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  1. paradox

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    These ideas are infinitely more complicated, unachievable & fraught with insurmountable complexities than just about any other solution imaginable Climate change has been politicised in such a way so as to dupe morons into supporting utterly unacceptable social control. It’s working like a charm & you’re a prime example among prime examples of this considering what you are advocating. please stop being so hysterical people. In 1989 we were told the ice caps would be melted & the world would end by the year 2000.. sure things are a bit worrying but we aren’t even close to being smart enough to understand the true implications of the unknown changes that we don’t even understand what those changes really are yet.. positive progress & meaningful solutions to problems come from calm, clear, positive minds.. the only things that come from hysteria is personal hell & a willingness to accept insidious social control. I’m pretty sure you are not going to become this genocidal overlord noob so which way your mind sways is neither here nor there, I just was compelled to point out how retarded your ideas are & point out how dangerous that kind of psychotic hysteria is. the fact you’re a psychopath is just an obvious side-note
  2. paradox

    Is this site dying out ?

    Well maybe this forum will not make a resurgence, hard to say but I think other small scale independent platform of all kinds will in the next few years
  3. paradox

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    I agree that over population is a huge issue by the way & it freaks me out & affects my life as much as anyone & there’s so much that is most valuable to me that is deeply, mortally threatened by it... I have often fantasised about living in a world where there’s plenty of space & resources for everyone & the biosphere is not continually being destroyed but I still find your perspective either naive or psychopathic, possibly both.. Yes I’m trolling you but I’m also serious. It really seems you haven’t thought through the monumental implications of this idea.. which is fine, we’re all allowed to talk shit but you’re shooting down people in the thread who think practical solutions are worth focusing on before resorting to genocidal mass murder.. It seems to me you’re either jerking off for the heck of it, you really haven’t begun to consider the problem outside of the fantasy world in your head or you’re actually just a psychopathic post-modernist extremist nutjob. no offense
  4. paradox

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    I’d be more inclined to call you monumentally psychopathic to a degree that’s beyond comprehension.. insane doesn’t come close. You describe rounding up & murdering BILLIONS of innocent babies & children & people (I guess as long as it’s not you & your friends) as ‘cold’? I’m sure for those billions of people murdered it would also be a bit annoying, slightly inconvenient, kind of mean, a little slack.. So if this psychopathic, genocidal slaughtering of billions of babies & innocent people is such that ‘you'd never consider it an option’ then why are you saying it’s our only viable option? What’s your point? Are you interested in solutions or do you just like fantasising about mass murder on a scale unfathomable by worst genocidal dictators known to humanity? if this scale of mass genocide can’t be considered ‘wrong’ then how on earth do you define that word? What kind of demented post modernist extremist projection do you inhabit where you can’t even define something of that scale as wrong? Please explain how you aren’t the most deplorable kind of psychopathic freak?
  5. paradox

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    all you’re saying is billions of men, women & children need to be rounded up against their will & slaughtered.. got it.. simple right? maybe the hundreds of millions of tonnes of dead human bodies can be processed into fertiliser to grow the soy that will feed to privileged class of vegans whom were the only ones deemed worthy of life by the supreme leftist overlords
  6. paradox

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    Just a sec, I haven’t read all your posts, are you advocating mass genocide?
  7. paradox

    Is this site dying out ?

  8. paradox

    Is this site dying out ?

    I haven’t been here in nearly a year but I have the feeling these small independent platforms will be very relevent again as the corporate control of social media becomes more & more insidious.. it might not ever be very big but it might be pretty relevant
  9. paradox

    When I die

    Which of these products should we bury this forum in now that it's dead?
  10. paradox

    Dark Mofo anyone ?

    Oh right I see haha.. I'm not even going to comment.
  11. paradox

    Dark Mofo anyone ?

    Did you hear what the mayor of Hobart said? Want to shut it down. Withdraw funding
  12. I'm a bit confused what you just said.. did you mean I pertain to this dumbass hipster forum? If so then you pertain to it just as much as I do & it wasn't always a dumbass hipster forum.. that started pretty recently along with the generally mediocre level of discussion similar to the kind I am dissing you for. or are you saying that I am a hipster forum dumbass? If so then what is the relevance of the word 'pertain' in that sentence?
  13. I'm not trying to save the world either. I'm basically arguing against misguidedly trying to save the world. If you read a few posts other than your own you'd save yourself so much time bruh edit: & I never said you were riteous at all, (bored makes sense though ;) I was explaining in lamens terms the basic topic of conversation I've been involved in this thread (ie if you tell off strangers because they aren't the same as you in the name of saving the world, are you really helping or are you just being a cunt? in my opinion it's actually a complex question. Nothing at all to do with you) I have not once until yesterday referred to a single thing you've said in this thread. We have been having totally different conversations mostly with totally different people. I'm just pointing out that you are stuck in your own tiny echo chamber & don't seem to pay attention to anything but your own thoughts. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with you but you keep proving my point so well obviously you don't really care man, you're just bored, I get it.. but bored people are the most boring thing.. maybe it wouldn't be so boring if you actually cared about having a half interesting conversation & perhaps occasionally reading the threads you're commenting in. You only get out what you put in & all that
  14. Me? im not agreeing or disagreeing with your point, you may well have a worthwhile point but I haven't said anything about climate change in this thread. I've been involved in a completely seperate concurrent discussion about the philosophical implications of hypocrites verbally abusing strangers because they have a different perspective. ie are you saving the world or just being a self riotous cunt? A difficult conundrum