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  1. xShiva.spacetechnology

    diy chilli sauce

    Sounds so easy, cheers for the recipe mate. Should be like a winner :bow: As for the chilli on genitalia, i have learnt from that mistake!!!!!! haha
  2. xShiva.spacetechnology

    Debt and Criminal records

    Hey Neo, Unfortunately i see a lot of people in the same position, and sadly most creditor providers do not acknowledge that some people are genuinely struggling and in a number of cases the creditors/collectors can complicate or make things worse for the person. In your friends postion i would suggest he look at a Part X rather than a Part IX Bankruptcy, as the Part IX indicates you have the funds to pay but can only pay this over time. The Part X is an insolvency agreement that is useful when you want to make payments to your creditors but cannot pay in full and could only afford to pay off a percentage of the debt over time, the only catch is the creditors are required to vote on this agreement so there is a chance they will not agree on the proposed debt agreement. But from everything you have stated i feel your friends best option is Bankruptcy or a Part X Bankruptcy, and he is best off contacting a free financial counselling service for further advice. I personally think he should file for Bankruptcy as it is an easier option for someone in his position as it would eliminate alot of the stress and issues associated with debts, repayments and the collections process. Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions or need some more advice.
  3. xShiva.spacetechnology

    Debt and Criminal records

    Also if legal judgment had been obtained and no payment had been made after the date of judgment and the statute is about to expire, the creditor can apply to the courts to have the statute extended! And in Australia the spelling of judgement for legal/court orders is "Judgment"
  4. xShiva.spacetechnology

    Debt and Criminal records

    Hey Neo, Theoretically speaking, yes, but this would only apply to an unsecured debt that the creditor is not a registered credit provider, and if the debt had not been acknowledged in writing by the debtor previously. The one catch is that they can still pursue the debt after the statute had expired, but they cannot legally enforce the debt. There is a lot more to this answer but this information should give a basic answer to your theoretical question, if you want some further feel free to ask! To answer your second question the 6 year statue of limitations re-starts from the last date of payment, or starts from the date the debt was incurred if no payment had been made and has nothing to do with the appointment of a collection agency. This is due to collection agencies only acting as an agent for their clients and are not providing the credit.
  5. xShiva.spacetechnology

    Debt and Criminal records

    Hey Smilin' For unsecured debts nearly all states statute of limitations is for a 6 year period, unless your in the NT which has a 3 year statute of limitations. And remember when you make a payment towards an account the statue of limitations starts from scratch again, if no payment has been made towards the account it is from the date of the invoice/contract. But if legal judgment is obtained in regards to the debt, the statue of limitations applies after an 11-14 year period depending on your state, last date of payment etc. Furthermore on the credit rating system, it is not a numerical rating system at all. Really it is a report that shows where you have applied for credit, obtained credit and how much was obtained, the address/es you have used when applying/obtaining credit and if you have been defaulted by a credit provider. A default is shown when you have not paid a debt after the credit provider had given you adequate notice of paying before defaulting you. This default basically states who you obtained credit from and how much is outstanding. Once a debt that you had previously been defaulted for has been paid you can seek to get your credit file amended to show that you have paid the debt, which in future makes your credit file look better when applying for credit with major institutions. xShiva
  6. xShiva.spacetechnology

    Happy Birthday Tripitaka

    Happy birthday tripi, hope your having an awesome birthday! We'll have to catch up for a few drinks again next time your up this way. xShiva
  7. xShiva.spacetechnology

    Debt and Criminal records

    Hey Yawningman, I work for one of australia's largest multinational commercial debt collection firms, and if the outstanding amount was for $50 with centrelink it more then likely would of been handled by an internal collector. Your credit rating would of been defaulted for the higher debt, and may of been for the smaller amount. Also it would not affect your criminal records as it would still be deemed as a civil matter rather then a criminal matter, unless fraudulent activity or something alike was going on. For queries regarding your credit rating, visit Veda Advantage and there are a few options as you can pay to view your credit file or if your not in a hurry you can get a free report via post (but this can take upto 10 days before they dispatch your credit file). Also someone was mentioning collection agencies buying debts, there are very few Australian firms buying debt compaired to the firms that work on an up front fee and/or commission basis. Alot of the firms that buy debts mainly deal with delinquent accounts that the inital internal or external collectors could not collect, and the clients are mainly telecommunication companies, austar/foxtel and banks etc. who have debts that cannot really be disputed. but they do handle smaller clients on occasions. In regards to government debts most are handled by internal collectors, but there are increasing numbers of government related debts being outsourced to external debt collection firms. And remember with government related debts the statue of limitations does not apply, so they will chase you until you pay, die or enter bankruptcy. If anyone has any further question feel free to ask and i will help you the best i can! Cheers xShiva
  8. xShiva.spacetechnology

    Ebay Rippoff! User Hallilusions!

    One thing is laywers fees are alot more expensive then using a debt collection agency, but look around before taking up an agency as some have better track records and fare more competitive prices then others.
  9. xShiva.spacetechnology

    Ebay Rippoff! User Hallilusions!

    Also adding in 'international debt collection company' when searching in google.
  10. xShiva.spacetechnology

    Ebay Rippoff! User Hallilusions!

    Hey EG, I currently work for a international debt collection agency, and have worked on a few cases like yours, simply search on google 'debt collection companies' and you will get a full list of different agencies and what they specialize in, and what suits your debt and circumstances.
  11. xShiva.spacetechnology

    Psychedelic-induced body abnormalities

    Andy can you post a link to your thread i cant seem to find it. Cheers
  12. xShiva.spacetechnology

    Psychedelic-induced body abnormalities

    sorry if this may be abit intrusive cycle, but what symptons have you felt or experienced, and what were your personal beliefs about this visual phenomena before 'self diagnosing? You dont have to answe if you dont want to cycle, i completely understand, as it is a private and personal matter. Thankyou
  13. xShiva.spacetechnology

    Psychedelic-induced body abnormalities

    Has anyone here suffered or suffers from visual snow, floaters and other Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD) phenomena?
  14. xShiva.spacetechnology

    Whats Your Favourite Mud-Crab Recipes?

    Hey guys, ive been pulling in a few mud crab lately and have had tried a heap of different ways of cooking the taste little bastards, from; plain crab boiled in salt water, chili crab, garlic and butter crab, my own experiemental cajun/creole style crab soup, lemon crab, lemongrass crab, lime crab, lime and chili crab, and baked crab of all different sorts. So im just wondering if anyone wants to contribute their recipes for crab on here, or just name your favourite crab dish? I will get around to putting some recipes up in the near future if anyone seems interested. Cheers, and happy hunting <almost looks like a crab xShiva
  15. xShiva.spacetechnology

    MHG from EGA