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  1. I got myself a digital piano and trying to learn from scratch. Been exploring skinning and treating skins, not sure where i am going with that yet, but it has inspired me to try and explore hunting. I think i want to hunt feral goat and deer as a food source. So going to the local gun club open day and see where that leads (any advice or suggestions on this exploration or any of them most welcome) .. Im sure i do other things.. Oh we are currently planning a hothouse for the cactus babies.
  2. $350 Also... When does the auction end?
  3. And i got several didges for $20 each on gumtree.
  4. Nice. I got a nose flute once when looking online for jaw harps and dan mois.
  5. Ill take it! I will offer: Ghost naga chilli seeds Carolina reaper chilli seeds Cambodian chilli seeds Datura (white) seeds Lophophora seeds ... Thats it for now. Will put some more up if i think of anything.
  6. What have you found so far? This guy makes multuple world instruments from bamboo for relatively cheap. Gumtree is a good place to keep a regular eye out.
  7. Actually it shows up right at the bottom of the page where i least expected it
  8. Ahh.. Doesnt show up on my phone. Ill see if i can find another device.
  9. Hey @Torsten, I havent found donation details anywhere, but i am using my phone and can barely type on this thing. Could you let me know if you would like them in advance? Otherwise i can bring some to camping.
  10. Hi folks, I want to plant out the rocvering sites on my property with acacias. Preferably phleb, courtii and obtusifolia. Anyone help? Thanks!
  11. yeah shes pretty inspired. And lives with me in the bush. Amazing tolerant and creative. Win. (Did I mention shes going to marry me?)
  12. Hey folks, my parter jess is being part of a local art exhibition here in northern rivers at lennox head on Thursday. Any support would be most welcome. This is the event: This is Jess: If you would like a cheap ticket just let me know we can sort it out
  13. theres some more updates for your enjoyment@ lots of photos this time.
  14. Hey just wondering if anyone else here loves mysterious universe. If yu haven't heard of it it is an podcast from some aussie dudes focussing on strange or paranormal events and information. Theyre not true believers or total skeptics, they explore details of the ridiculous and the more plausible. It is often funny and sometimes very thoughtful and thought provoking. I have become fully hooked. They provide links to info on everything they cover from ufos bigfoot, government conspiracies, to new info on gut bacteria and how artificial fragrances can be toxic. So much entertainment. Get into it