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  1. Looking to have the next get together next sunday the 14th of Feb
  2. Hiya TPM there might be some peeps down at the spot in the gardens tomoz, i wont be able to make it although thinking we should get something going next month fosure!
  3. -YT-

    Carlos Castaneda thread

    YeahNah i dunno its hard to quantify exactly. I mean the anthropology at the time was in some ways making headway and many obscure journals etc would perhaps been available if one wanted to create a new way of sorts. One of the things for me anyway was the plant preps especially datura seems quite a specific methodology which could have easily been lifted from another tribe etc if such knowledge was available. Personally tend to lean towards he perhaps met someone and or someone(s) who opened up a world of perception and he pretty much spent the rest of his life grappling with the limited scope of understanding he was programmed with, unable to fully grasp but worth while in terms of staying in shiny metals, not unlike many of the modern gurus a grain of truth buried beneath an avalanche of human manure taaadaaaaa
  4. Mucho Love your work EGA crew
  5. Looks like the last meet of 2015 lands on the 13th of Dec for those interested
  6. -YT-


    Nice obtuse looking forward to hanging, will def come chill with ya indian.
  7. -YT-


    man i like drinking beer dunno about the yobbos never been before so should one expect bogan central or something? Pretty much helping a friend setup some shit and scoring free tickets/ride etc so figure why not. Re commercialisation true there is shit loads of cash tied into it for sure how thats changed it over the years i wouldnt know much about.
  8. -YT-


    Heyas, just wanted to see if any ethno crew are going to be at EC this year? if so maybe we can organize to catch up / hang out, would be great to meet some more peeps from interstate Obtuse you gonna be there??
  9. -YT-

    hey yeah

    Great to see ya around brotha! Congrats on the studies man! fuck i miss chatting with you, Much love too ya and the family hope all is well
  10. Awesome stuff Glaukus! Love the ghetto approach nice and easy and basically can almost forget and they will do their own thing, exactly how i do it. Should get multiple shoots/plants per leaf cutting too.
  11. Anyone keen for a get together at the gardens on the 18th of October?
  12. I thought the great ozzy dream involved utes and vb. There are some awesome crew in sydney although not sure on the meet situation. Agree with seasonal work / Woofing and also the keep moving whole east coast is full of amazing landscapes
  13. -YT-

    Vale ReshroomEd

    Fuck only just seen this today Hope He was aware of how much he was valued by the community, and fucken A was always kind and most generous to me. Great posts DL
  14. -YT-


    Sounds hectic as fuck olive! Having been involved in the industry for the past decade or so i wish i could honestly say im surprised although that would be a lie sadly. Im certain its more so to do with culture and human nature in general and it seems to have been geared more often than not to weigh in favor of industry rather than the consumer especially with all the associated costs of litigating dodgy workmanship. The original and only non convict state just as twisted if not more than the rest of the colony lol. Really hope you get it sorted! keep us updated
  15. -YT-

    Abbott shortest-serving PM since McMahon

    "It should be something which is earned by a vote of the Australian people." hahah as has been shown this is not even what happens the top job is decided by the party vote. We've had no real say in any of this show, and as per usual the 4th estate for the most part have avoided the real meaty issues. A year out from the next federal election really thought this would of happened sooner given the slumps in polling given that obviously the lnp wish to re work their image, if turnbull can move towards a centrist approach perhaps but personally doubtful an ex goldman sachs millionaire banker doesnt inspire much hope especially with his handy work with the NBN. Looks like smoking joe is out and probably was always set to be the fall guy for poor economic performance/deficit issues, and the religious tough man morrison is in... le sigh.