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  1. toby

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Should rustle one up if interstate visitors are coming!
  2. toby

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Thanks for the tip niggles, hopefully I will get along to it ʘ‿ʘ
  3. Yes I'd like to come along (•‿•) Sounds good!
  4. toby

    Camellia sinensis

    Looking for plants or propagation material, trade cactus or cash. Thank you
  5. toby

    Camellia sinensis

    Thank you! Love accepted:) I found some plants already, so don't need cuttings anymore. Cheers though, should have remembered I had this request out there!
  6. toby

    Bridgesii nat

    Yes, that's how remember it
  7. I understand the point. But in the garden when they were of God, unified, they were the world they inhabited and knew God. The knowledge they receive, which casts them as isolated entities, separate from God and nature isn't really that great a liberation. They already had the choice to eat the fruit, the serpent wasn't really presenting any great gift. I guess rebellion is honorable enough to be it's own reward
  8. I think that's the general idea. The struggle through separation, then choosing unity
  9. The cartographer is the instrument of power as the author of that order, reducing reality to only two conditions: the map and oblivion. The cartographer’s truth crystallizes the message that Google and all surveillance capitalists must impress upon all humans: if you are not on our map, you do not exist. From The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, Seemed somewhat related to this thread
  10. That's great. Thanks for your opinion about the track I'm on
  11. There is God, unloved, and not integrated, but that is still God. Also, I am still trying to finish reading it so I should have no opinion actually
  12. I think Jesus is a mushroom, and mushrooms are Jesus, in that that sometimes some people will find God through them. As for people doing fucked up things and being intolerant, fucked up people with all kinds of beliefs are like that
  13. Fear, guilt, shame are products manufactured by a lack of love. I don't know that this is necessarily a Bible problem. Words and understanding may not be the best tools for working on wounded spirit or feelings.
  14. In any case I recommend this book. I'm only new, but so far I think Spirit is easier to navigate than the word. Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes: Cultural Studies in the Gospels https://g.co/kgs/oA4rwF
  15. I'm the furthest thing from a Bible scholar. Just for curiosity sake, are you looking to the Bible for solutions?
  16. toby

    Looking for Ogunbodede´s Pachanoi

    There's one on ebay
  17. toby

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Isn't this a noob friendly kind of thing?
  18. toby

    Chavin Herbalists - Ordering Saga

    Also, from what I understand about structure of this operation, it's not actually Huan who does the collection, packaging, labelling, shipping etc. I think everybody involved has the best of intentions, but as I said above, it's just a little rustic. If you want these seed it's the only option.
  19. toby

    Chavin Herbalists - Ordering Saga

    Definitely not catfish. It is just a bit complex
  20. toby

    Chavin Herbalists - Ordering Saga

    I have received everything I've ordered from them, it is a hard road though. Very grateful for the seed I have received, the customer service and logistics side of things is just a little rustic
  21. toby

    Cacti need a home in Sydney

    I'd be happy to put any non-pc like Trichocereus in the ground, no scopulicola, spachianus either. Apart from that happy to grow on and give cuts back in time ( Near Sydney relatively)
  22. Thank you all for making it what it was. Couldn't have been better, a wonderful tribute, location and bunch of people (less nangs may have been better)
  23. toby

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    I've got a place we could have the meet. Not quite the hunter, but on the way. It would mean no noobs though, just because that would be too stressful
  24. toby

    Encrypted Messengers

    Thanks for the proton mail review. Had heard of it, but not looked into it. I can't see it not being picked up by the masses, looks like a good product:)