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  1. Quantum_Reality

    Looking for Pereskiopsis

    Thank you weazelloph & cactuscarl im more than happy to trade pm's sent
  2. Quantum_Reality

    Jasmonic acid, expressions of interest?

    Count me in mate, im interested. What are we looking at here?
  3. Quantum_Reality

    Looking for Pereskiopsis

    Cheers d00d! Much appreciated mate ill send you a PM
  4. Quantum_Reality

    Looking for Pereskiopsis

    Looking for some pereskiopsis. Can trade or pay $ Let me know if you can help out. Thanks QR
  5. Quantum_Reality

    Ebay - T.peruvianus or is it?

    Agreed! For this to be chopped up, is almost criminal... The seller shouldnt let it be hacked up either! One of this size needs to be moved with respect, and also with some roots still intact! I stress this. Good luck to the winner. It wont be a cheap or brisk task.
  6. Quantum_Reality

    Lophophora Williamsi Crest-Cristata-Crestated

    What a shame, I would do some unimaginable things for even some monstrose Lophophora cuts.
  7. Quantum_Reality

    Cereus hildmannianus monstrose X Cereus ? seeds

    Hey Jox im down for some too, be cool to see some monstrose ratios. Do you need my addy again?
  8. Quantum_Reality

    *All Done*

    Hey guys, ive sent out all seeds the other day that needed sending. Sorry its taken so long its been a busy time. Enjoy and share the love!
  9. Quantum_Reality

    psychotria viridis seeds give away

    Im down SAB is a place where I like to hang, it has more than you could ever want, the whole shebang. Always reading up on lots of cool information, from science and culture to experimentation Thanks Ph PM sent!
  10. Quantum_Reality

    Looking for Atropina Belladonna seed

    You guys are lucky you dont have these growing all round your backyard seeding everywhere like crap. Where bouts are you locacted?
  11. Quantum_Reality

    Several I.D's (Lots Of Pics)

    Thanks guys, suspected it was a cuzco x. All of these are in great health, nice n plump and fed well.
  12. Quantum_Reality

    Several I.D's (Lots Of Pics)

    Awesome work guys that helps out alot Just need some help with 1, 6, & 10 now. I think ill keep the Kanchoes around for the ornamental side. Ill have to keep ontop of it though to stop it becoming noxious. The seller insisted #10 was a Pachanoi
  13. Haha wow! You would wanna go very easy on the breaks with those there Nice work!
  14. Hi, ive got some cacti here that I need some id's on please 1. Im thinking some sort of Parodia? 2. Oreocereus? 3. Maybe Notocactus? 4. 5. Euphorbia? 6. Not sure what type of Mammillaria 7. Cleistocactus? 8. Not sure what type of Gymnocalicium 9. Euphorbia? 10. And this Tricho, maybe Cuzcoensis x? Thanks