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    Ids please

    Hey mate, first one is Stenocereus pruinosus, second one is Myrtillocactus geometrizans.
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  4. Louza8

    Ids please

    1. Cereus? 2. Cereus?
  5. Ethnoob

    Noob's cacti

    Well it's been about a month and I can't be arsed listing out all the names again but if you're well keen on finding out what's what the names are in the filenames
  6. I've been trying to I'd this pach for a while, pretty sure it was from sab probably around 10 years ago originally but not 100% as I didn't do much labelling back then and had a long break from doing much with the cacti. The only pics I've seen that are close I think was just called sab pach #2. I was confident all these pics were the same clone as it looks very different depending on the amount of sun etc. but now I'm not 100% either so thought it's time for some input. I included as many pics as I can Only had the first flower on one of them this last season too if that's a clue at all but most in good sun are fairly small. And hard to see but most of them are starting to show what looks like variagation (?) too
  7. AFAIK cannabis suppositories are best for some medical rather than recreational purposes (maybe) as the reports seem to be that they don’t produce much of a high. I haven’t read up on the actual real research on this, so I can’t say for sure. If there is an absorption/availability issue, I’m willing to bet that ppl here could solve the problem though. Bypassing the test by packing your THC gummies in a gel-cap though? This seems pretty straightforward, albeit a little less fun than taking the back road.
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  9. Hey mate, I'm also in Perth. Mainly chasing bulk stock atm, but would be cool to see photos of the rest of what you've got
  10. Teotzlcoatl

    "Sacred Holly" ~ The Ilex Genus

    I am really interested in finding Ilex kudingcha seeds.... but this seems very difficult.
  11. Cimi

    Psychedelics used in psychotherapy

    Thanks for posting this. I'd also been looking for the other article from 2017 linked in this one: https://www.abc.net.au/triplej/programs/hack/lsd-as-psychadelic-therapy/8452814
  12. Wow. I had never thought I'd read the words "cannabis" and "shelving" in the same breath...
  13. SoLiLuS

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Im aboard. Ill just have to remember to check here regularly. Starting to get enough stuff to do swapsies.
  14. ☽Ţ ҉ĥϋηϠ₡яღ☯ॐ€ðяئॐ♡Pϟiℓℴϟℴ

    Post your track of the day

  15. When questioned in general terms about the effectiveness of the police’s oral testing method in detecting different types of cannabis consumption, Dr Perl said: ‘if it is ingested it will disappear out of the oral fluid very rapidly, or if it is ingested in a capsule form it will not even be detected [at all]’. There is growing disquiet about the NSW drug driving testing regime. (file pic) The magistrate, David Heilpern said this evidence had ‘obvious implications for the efficacy of the state’s drug driving regime’. ‘The uncontradicted evidence of Dr Perl is unequivocally that if you take THC orally by capsule or by suppository then it is not possible to have a level of THC’ https://www.echo.net.au/2019/04/roadside-drug-testing-flaws-exposed-local-court-case/
  16. Responsible Choice

    Youtube vids

  17. Insequent

    Watch this space

    There are a few more players (in both camps) creating undercurrents in this process than we see in the media . Still, the momentum is picking up and this will happen a lot sooner than we all would have guessed a short time ago.
  18. Responsible Choice

    Watch this space

    An informative graphic re global cannabis status: https://www.drugscience.org.uk/worldwide-cannabis-policy-map
  19. Responsible Choice

    Watch this space

    In your lifetime, fo sho: https://independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/act-cannabis-bill-delayed-but-not-out,12592 The A.C.T. Cannabis Bill that was originally expected to pass in February this year has been referred to the Health Committee who are now conducting a formal inquiry into the Bill and all aspects of the proposed legislation. As a result of the referral to the committee, the legislation has been delayed till at least mid-year, unlikely to pass any sooner than the July 2019 sitting period now.
  20. Insequent

    Watch this space

  21. Last week
  22. Happy Bicycle Day all. One plant I was really impressed with over the heat was Hibiscus sabdariffa. I didn't know if it would do very well down here but it's pretty much everything I'm looking for in a plant over the warmer time of the year, it thrived in the crazy heat without being a pain to water. Easy to grow, super tough, high yielding as a medicinal and for food. First you get a barrage of beautiful aesthetic flowers then a continuous supply of calyx (albeit mine a little smaller than what I often see commercially) and leaf. The leaf is nice as a cooked/salad green (if you like lemon flavours) and if you want a hit of tasty sourish goodness, the calyx are nice even raw. Plants like this really do make your food your medicine. I have quite a bit of Roselle this year if anyone has interest in free seed soon (No WA/Tas), feel free to express interest. Actually after tips on the best way to collect the seeds, just let them ripen fully on the plant? if anyone has knowledge? I'm a bit conflicted, one source says "usually harvested ten days after the flower blooms. The large flowers fade and fall off, leaving behind their bright red, fleshy lotus shaped calyces. The Roselle flower seeds are then dried to be planted later and the fleshy red calyces are dried or eaten fresh." I've got lots of pods from when I was harvesting calyx - these viable or do the pods need more specific ripening time on the plant? Some permaculture people "definitely recommend planting Rosellas in the garden if you are in a warmer climate." [Good review on this plant] [2] Review on the pharmacology The plant showed antibacterial, anti-oxidant, nephro- and hepato-protective, renal/diuretic effect, effects on lipid metabolism (anti-cholesterol), anti-diabetic and anti-hypertensive effects among others. [3] Using the leaf as a cooked green: Hibiscus sabdariffa is "high in essential nutrients required for optimal performance of health and the maintenance of good health together with the reduction of aging". 10 polyphenols including chlorogenic acids, quercetin, kaempferol etc were identified in the leaves along with good levels of carotenoids showing good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity Hibiscus derived polyphenols are known to ameliorate various inflammation-related conditions, including obesity. The mechanism includes the regulation of energy metabolism, oxidative stress and inflammatory pathways, transcription factors, hormones and peptides, digestive enzymes, as well as epigenetic modifications [4] It can be considered as a food rich in lutein, chlorogenic acids and anthocyanins [5]. The organic acids such as hibiscus, dimethyl hibiscus, and hydroxycitric acid were strongly associated with some beneficial health effects [6]. A preliminary study on the use of this as an alternative source of iron for the treatment of anaemia and some other mineral deficiency diseases was promising Different works have demonstrated that Hibiscus sabdariffa extracts reduce blood pressure in humans - this effect is due to angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor activity [7]. The polyphenol content in H. sabdariffa works as an anti-inflammatory by improving antioxidant conditions and regulating the expression of cyclooxygenase-2 [8]. Other Hibiscus anthocyanins have anti-depressant properties through dopaminergic, adrenergic and serotonergic mechanisms [9] . Possibly Effective for: Hibiscus flower normalises blood pressure and exerts a protective effect on the heart. New research is underscoring the possibility of using hibiscus to normalise blood sugar. Reports have shown that H. sabdariffa derived bioactive compounds are potent in the treatment of obesity with an evident reduction in body weight, inhibition of lipid accumulation and suppression of adipogenesis through the PPARγ pathway and other transcriptional factors [10] Low doses of Roselle tea or supplements appear to be effective in reducing blood pressure, and may be anti-diabetic. High blood pressure. Some early research shows that drinking hibiscus tea for 2-6 weeks decreases blood pressure in people with mildly high blood pressure. Other early research shows that taking a hibiscus extract by mouth for 4 weeks may be as effective as the prescription drug captopril for reducing blood pressure in people with mild to moderate high blood pressure. However, an analysis of results from various clinical studies suggests that there is not enough evidence to draw strong conclusions about the effects of hibiscus in reducing high blood pressure [11]. Also heaps of Ashwagandha seed still left.
  23. Hi mate, do you have photos? I'm in Perth. Thanks. Edited for replies
  24. Pedro99

    Wanted prints for microscopy

    I tried ordering some online but nothing came. If anyone wants cash (don't really have anything to trade) for some please let me know, I just got a new microscope.
  25. Hey I'm getting a bit overcrowded, have many varieties and clones, bulk PC. Hit me up if you're after anything. Have Knuth, patch, bridge, Peru, tersch, Cuzco scop x psycho0 psycho0 x yowie lance ss02 x juuls giant psycho0 greedo nice blue Peru forgotten name. not really interested in postage unless someone wants a big lot. the TPC X juuls monstrose cuttings I will post if good offer is made, beautiful plant that keeps surprising, has grown greatly and I have multiple cuts now. thanks
  26. anton_

    Post a random picture thread

    When the salvia hits
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