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Georgia Guidestones, Cube added and destroyed 2014.

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Posted 23 October 2014 - 10:32 AM

DiscoStu, that reminds me of Mr.Burns' sun blocking machine.  A metaphor of Chemtrails.  They are partially there to block out the Sun.  Why you ask?  Geez I don't want to spoil all the research for y'all.... but I'll say that we get much more than just heat and light from the Sun. 
I cant believe this is all the mockery I have received from these rants.  Maybe I'm doing enough self mockery.  It seems that if you rant on a thread you started then you are less likely to get hammered then if you rant away on a thread someone else started, makes sense.  Rant away folks, be my guest.  Oh, no one gives a shit. 
Speaking of blocking out the Sun, today(23/10) a partial Solar eclipse will be visible from USA.  I watched a simulation of it and it will make the u shaped crescent which is a symbol of Islam. 
Not many fuses left to blow now, soon I'll need to see an electrician (plant allies).    
Please note, I do not feel good about this thread.  It feels like I am holding hostages.  I am however, compelled to 'call it as I see it'.  Also, sorry if I am being 'alarmist' but when I saw that the Guidstones had been altered it rang some bells in me ed.  It alarmed me and I tend to pick up stuff that goes over many other peoples heads.(I doubt anyone knew what the hell I was on about in the thread "honestly, I'm a liar", sorry I deleted most of it, I'll fix that, it wasn't well explained).  Its interesting that people don't think much of the Georgia Guidestones, that would fit the plan if indeed there is one. The term 'hidden in plane sight' comes to mind(a method constantly employed by the elite).  Some say I'm slow but maybe being slow has its advantages.  It may have been the bottle of cough syrup I drank when I was 4(no joke). DXM is yuk.
Maybe I'm naïve. Nobody has told me that.  I have however, been told by two people, years apart, that "you are the most interesting person I have ever met".  That stuck with me, as did a dream a friend of a friend had of me where I was always right though she thought I was always wrong.  This person hadn't seen me in at least 6 months and the same night she had that dream I had a very powerful vision out of nowhere, like never before that lasted a couple of hours.  I have to keep that vision to myself, it was not nice.
I would like to know if any/what kind of shady shit is going on in governments today(and all days but more so today).  Before major events there is usually lots of dodgy crap going on so it wont make the papers or into peoples minds. I have never wanted to be wrong more so than now.  Don't believe a word I say.  I may be a dis-info agent.   The shooting spree in Canada on Wednesday was most likely fake.  Its all fake.  That is one method they use, make it all fake and it fits together and gives us a false view of our world.  It difficult to improve this place if we don't know where we are.


Another Chemtrail sky over Melbourne today.  See how milky the sky is?  That is from trails left by planes flying mostly in country Victoria.  Anyone in country Vic seen planes leaving trails today?  Watch them, some, or all of the trails will expand.  Are we meant to believe that its condensation trails doing that?  Whatever is being sprayed is solid, fine particles.  And how about the dotted trails? - - - - - - - start stop start stop (rare).  Are they switching fuels mid flight every 10 seconds? Oh I know, its patches of different density air.  Few I'm glad that's sorted. now back to sleep.

We don't get as many days with totally clear blue skies as we used to.  I have noticed.  So have many others.  It is well documented that chemtrails are a wide spread thing.  People in the military have quit their jobs and become whistle blowers as did former F.B.I. L.A. chief Ted Gunderson(R.I.P.).  Ted says some very incriminating things about the U.S. government, there are many youtube videos featuring him. Best whistle blower ever.  Edward who?


I hope this is at least entertaining or interesting for some folks.  I havnt got many likes and didn't for a second expect even one.  Fuck even I hate what I'm typing.  Perhaps this is why I took today off work.  My head was spinning from many things and I needed to vent.
Only one fuse left, better shut up the rest of today. Hope you are having a good one. :)

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Posted 24 October 2014 - 05:29 PM

So one day before the partial eclipse there was a 'terrorist attack' in Canada.  The next day a similar 'isis' attack on two cops in New York.  Clutching at straws?  Could be.  I'll know pretty soon.   Bad things come in threes they say.  Umm like world wars perhaps? I think that is the reason that saying was invented.


Sorry if I'm wrong about this crap.  Disclaimer: this next bit is a theory(everything I say is theory) and I cannot confirm anything.  It just made me ask a lot of questions.

Did anyone else find the attack on two cops in Endeavour Hills a bit odd?  Did anything poke out to anyone or am I the only dude with eyes?  Let me help you out here. 

This young bloke apparently slashed two cops pretty badly, (shouldn't the cops have been a bit more cautious?). 'Hey suspected terrorist, hows it going buddy, shake my hand'. wait for it...

The footage from the Helicopter showing the 'crime' scene showed a trickle of blood coming from the forensics tent where the dude got shot and killed.  Shouldn't there be a trail of blood from the two cut cops as they went to get themselves bandaged up?  The blood is confined to the tent plus the trickle running out from it.  Those cops would have been bleeding real bad and I'm wondering where is the trail of blood going back to the police station?  Did they just stand around the shot bloke while they themselves were bleeding to death? 


Why did they meet him outside the police station?  That is unusual. 


The forensics tent was right outside the 'little stars' :rolleyes: kids care centre.  And while I'm at it, why is there a child care centre next to a police station?  'That's a good place for it' some might say but police stations are where criminals go all the time to report in, would you want your kid to be seen by criminals on a regular basis?  It might tempt some criminals. Ok well that's just a side note on human stupidity IMO.


Check out the 7 news report on youtube 'Terror suspect shot dead was not alone'.  Does Ken Lay usually say "um" that many times in a sentence?  People generally only do that when they are making up crap. Or maybe it was cognitive dissonance messing with his mind. 


Now if I'm wrong, let ME interview the two cops. Of course that wont happen.   Why haven't we seen the cops on the news showing off their scars?  That sort of thing is commonly done and would help with the official 'story'.  That's all it was, a story.  When it smells like bullshit, its probably not ice cream.


So anyway where is event number 3 going to be?  England or Australia? or maybe USA again.  I'll be watching out for it tonight and tomorrow Aus time.


There is a lot of speculation that New York will again get a terrorist attack.  You think this is nuts?  I've got way way more far out shit that I think is planned for the bringing in of the New World Order. 


Its almost funny that the elite are using the name ISIS to bring about the nwo because that is one Goddess that they worship.  They just made up the cover story Islamic State Iraq Syria.  Some also say it stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.  Part of the idea is for the world to keep repeating the name ISIS over and over again.


If there is not another supposed ISIS event by Sunday then this Guidstones cube theory is wrong and I will shut up. but its looking right so far.  Hold on to your (tin foil) hats. 


one more thing, that haze that covered Melbourne today and was at ground level this morning with all of us breathing it in was chemtrails.  prove me wrong.  What was it then?  Smog?  No, we don't get smog in the morning here.  Its was very unusual.  All you cops, military, politicians and other criminals and your families were breathing it in too.  Grow a pair....and a few extra brain cells.  Are you all drinking unfiltered tap water?  That fogs up the brain really good like...huh huh. :wacko: and don't expect to notice it.  Tap water actually tastes shit compared to pure water.  This is the last I will post on this thread so it gets off the front page. Though I may still edit these posts. 


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