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  2. How old are these seedlings if you don't mind me asking? I have a couple hundred of a few different types of Tricho that look just a little younger than yours and are 2 and a half months old. *I find that grafting to pereskiopsis works best at around the 1-2 month mark bc of size issues(unless you have very large peres)*
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  4. Sure thing @Sallubrious Thats generous of you! Ill pm you my address shortly.
  5. Wise men learn more listening to fools than fools do listening to wise men.
  6. That's about the stage where the king parrots start to take notice of mine and move in for the free raspberry jam flavoured goodness. I have a bunch of narrow phyllode acuminata seed just about ready now if anyone wants any.I couldn't be fucked mailing out seeds though, so if anyone wants to forward them on I can send nice bag of them to spread around. Edit: sorry to hijack your thread @Gimli I'd be happy send a batch to you that could throw in with your seeds when you send them out if you want.
  7. Nice- must try that sometime I'm prolly not thinking this through properly, but I figure the commercial products w encapsulation directly penetrate leaf surface- once sprayed on they germinate. I have no idea if this is accurate. Spraying live unprotected log phase colonies onto plants even in low light might not be as effective as the light shock, sudden exposure to air etc. could kill them Might work straight into soil tho. Hmmmm... Duckweed... nice idea, thank you! That way I can avoid all those tedious petri dishes and centrifuging and resuspension and optical density measurements and just go straight to the guts of it- ie does it give visible growth results I don't mind re-application as that way I can be certain that precious plants will be OK, especially if I can make an ongoing supply for practically nothing. So competitor organisms aren't an issue Positive control will be commercial blend treatment. Negative controls will be untreated Duckweed, and the fert blend minus the Trichoderma. Space limitations mean the number of repeats per variable will be limited to 2-3 and I don't want to be running more than 10-15 duckweed containers for more than 2 months. Dammit I'll need to randomise their placement to make sure that light differences aren't fudging results :/ Hmmm, won't have time to do this before EGA. Still open to other improvements or teks while we're thinking about it Thanks heaps Crop!
  8. There is going to be so fucking much seed
  9. Iv'e never tried cactus in aquaponics so I thought i'd give it a go. Started with a rooted dragon fruit and a Peres cutting. This beds are fed from a red claw crayfish tank, which I think should have a better nutrient profile for cactus, but I'm still worried the nitrates might be too high. I planted lots of cutting of Okinawan Spinich and Aibika in an attempt to soak up the excess nitrates. Have to see how it goes.
  10. It has been a while since I posted in here With a recent purchase, the seller chucked in this Ceylon spinach (Talinum fruticosum). Will divide it up soon A kind and generous user sent these little Datura metel seedlings express. They arrived last Wednesday and had to sit in the parcel facility overnight as I missed getting there by 5pm. I wasn't sure they were going to make it but they have come back to life Gastrolobium stenophyllum and parviflorum seedlings. A little etiolated even though they are in filtered shade. Hopefully they will come good. Stenophyllum is on the priority 3 list. Picked up this Vienna White x Narrow leaf today. That little sucker has one tiny root and will be removed in a few weeks when it's more capable of supporting itself. My PlantHelper throwing some nice new shoots. Super happy with it. I want to break one branch that you see trailing to the side and jam it in soil. Hmmm 2 red leaf var and 1 planthelper cuttings. Top left was a little small and somehow was buried after an earlier repot, but it is still alive. Very hard plant. My TBM family. Love these guys Pachanoi 'Yowie'. I got the mid cut there from Alienteaparty a few years ago when I was around more often. It came with a small pup which has since been removed and is actually behind this pup on it's own roots. Mostly PC in the background, but I don't give a fuck. Tricho is tricho. Some years ago I picked up a small rooted crown cut from someone up in the hills of Perth. I wish I had of got the other one he was selling. I was told it is a Scop x Super Pedro. The crown removed from the bit in the picture is around 70cm now. Chunky as. Cuzco pupping like a weed. You can see the one in the background also has 2 new pups. This year alone I have approx 20 new cuzco pups alone Picked up 2x Psychotria 'Nexus'. The mother plant was flowering which is why this also. Whether it will actually throw seed, I don't know? Doubt it? I cut a few leaves and put them in some 'premium potting mix' inside a humidity dome as a test. I have other leaves incoming and I was told to use sphagnum moss, so see how it goes. All a learning curve for me Picked up this B caapi 'Caupuri' knotted caapi as some people call it Also got this B Caapi 'Tucunaca' That's all for now Edit: spelt parviflorum wrong lol missed the v
  11. Leptospermum ruprstre prostrate Edit-
  12. The harvest has halved in ten years, I hope this is as a result of sustanable farming and not a decline in wild stock.
  13. I have 2 pots of new sprouts which came up over the weekend. Any WA folk interested in some when they are a wee bit older?
  14. I enjoy growing natives, particularly those on priority lists of WA's Dept Parks and Wildlife (Florabase) Aug 19 Nov 19 These trees have a beautiful silver tinge to its branches and fruits, hence the common name of Silver Princess. Sometimes it's closer to white.. I have some fruits ripening at the moment if anyone would like some seed. Free of course.
  15. Gave some of my jam seedlings a cracked Sandalwood nut. Will keep under indirect light and a little moisture to mimic good rains around the April time Planted another seedling with a self sown Sandalwood seedling that I removed from the ground about 4-5 weeks ago? Hopefully it latches on. Host isn't one year old but not too worried.
  16. I'd like some acuminata seeds please
  17. One possable, simple experiment could be cups of nutrient solution in a controled enviroment, with the only variable between cups being the concentration and preperation of the trichoderma. Float a single Lemna minor in each cup and count how much it multaplies over a week or 2. This will give you a baseline on if Trichs effect plant growth in isolation. More important will be how it reacts with other organisms in your garden. for this you could culture several dishes of your local slime mold and see what it takes to kill it. Maybe you need to add another strain that can handle the cold so you don't need to keep reaplying?
  18. Thank you for the update Trucha.
  19. Hi Darklight, interesting stuff, please let us know how you go. I use Psudomonas for similar results. I haven't used Trichoderma before but, being a fungus, your plan on upscaling in a sterile liquid sounds like the right way to go. I assume the malt is because you plan on giving the trich a chance to colonise before spraying?
  20. Hey mate, I have a Yowie that is about to flower.
  21. This fella used to be a great scientist. Unfortunatly ever since he discovered fame, a taste for wealth and dare I say religion, he no longer does the hard work needed to prove his possibly briliant ideas. I don't agree with RakeWielder that all Ted Talks are stupid but, despite making some good points, this one is. He is trying to be smart by duplicating the same template used to denounce creationism but instead turning it back against science. However he has chosen sensationalism over facts and even contradicts him self. For instance the consciousness thing, which he claims is not accepted by science, then he goes on to say "recent ur experimental research actually show that it is real" Yet aren't these very researchers that are doing all the hard work trying to prove the theory, the same scientist he is making a lot of money criticising.
  22. Trich and other microfungal/ bacterial components have, for me, increased yield and decreased disease in a few species. Also used them for increasing strike rate with unknown success- I don't have a controlled climate seedling house so am at the mercy of the elements which tend to be a bigger factor overall I've used a few commercial Trich blends with great success but it's getting exxy. There have been a range of other components from Azotobacter to fucked-if-I-can-remember-I-lost-the-labels. Trich is by far my favourite ingredient and has been the constant. Bunch of mechanisms, many of which I don't understand. A couple which stand out in my specific experience are: I have a species with a strong tendency to die of fungal disease when stressed. When I foliar fertilise regularly with a Trich blend, the mortality rate for this species drops to almost 0%. Just an hypothesis, but I'm figuring the parts of the plant prone to environmental fungal infection are asymtomatic if infected with Trichoderma. The effect wears off if I fail to fertilise for a month or so- it's not a one-off treatment, there are competitor organisms ( I've got a locally isolated slime mould in-vitro which has the most fascinating battles with Trichoderma- when it's cool the Trich takes over the substrate and the slime mould retreats or is eaten- when it warms up the Trich is eaten and the slime mould grows super rapidly- fascinating to watch, happens over hours ). My tentative conclusion is the Trich in the soil succumbs to the slime mould and similar at low temps, allowing the local bloody pestilence to attack my plants if overwhelming amounts of Trich isn't re-introduced regularly Trich apparently evokes a mild stress response in plants, just enough to make them grow in response. No references, just something I've read Then there's the whole microfungi nutrient breakdown, saving plant roots some work in accessing them I would totally recommend trying this on at least some of your species- just a sample, no more than 30% of your stock on any species so you have some left if they don't like it
  23. Anyone? Orbital shaker is on, I can easily run a scale-up on what I have, maybe make 100ml using malt extract + some sterile liquid fert components so it's not as much of a shock to the culture when I dilute it with non-sterile liquid nutes to spray Or does Trich need to be added as encapsulated spores ( ie commercial preparation ) directly into liquid nutes cos it only works as a foliar spray that way- throwing log phase sterile cultures into a non-sterile mix could potentially shock em to death? I can't even imagine an experiment around this which would be facile and robust
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