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    Help with id

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  4. Darklight

    Flowhood from ebay review

    Yeah nah, I wouldn't. Says it's a vertical flow cabinet- so clean air is pushed from the top of the cabinet to the bottom Best flow cabinets for general contamination free cultures IMO are horizontal flow. Clean air is pushed from the back of the cabinet towards you, so if any contaminants are inadvertently transferred during work they will be blown away from the work surface towards the user Anyone here ever used a vertical flow cabinet for routine sterile culture transfer work? This link says it's possible, but I've not seen it in practice ever https://www.thermofisher.com/nl/en/home/references/gibco-cell-culture-basics/cell-culture-equipment/laminar-flow-hood.html
  5. Haha. no its the Sth East QLD highlands. Here's a little video I did yesterday :
  6. andros88

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    Taken! My offer: - 3x B. Caapi ourinhos cuttings for propagation - 1x wild harvested P. subaeruginosa spore print (for microscopy purposes only)
  7. MountainGoat

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    cheers totemgoat, i'll jump on that fo shiz... i'll offer 1 well established black kava plant (about 2 years old)... i'll get a photo in the morning
  8. Thats good to know, do you have any links for this to be 100% sure? / is each state different or is it all the same? EDIT: I've found this thread: see post 9: Regarding the importation into Australia, they are illegal. As for postage within Australia, they may be legal for microscopy purposes, BUT... would Using the defence of 'for microscopy purposes only' stand up at all in court once they've searched a house, found tools used to cultivate mushrooms and also (most likely) no microscope? But then again I'm sure they have bigger fish to fry than a spore print through the mail.
  9. Pedro99

    MJ prescription

    Wow, that's stupid expensive! Hopefully it changes in the future. I've had friends travel to the US states where it's legal and heard its also really steep. Pretty crazy when it's one of the easiest plants to grow, sun and rain and the yields are huge.
  10. etherealdrifter

    Post your track of the day

  11. Always happy for a new fruit tree
  12. Infinity

    Share your art

    Bahahaha yes straight to the pool room. Nice work!
  13. bardo

    Share your art

    That's bloody awesome glaukus, I would be super proud of that art : ) lol Sorry about the sideways pic
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  15. ^ prints for microscopy purposes are not illegal
  16. Loads of things can happen, one of those unlikely events is that they’ve opened it up, even more unlikely that anyone would know what it actually is. Ive had things, like electronics, come from interstate and it’s taken up to 3-4 weeks. Delay in postage, delay at the post office, etc can all add up. It might still turn up. Also im quite sure if it is a psilocybe spore print it is not legal here in Australia. Someone correct me if I am wrong. So it’s probably in your best interest to accept it as lost if it does not arrive.
  17. Halcyon Daze

    Wanted narrow leaf catha seeds or v white

    I got heaps of NL seed. PM me, or i'll pm you in a couple days. I'm late with a big ass assignment and It's killing me BAD! Anyone else too. but give me a couple days to respond properly
  18. od101010

    Wanted narrow leaf catha seeds or v white

    just need some narrow now. cheers
  19. Glaukus

    Share your art

    Alright finally think I'm done with this one. You can see it developed into something quite different in the end... Had to upload a low res, my camera phone makes all my pics around 10mb now.
  20. Insequent

    Youtube vids

  21. katu

    L. jourdaniana

  22. DiscoStu

    Youtube vids

    imo if prediluvian sea levels were much much lower than today, then it stands to reason that you would find megalithic ruins off the coast of many countries
  23. Phil Load

    In search of Acacia courtii

    I have messaged him but out of stock :-(
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  25. od101010

    Wanted narrow leaf catha seeds or v white

    bump any one have seeds available, narrow or v.white, cheers
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