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  1. Hi folks, I want to plant out the rocvering sites on my property with acacias. Preferably phleb, courtii and obtusifolia. Anyone help? Thanks!
  2. yeah shes pretty inspired. And lives with me in the bush. Amazing tolerant and creative. Win. (Did I mention shes going to marry me?)
  3. Hey folks, my parter jess is being part of a local art exhibition here in northern rivers at lennox head on Thursday. Any support would be most welcome. This is the event: This is Jess: If you would like a cheap ticket just let me know we can sort it out
  4. theres some more updates for your enjoyment@ lots of photos this time.
  5. Hey just wondering if anyone else here loves mysterious universe. If yu haven't heard of it it is an podcast from some aussie dudes focussing on strange or paranormal events and information. Theyre not true believers or total skeptics, they explore details of the ridiculous and the more plausible. It is often funny and sometimes very thoughtful and thought provoking. I have become fully hooked. They provide links to info on everything they cover from ufos bigfoot, government conspiracies, to new info on gut bacteria and how artificial fragrances can be toxic. So much entertainment. Get into it
  6. So my friend will be in melbourne from the 6th so anytime from then would be great
  7. sorry for slow reply ... i lost this thread, then thought I had a lift organised for her, but it turns out I dont.. I will ask her and let you know
  8. Are you all psyched for this? Finally after years of waitingits back outdoors. Thisevent has been the highlight of the year for me in the past. I'm looking forward to meeting my community again. Seriously if you haven't been or are unsure about attending, make the investment. You just don't get to meet this group of people together at the same time in other circumstances.
  9. dont fig tease me! wha types you got ?
  10. that was really wonderful! Such a good group of people. Glad to see each and every one of you and share the plants and food. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to get to hang with younall when im down.
  11. im on way but will be a little late
  12. yeah its very nice and i enjoy their faux meats see you at the gardens
  13. yes there is a meet on this saturday -i will be in the gardens from around midday. also having dinner at loving hut from around 645 tomorrow address below if you wanna come! 377-379 High St, Northcote VIC 3070
  14. That is a fine suggestion! It took me a while to find the sig option but there it is I am glad you enjoy. Imiss you! Ilove you all for being here!
  15. Ok so march update is up, photo heavy this month