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  1. ...I've deleted most of my post and I'm outta here! Nice forum except for a few assholes. Its not my sort of thing though. Sorry bout all the blank posts, I've notified admin. Bye.
  2. machineelf

    $250au giveaway..................DECIDED

    I'll chuck in $20 if its going to Nailthesnail. gotta redeem myself on this forum. make up for all the ranting.
  3. machineelf

    Help Harvesting and Sterilizing Orchid Seeds

    If you are wanting to sterilise them I'm guessing you want to grow them in tissue culture gel. If so, what I have read is you can use a 1% bleach solution to sterilise the unopened pods, soaking it for 20mins, then crack open the pod (in a flow hood or glove box) and spread the seeds out onto the gel. Or 3% to 5% hydrogen peroxide with 20g per litre sugar overnight will also sterilise the pods. but first rinse the pods under tap water for 5 mins. The seeds should be sterile inside the pod if it hasn't been damaged. That's all I got.
  4. I erased it before anyone replied to it. The last edit was at 9.34 but I erased it before then. Too bad you didn't quote me. Maybe next time. You probably were busy typing while I was.
  5. I did not "accuse the forum" of anything. Again you are making up stuff to try and make me look bad. What I said was along the lines of "some people here aren't respectful of newbies". There you go folks. Is that so bad? I did erase it straight after posting it and was only referring to foo anyway. I erased it before anyone replied to it. I didn't try to make anyone seem "insane". Foo you are just trying to aggravate me and people can see that. You don't come off as I nice bloke. Do you really expect me to converse with someone that has your attitude? You are always like that. I'd rather spend my time talking to others or watching paint dry. When I said "Do you join a mud fight if you don't want to get muddy? I was referring to you whingeing about where this thread has gone. If you don't like this mud fight then why are you in it? You can change the direction if you like and talk about symbols or whatever but instead you just moan about petty crap. I did answer the question you asked in your first post. I'm just going to ignore you from now on. Good bye.
  6. Dude start a new thread or talk in another one, whats your problem? You seem to have such a problem with me yet you keep talking to me like your obsessed.
  7. I am not good at voicing my opinions. I may sound preachy but I don't know how else to chat on a forum. Its 'alien' to me. I guess i'll piss off then.
  8. I haven't got any warnings from any mods yet. I don't see the harm. You have been contributing yet you don't like it? Sorry if its meant to be in chill space, I'm a newbee. it started off as a gripe and it sure is finishing that way.