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  1. Happy Birthday Psycho0!!!

  2. psycho0

    new tatt im gonna get

    QUOTE: Benzito I want to be able to sit down, discuss what I would like, and the style I want, and then hopefully have them design it for me. thats what i did 4 my tiger and my eagle also i wanna get a traditional bone chiseled tatt 1 day
  3. psycho0

    new tatt im gonna get

    Do you have a draft design for your snake, psycho0 ? Love to see it, even if it's not finished. not yet jkmy mates desoiging it this week then ill get the tatttooist to fix it up, shes done an awesome job on my mates bak! so yeah ill post pics and of all my tatts
  4. psycho0

    new tatt im gonna get

    will do my snake will cost 2000+ so i might get that first
  5. psycho0

    Drool size peyote for sale

    so its gone is it damn i wanted it!
  6. psycho0

    Northern N.S.W. Camping Trip, who's interested?

    i definitely will be coming! and ill b into no illegal activities at all:)
  7. psycho0

    new tatt im gonna get

    nothing really i just wanted some kind of mushroom god and this looked good but ill b getting my snake up my spine first! i might get an om symbol done by traditonal bone chiseling on my wrist hehe ill take pics of my tatts and post em some of u that were a t eb2 wouldve seen the large tiger on my right calf
  8. psycho0

    sweet bliss

    kewl let us know when it happens mate
  9. psycho0

    Incidence of 'mental disorders'

    its a shame u cant pik more than 1 does hearing voices in ur head , only bout 4-5 times in my life count as schizophrenic whatever?
  10. psycho0

    sweet bliss

    hey torsten r u still gonna sell the sweet bliss? aaron
  11. psycho0

    new tatt im gonna get

    i mightget that but im saving for a huge python spiralling up my spine eating my spine and u can c the vertabrae in its throiat all the way up my spine:D i have an eagle on mny shoulder blade and might get one the other side so theyre swooping in for the snake ill show u when its designed aaron
  12. psycho0

    Duboisia hopwoodii leaves for sale

    ill have to get some
  13. psycho0

    Phalaris Aquatica Ayahuasca

    let us know how it goes mate
  14. psycho0

    2CB analogues

    is 2ce still legal or does it come under the analogues act?