x fertility of Lophs and obregonias, strombocactus and ariocarpus youll never fall short of work in this field :D
  15. Rev

    what the F???

    reliably so whn ive had plates or jars or bags of susbtarte about and the autumn changes comes through they all automatically go to fruiting mode a warm weather shiitake strain is something i dont have. all mine are cool weather ones
  16. Ive known about this stuff for 10 years or more now and i still am yet to find little fault with it http://www.vetiver.org/ ive bought their CD's and booklets and its got loads of great info off their site it would be the most underutilised yet most useful plant i know of i use it for mulch it grows around my evaporation trench and im expanding it year by year to surround the whole thing it uses the effluent and the abundant heat and sunshine over summer to create a fair bit of attarctive, durable mulch for pathways its a great way to recycle those nutrients and water safely back into the yard its really suited to summer rainfall patterns mostly but easily takes the frost here, though it stops growing over winter its indestructible - cept for roundup. everything needs an achilles heel to be safe to use... more http://www.ybe.com.au/landscape.htm http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/20...supergrass.html http://www.ldd.go.th/EFiles_project/IT-GIS...s%20Natural.htm
  17. Rev

    ID help please

    and faslimys plant could well be scop x pach there is variation very much like that in those progeny pics soon
  18. Rev

    ID help please

    my current idea of pachanoi is the ecuadorian KK 339 and planst like it also vouchered as being collected in ecaudor
  19. id say gerbils is the Knuthianus , the same as in the Hobart botanic gardens and a kk242/gnosis - trichocereus 'whatever'? Tripitakas is the same 2 pronged one i have sources via HHH in nimbin. chasing sources, i got to 'north of brisbane' see http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/inde...mp;hl=two+prong
  20. NNSW FSR seedring.org i just put some up
  21. Rev

    Telling apart top from bottom

    no several do this its a topic ill attack one fine day but if you know its a bridge you know they point down
  22. Rev

    Amazing seeds

    its also a cure for constipation ;) high muscarine content better to feed to ur chooks ive bought hempseed from tcm suppliers huge seed! germinates and dies. must be irradiated
  23. 666 = Bunnings bout $50-60 weigh it up against the savings in time and 'free' bamboo stakes
  24. i agree but the cold reality is money is tight for so many people i live 'outa town' so i get the benefit of SFA mortgage, but downside of lower pay I just cant imagine how id posibly be able to rent these day. i met somebody recntly in my position - single income family with younguns - paying 300 a week for a crappy semirural house in NNSW if we are going to save the world then those who made the money out of ruining it need to chip back in. 'just a little bit more' can really lead those on the edge to a long term or acute and real decline into poverty. The govt subsidises all kinds of bullshit enterprises. surely it can take some of its 'future fund' and offset it by reducing the fuel levy on biofuels or cutting taxes for the sustainable energy income component of energy companies we have to make Dirty coal and fossil fuels energy show their true cost, then market forces will drive investment in clean energy look at teh horrific power of managed investmnet funds in australia. why not channel that into renewable energy targets? tax write offs for the rich, affordable clean energy for the poor, good internationa standing for the govt? i like capitalism but you have to keep it on a choker chain and use baits