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  1. Inyan

    Grafting Stock Pros/Cons

    Pachanoi is most assuredly suited for small seedlings and small areoles to boot....
  2. Lophophora w. x L. fricii from KoehresSorry, I was getting impatient waiting for mine to grow.
  3. Looks like growth is stalling with lows in the mid 30's and highs in the low to mid 40's at night. Still, I thought I'd share a few pictures so you guys didn't think I forgot about this thread. Just not much to show when its this cold out.
  4. Halloween grafting... Halloween grafting.m4v no glasses and just slits to see through.
  5. Inyan

    The Sowing Out Thread

    I won't bore you with a long list. Instead, one very high quality cross that I am extremely excited about.... In the cup of water as we speak.
  6. Inyan

    Post your track of the day

  7. Lophophora williamsii x Lophophora fricii 21 OCT18 26 days
  8. For me at least, I think it would help to identify L. jourdaniana var. mammilaria when compared to Lophophora jourdaniana. I mean, I get the difference in the name, but for me... it helps to see a lot of pictures showing the differences as sometimes they are subtle to me. Could be I just need more exposure though.
  9. Quick questions for you @MountainGoat 1. Did you graft yours? 2. Were yours sourced from Koehres? 3. Why not post here now? I love to see seedlings as they progress through their stages. Or am I just a little nutty that way? At any rate, I'd love to see a bunch of different Lophophora jourdaniana var. mammilaris on a single thread. Especially so if there is any variation from seedling to seedling or if sourced from a place other than Koehres.
  10. Inyan

    Pruning Trichocereus roots

    I have literally grow many of my Trichocereus in a bog without ever trimming their roots. In fact, growing in a bog like that tends to stunt their roots. If your roots are root bound, it is common practice to cut through them or untangle them so as to free them up, but I can't see doing anything more than that. Light pinch off the bottom of the roots or and run your fingers through the sides of the roots. If the roots are too small to do that you can use another tool like a chopstick, etc. This applies to other plants besides just cacti as well. If you want to prune your Astrophytum tap roots on the other hand go right ahead as I have seen Astrophytum grown hydroponically that way as it is the finer roots that you need in home cultivation.
  11. The simple answer is because that is how it was labeled when I purchased it. LOPHOPHORA jourdaniana 10K - v mammilaris 10K (3185) https://www.koehres-kaktus.de/shop/Cactus-seeds/Lophophora---1_364-2.html or LOPHOPHORA jourdaniana 10K (4930) https://www.koehres-kaktus.de/shop/Cactus-seeds/Lophophora---1_364.html Mammilaris though... refers to nipples so you know I had to have it.
  12. Lophophora jourdaniana var. mammillaris on 20 OCT 18 day 2 Note, rained today and as I keep my grafts outdoors this time of year graft was fully drenched.
  13. Inyan

    Crossing Cacti

    Just to consolidate... Koehres pollinations Lophophora williamsii Huizachex Lophophora koehresii Lophophora williamsii x Lophophora fricii Lophophora williamsii x Lophophora fricii f2 Lophophora koehresii x Lophophora fricii Lophophora koehresii x Lophophora diffusa Lophophora fricii El Amparox Lophophora koehresii Lophophora fricii x Lophophora diffusa Lophophora diffusa x Lophophora koehresii Kada Lophophora diffusa x Obregonia denegrii Other hybrids as per http://www.magicactus.com/lw_jourdaniana.html and other sources Lophophora williamsii x Mammilaria bocasana Lophophora williamsii x Mammilaria zeilmanniana Lophophora williamsii x Mammilaria Strombocactus disciformis Lophophora williamsii x Turbinicarpus pseudomacrochele Lophophora williamsii x Ariocarpus fissuratus Lophophora williamsii x Astrophytum asterias Lophophora williamsii x Epithelantha micromeris Lophophora jourdaniana Lophophora jourdaniana var. mammilaris Now, much of what I have found did not include locality information for specimens used in these crosses nor did they always include whether the specimen chosen was a self-fertile or not. Also note, there is not much information to be found on how these pollinations occurred. Was the flower emasculated first? Was a donor pollen or mentor pollen utilized? Was a cut style approach used? Given that often it is possible for a particular phenotype to be dominant over another was the cross carried out further to the f2 or even backcrossed to help bring out the recessive traits or was it just assumed the cross was successful without further breeding of the progeny? Were the progeny sterile thus making an f2 impossible to make?
  14. Lophophora williamsii x Lophophora fricii day 24