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    Legal Hemp Farming, QLD

    SW WA did trials in 1996 Shoul dhav eknown it woul dfail given the climate Thye should have tried it in Kunnunurra (Ord river irrigation project )- by golly that would be some hemp!
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    36hr erection

    Hahahaha oh my god! its turning black! get the leeches!
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    Bowling For Columbine

    I want to retire to Canada The underlying principle in his Doco/movie was the old warning about having nothing to fear but fear itself An Epidemic of Mass media cultivated Chronic fear seems to be the distingushing difference between the US (and soon Australia) and the rest of the english speaking world.
  6. Hey T dont forget the positive effect on mental health from HUFA's and PUFA's (Long chain fatty acids) which are rich in oceanic predatory fish Relationships between Mood and fatty acid intake are well documented.
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    Another little treasure

    Beware the LBM's! (little brown mushrooms) Try and find a local text The victorian naturalists association (?) is a good starting point They support the fungimap project also http://www.hiddenforest.co.nz/fungi/idguide.htm and the CSIRO Like the hiddenforest site it should break down mushrooms into forms and spore colours - the 2 most helpful initial characteristics in ID With many you can only go so far - like to Genus before you enter into taxonomic no-mans land, where Mycologists battle it out tooth and nail
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    Any interesting plants in southern NZ

    You have point thereThe theoretical analogue combinations that have been suggested are so far advance d compared to whats actually been tried itll take lifetimes to catch up with applied research I guess im overly critical because in a former life - pre-EB - i was very into Permaculture and i studied aquaculture for 2 years too, i saw the same thing happen there Those who knew rarely got around to collating and presenting their research and those who didnt know kept rehashing untested concepts and republishing I guess its a universal phenomenon - those who can, do and those who cant, teach Im going to start a new thread to ask what are peoples favourite EB books [ 07. February 2003, 19:57: Message edited by: reville ]
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    borage seeds

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    36hr erection

    "Cialis reportedly caused a minor controversy last year when the Cialis family, of Kent, England, learned to their horror that they were about to share the name of an erection drug." no sex please, we're british! hehehe It still leaves a market wide open for Yohimbe it seems I wonder why the drug companies havent caught onto Foxy? and a new reason not to eat your (compost fed) Spinach