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  1. sprac

    Lophophora varieties

    Hey everyone, Is there a list anywhere specifying which varieties are southern and northern? I'm curious as I would like to get into pollination and it seems if I'm going to get just one or 2 varieties it would ake sense to get self pollinating ones... Sorry if this has been answered already.
  2. sprac

    Auxins and grafting

    Hey, So I was doing a bit of searching around today trying to get an idea of what ppm to use for inducing rooting with b-noa (napthoxyacetic acid ... spelling?) and IBA. I came across a couple papers where they studied the use of IBA in regards to grafting.... In the more interesting paper I found they used gymnocalycium mihanovichii as scion and trichocereus spachianus as stock... Here is a link : https://www.ajol.info/index.php/ajb/article/viewFile/101990/92036 I'm wondering if anyone has tried this with any cacti at all? Trichcocereus as scion would be interested but I don't see why this method wouldn't be able to be applied more or less for any grafting combination that works on its own... I've been getting better at grafting but still don't have anywhere near the success rate I would like, especially when it comes to bigger scions or crested or "areole" or "slab" scions... I just can't seem to get them to take... They always end up curling up and drying out or getting infected or SOMEthing... Anyways... anyone have experience with this? I think I'm going to try soaking a few seedling scion in IBA solution and see if the take rate is any higher.. May see if it gives me any help with a slab style graft too..
  3. sprac

    The Sowing Out Thread

    Sorry if this is a little off topic but.... Do you think a 75 watt "plant" light bulb would be too much light for germination and fry the seeds as they sprout? House is too cold now so I bought this light just yesterday to give them some warmth... It warms things up real nicely but now I'm worried it may be too much light for the first few days... I've noticed the first few days they seem to be better off in low light and then after maybe 3 -5 days moving to a bit more intense light is best... Nice inyan :D
  4. Hey, Just wanted to update this . I am going to be using 23 watt, 6500k CFLs for right now. I figure it is much cheaper than buying a t5 or anything else. I bought 8 bulbs for 20 dollars total and each bulb puts out about 2100 lumens. Now I'm just trying to rig up an efficient way to direct the light towards the plants...I'm going to be trying to clone out and graft some of my better specimens on to pereskiopsis so hopefully I will have a bunch of few inch clones by spring time. Will keep this updated.
  5. sprac

    Trichocereus BAP log

    Hey, So, I have never used BAP before... Like alot of things in the cacti growing department the information seems to be disparate and there's alot of different opinions.. Apparently it is normally used to induce pupping but there has been some conjecture as to use it to induce early flowering.. My question now is this... I have a couple small globular cacti grafted to pereskiopsis.. They were only sprouted from seed about 2 months ago.. A couple of them were eaten a little bit by caterpillars but survived with a few areoles still intact. They have been alive still now for weeks so clearly they are fine and the bigger one of the 2 seems to have grown, or swollen up, since it has been bit. So I'm assuming it is trying to pup. Would it be safe to use BAP on a very small cacti? When you use it you just want to smudge on a tiny it of it and leave it there right? I also want to experiemtn with grafting either slabs or areoles from bigger trichocereus to pereskiopsis... The idea is, since it's winter and I can only grow indoors, I want to clone out some of the nicer specimens I have and grow them under lights . That way instead of just having a single 3-6 inch trichocereus that I can't grow indoors, I will have a handful of clones of that specimen growing grafted to pereskiopsis.So by spring time I should have at least a few inches of growth on each graft I would hope. Any tips, suggestions or information is appreciated!
  6. sprac

    Overpushing Lophs

    Nice video inyan. halonium was supposed to finish doing a bunch of tek/overviews on the sacredcacti forum and then disappeared . I wonder if the loph spaceship finally became animate in real life.
  7. Just thought I'd give an update.. I've been starting to put my new grafts under a 6000k (somewhere around that spectrum) as opposed to leaving on the windowsill or in the greenhouse ... cold is definitely moving in ... will be interesting to see growth , or lack thereof , in these ones compared to the ones in natural light ... Crossing my fingers i get a steady income soon so I can really get working on this ... I'd like to get into a few other genus too (some of the globular cacti are particularly beautiful in my eyes ) ... would be brilliant to have some flowers next season ...
  8. Thanls folks .. Yeah zelly, after getting so many different answers I've kinda Ben coming to the same conclusion ... figure it out myself ... I do plan hopefully getting a better setup going someday but i gotta get some money together and a job first ... I have a 2 bulb (think 3 or 4 foot) t12 rig already .. not being used for anything ... I think I'll just use that for now and maybe just replace is with some of those led flouro tube replacement bulbs to save on electricity. .. maybe I can add some light from cfls ... gunna try to rig up some Mylar around the sides too ... So 6-7 000 spectrum is best ? With a spike on the 2000-3000 side too maybe if possible ? I don't think a 5000k is useful at all right Gunna go have a look around today maybe ...getting cold..
  9. sprac

    overwintering cacti seedlings

    Very nice one there halycon .... Need to get some validus seeds here now... Love the spikes.
  10. Hey everyone, Sorry if there is already a thread on this somewhere... Feel free to remove.. I've already solicited information about this on a few different forums and have got a myriad bunch of suggestions and opinions.. I'm trying to figure out what the least expensive , and most efficient , way I can grow freshly grafted trich seedlings on pereskiopsis indoors, under lights. I've seen a few suggestions for t5s and some for LEDS and again some for HIDs... I have not got a clear idea of whats what and really should do some studying on light waves and all that but winter is fast approaching. I need to figure this out within a couple weeks at most.. I'm wondering why using cfls , or possibly another type of flouro tub such as t8 or 12 in lieu of t5's would be much worse? It seems HIDs or maybe good LEDs would be ideal but I would really rather not spend any money on those right now as I really can't afford to.. I have cfls and can buy flouro (t8 I think, maybe t12?) tube fixtures with lights fairly affordably.. I'm basically trying to just figure something out that will work for now.. Once I have a job I can possibly get something better.. It seems safe to assume that even though they are grafted seedlings shouldn't need much light for the first couple months ? Maybe I have this wrong but it also seems that maybe the fact they are grafted would give them the ability to grow with less light given that the stock acts as solar panels but the actual scion is still very small? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  11. sprac

    Gymnocalycium hybridization

    Hey , Yeah they are a very nice genus for sure . I have a saglione which looks beautiful; can't wait to see it flower . This sort of took me off guard given that I'm in a cooler climate (6a) and also I had only got the plant a few weeks ago. Bought a handful of different places ... was a 50 percent off sale .. really wish i had known that weeks before hand haha . I have only just started growing cacti (and anything) again at th beginning of this summer. Had a rough t few years and wasn't wasn't le to grow anything... things are calming down now but I need to get out of where I'm living as its toxic .. This is the most I've ever got into gardening though and I'm really starting to appreciate it more and more ... keeping my head together a bit .. Anyways thanks for the reply .. gunna try to find SOMEthing to pollinate it with.
  12. Hey everyone, I'm pretty sure this is my first post here.. Been lurking here and there for about a year give or take .. Have really got into cacti growing as of late which has been the cause of me seeming to spend more time here than in the past.. Site looks very interesting and well put together. To the point: I have a gymnocalycium friedrichii mahonovichii that I purchased a few weeks ago and is now apparently starting to grow a flower bud. I'm trying to find some pollen for when it hopefully flowers ( starting to get pretty cold here now) and I'm curious about the possibility of breeding with another genus. Has anyone tried this with or without success? I apologize if this has already been covered here.. I know there has been some related threads but I didn't see anything about gymnocalycium specificly .. Still getting used to navigating through here.. Hope everyone is doing good!