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  1. I'd be happy to put any non-pc like Trichocereus in the ground, no scopulicola, spachianus either. Apart from that happy to grow on and give cuts back in time ( Near Sydney relatively)
  2. Thank you all for making it what it was. Couldn't have been better, a wonderful tribute, location and bunch of people (less nangs may have been better)
  3. I've got a place we could have the meet. Not quite the hunter, but on the way. It would mean no noobs though, just because that would be too stressful
  4. Thanks for the proton mail review. Had heard of it, but not looked into it. I can't see it not being picked up by the masses, looks like a good product:)
  5. It will be most sad if the lesson people take away from this is to not have people over to their houses!
  6. Now probably isn't the time, but anyway! Since you mentioned it, not being attached to things doesn't mean you can't have things you like or love around, it just means accepting things come and go.
  7. That sucks, sorry to hear I had one plant stolen and that sucked enough! You probably don't want to start again in the same spot? Happy to donate when and where you do though
  8. I'll put my hand for the Saturday if the date is still being decided. Look forward to the meet
  9. How about wingello, probably some fungi around, and other things to look at. Good for fire, camping out etc, just need to pick a date and hopefully some people can make it! Any other ideas?
  10. Leave it and see what happens. Would suspect it will head towards the light rather than trying to get through the roof, interesting though
  11. Something for the weekend before or after bicycle day? Without or without bicycle I suppose. Any interest or suggestion?
  12. Unfortunately I'm going to have to miss out I have to go to a 70th birthday lunch at 1pm. If anyone wants to make a night of it I'd head down, or something in Sydney?
  13. Yep:) I will endeavour to be there. Looking forward to it!
  14. I'm probably going to catch the train in so perhaps a lift from some kind person would be good! Looking forward to it!
  15. I may be able to make the cemetery, I know I have some busy weeks in Oct, but I haven't kept a good diary! Would be good to do an old fashioned sit down camp out sometime soon