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  1. Hey I've got a large surplas of T. spachianus. Great grafting stock. Heaps of healthy pieces, mids, tops and a few bare rooted plants of assorted sizes. Quite a nice cultivar which goes blue in the shade with golden spines. Happy to trade for all sorts. Mad Love!
  2. Hey I've got a large surplas of T. spachianus. Great grafting stock. Heaps of healthy pieces.. mids, tops and a few bare rooted plants of assorted sizes. Quite a nice cultivar which goes blue in the shade with golden spines. Cheap! just let me know how much you want. 50% of sales go to server costs West Victoria, near Wombat State Forest for anyone that wants to pickup. Mad Love! P.S. I'll post pictures tomorrow when the sun comes up.
  3. Lorax

    Should I give up on Caapi seeds?

    Yup I had good success with seeds from herbalistics.. was 100% germination rate if I remember right. I had them in one of those little trays with a plastic lid on a heat mat under fluro's on a 18/6 cycle. Way too late for you zuess but just wanna say they work.. tried seed from other vendors with zero luck. P.S. I lost 80% of my seedlings trying to acclimatize them to regular conditions outside the bubble. Lost the other 20% to cats walking in seedling trays and user error. :/
  4. Lorax

    Cactus collection for sale

    Interested in some cuts, namely Norma, Bruce and Eilleen.. possibly some other stuff if still available. Can come pick up.
  5. Lorax

    Cacti 4 Sale

    Just a little too slow If there is anymore nothink getting around hit me up ^^
  6. Lorax

    Acacia courtii seed (or tubestock)

    Small amount of seed I could part with, willing to trade for something interesting. Collected in the wild, sustainable practice observed.
  7. Lorax

    Plant sale

  8. Hey sketchykid, I'm interested in the caapi roots, maybe some other offerings too. I'll be up in brisbane around the end of next week.
  9. Lorax


    Heya family, I haven't been smoking the tobacco generally available for health reasons I believe relate to the radioactive super phosphates and the concurrent radioactive isotopes which transferred to the plant seem to become more bio-available when combusted. After about a year or so I feel like i am ready to start working with this plant ally again although this time I would like to make sure it is grown in a healthier environment. If anyone had viable seed for any species they enjoy smoking I would love to offer you some special goodies or money in exchange. Thanks in advance, Much Love~
  10. Lorax


    Oh wow cheers Bardo, sending you through a pm now.
  11. Lorax

    Lophophora and chickens

    They will eat your trichos Niggles!, probably the buttons too but I can't say for sure. Had one of my brigdesii(E. lageniformis) pecked right down to the core before a friend caught the little cacti assailant, not sure if he is going to make it. The cactus that is, the little feathery fiend lives another day and i guess you could say for the best , such tasty eggs. We have 2 awesome chickens but at the moment they only get let out under supervision. I'm not sure how else to keep them away from the cacti, except maybe fencing. If the dance works friend you will have to make a youtube vid or something teaching everyone
  12. Hey Eddy, I am very keen if still possible.
  13. Lorax

    N. Rustica Giveaway

    Any odd seed still lying around? would love to sow this species, even just a few.
  14. Lorax

    Tobacco seeds giveaway (Shirazi)

    Very keen if there are any left
  15. Lorax

    brugmansia sanguinea seed

    Heya Bogfrog, Would love a chance at growing this beautiful plant if you collect any more. Much Love.
  16. Lorax

    Bad news about KTBotanicals and Kiwiboancaya

    Not sure if i should be posting about another seed supplier on the SAB forum. PM me for details on where to get Alica Anisopetala seeds.
  17. Lorax

    Vic gov to look for big cats

    Interesting, spoke to a lot of people around halls gap while I was living there that had absolutely no doubt very very large black cats were stealing lambs and other various misdeads but nothing that made me order a set of night vision gogles to stake out some bait. Also I've personally seen angry huge australianized feral's, one atleast that would of almost reached my knees, me being roughly 6ft, scary shit
  18. I've always believed the best place to look for the records is within, just thinking of it in terms of a system that can never be destroyed, keeps compiling through no direct influence and is almost infinite it keeps bringing me back to our DNA. Incredibly condensed and complex, also we already know it stores all the information it needs to recreate itself perfectly, and all that information is stored within 4 tiny cells at one point, it's something that transcends time through the miracle of mitosis, also it's proven that every plant in a rainforest is connected through a web of mycelium, i believe on some level we are also connected in a similar way, non locally which could explain a lot just a thought. ps. no time for read through, may be inconsistent babble, will check tonight
  19. Lorax

    Melbourne Meet Celebrate Spring!!!!

    Definitely going to make it to this one I'm flexible as can be, buuut wouldn't mind it being on the 23rd as it just a few days off my day of ze birth . Also can't wait to put a few faces to some of the beautiful souls lurking the sab halls
  20. Lorax

    Thee Truth About Hair

    Is what conventional science says, but I've had personal experience with dramatically increased growth speed after a trim, i think that shows some sort of communication between the tip of the hair and the follicle and yeh you might say that it's stimulating the follicle directly by pulling on the hair during cutting but i definitely do not get the same effect from a rigorous brush.
  21. Lorax

    First subs of 2012 season

    Om nom nom, nice mud. Thought i felt that etheral tug, bit early, not complaining
  22. Lorax

    Little give away

    I would love any of these seeds, my family is still quite small, but growing Awesome idea for chrissy time btw.