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  1. niggles

    Wanted : decorative salvias and beautiful brugmansias

    Cool well pm me details and I'll try and root a cutting for ya
  2. niggles

    Wanted : decorative salvias and beautiful brugmansias

    Hi there! Thanks so much for replying! I just got microphylla! Apparently it has been used traditionally as a tea using the leaves to help with emotional trauma! Sounds like good stuff. If you. Would like any purple salvia I'll send you a cutting:) I've also lost my salvia salvia so I'd love to resource that again...
  3. niggles

    Wanted : decorative salvias and beautiful brugmansias

    Hi folks! Still on the lookout for salvias and brugs. Can do nice swapsies have many things to offer.
  4. niggles

    Wanted: Stapelia & Huernia cuttings of all kinds

    Hey I have some gigantia I can send you. Have another too but not sure what it is, waiting for the flower to open. I'd be interested in other stapelia if you have any
  5. niggles

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    Ok I'll take it! And offer: Acacia accuminata seed Mixed acacia seed - accuminata, courtii obtusifolia Loph seed Mixed trich seed Maybe other things I can find
  6. niggles

    Bulk cactus wanted

    Hey thanks for the reply, I could be interested in some of them, ideally I'd be interested in fat logs, but if you wanted to send me some pics I'd get back to you o. That.
  7. niggles

    Bulk cactus wanted

    Hi folks, looking to bulk out my collection in a serious way. Im in NSW near the qld border but definitely willing to travel for a mutually beneficial exchange. Would really like peru or bridge. If you know anyone who could help let me know. Get in touch!
  8. niggles

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Hi guys this is on in Brisbane tomorrow at 2pm if you're keen. https://fantasticfungi.com/screenings/
  9. niggles

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Silky oak picnic area is currently under roadworks. I'm at hoop pine which is next closest picnic area
  10. I collected from each of these guys. The underside looks very different to @teamwhy photos. Very white and many irregular shaped pores.
  11. niggles

    Shoutout to the firies

    The fruit has very thick flesh and I took large sample so you could easily get middle bits that are not exposed to the environment
  12. niggles

    Shoutout to the firies

    I took 9 large samples wrapped in paper towel collected with sterile mushroom knife stored in new takeaway containers ready and waiting for you. They come with gps coordinates time and date and photos of original fruiting bodies with a foot for scale. Let me know what you want me to do with it
  13. niggles

    Shoutout to the firies

    @Darklight this is between sidha farm and Wallace Rd.. So the containment line.