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  1. For what its worth, I do a lot of my grafts at the 2 week mark. Whatever you practice you will become good at. Don't limit yourself if you don't have to. Practice what you know how to do well, but always stretch the limits of what you are comfortable with if you want to improve. Grafting is like riding a bike, but it is also about consistency. The more you do it and the more frequently you graft the better your skills will become. This is why I try to graft a seedling each day. Many days I will graft more than one seedling.
  2. You got me my friend. I received all of the grafting stock you see before you as Pereskiopsis, but some of it is variegated, some of it is very thick and can grow considerably thicker than my variegated stuff.
  3. Here are a few more pictures taken today to show my bog-ponics. Water is a little low today, but you can see the algae growth and the water line. I removed some growths from some of my grafts and noticed some of my favorites have started to take off. Huarazensis (pachanoi) 50%, Scopulicola 25% and 25% red grandi... what is not to love with this hybrid? That is why I grafted 100% of what sprouted for me from that cross. Another one I grafted 100% of the seedlings that sprouted, Peru Clyde x Zelly5. As you can see, they are starting to pop as well. Spent a few hours making sure all these grafts in particular looked okay today. And QuatroThunderCat is looking good as well. This little girl definitely has something else going on.You can make out a faint line going through her midsection making me think she is perhaps not a true quatrocotyledon, but perhaps a conjoined twin. Natures graft in a seedling. I find it nice that even mother nature appears to want to help me graft.
  4. I don't use heavy nitrates as a general rule. Heavy P-K yes, but for nitrates I tend to rely on dilute fish emulsion and blood meal. Blood meal I work into the soil along with bone meal. I've been growing my Trichocereus this way with no ill effects other than one of my grafts has aerial roots. Still, its nothing I can point my finger at and say that the bog-ponics did it. I allow the water to rise up enough that you can see the water on the soil my Pereskiopsis grafts are in when it is at its highest point. I have trays that many of my other grafts sit in with the same and the main problem I have had is with the algae that grows in the smaller containers where the grafts are moved less frequently. My soil stays perpetually wet if not drenched this way as sometimes I'll forget and let the water drop down to just a few centimeters of depth. Another reason I keep 5 gallon containers of water in my green house is to quickly top up those trays that hold the water for my cacti. Suffice it to say my Trichocereus on their own roots are in much taller containers so they have considerably less water hitting their containers on a consistent basis. I have too many grafts right now to keep them all in this bog-ponics system without doing some construction work or buying some more perfectly shaped containers, but yes... it does seem to work great for those that I can keep growing that way. I did have one panic attack when I first started growing this way and that happened because my Pereskiopsis actually started to shrivel a bit in the water after some time of being placed in the water. I took them all out of the water and let them dry out for a bit and then tried again. I haven't had the issue again since then. I suspect it had to do with getting used to being in so much water all the time. A period of adjustment was needed would be my guess.
  5. I frequently grow in bog-ponics. If you look to the left of the answer to everything grafts you can see about 2 inches of water that I let my grafts sit in. That picture was taken today. Along with this picture of two variegates... one never seen before, all grown by seed.
  6. The only variety I know is strong or weak. If it is strong and grows well then it survives. If it is weak and grows poorly then it gets culled. I don't need bug magnets.
  7. With close to 400 grafts done in the past month alone and another few hundred grafts in the works... I'm just playing the odds. Not that having excellent genetics doesn't help things along. I'm finally at the point where I have realized I will soon have close to 1000 grafts in the span of just a few months time and as they all involve seedlings. So that is a little bit of genetic variation to add to the already large pool we have here.
  8. Update on this girl
  9. From the album Trichocereus Freaks

    Hybrid Zelly seedling
  10. From the album Trichocereus Freaks

    Hybrid Zelly seedling
  11. From the album Trichocereus Freaks

    Hybrid Zelly seedling