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  1. Fezza

    Spore print give away

    Nice work OPP.
  2. Fezza

    Sub Heaven

    Wow - such a beautiful sight. Nice work.
  3. Fezza

    Spore print for those starting out.

    Bump!!! Hi, I've been a little inactive - but now I out of the woodwork. I'm putting a call out for a spore print or two - I'm getting back into studying spores with a microscope! Thanks, FEz
  4. Fezza

    isopropyl alcohol

    If you are after the medical grade Isopropyl alcohol go to a pharmacy, 500ml retails for about $25. But I'd rather stick to what DOM said. 1 litre of metho retails for a couple of dollars. You can even put it in a spray bottle. I'm rather intrigued though, why have the 30% water? why not 100% metho?
  5. I use reason 3.0 to write my tracks. I've tried fruity loops, but I found it was not as intuitive as Reason. I really recommend you try it. The elastic sort of effect is one of the sounds that comes with reason. Cause all of Reason is visual its hard to make a mistake. good luck with it...
  6. Fezza

    Shaking semi/colonised grain jars

    I say Shake if it is possible. Colonisation occurs quicker this way.
  7. Fezza

    Spore print for those starting out.

    Well that concludes this little giveaway. I hope everyone receives as much enjoyment as I did when I saw my first fruit coming through. P.s. I have a few prints in reserve in case a print has contaminates, so let me know if this is so.
  8. Fezza

    Spore print for those starting out.

    Sorry apothecary, but I don't have any at the moment.
  9. Fezza

    Spore print for those starting out.

    Errata: I have a mexi-cube print for the first 16 people who have at least 10 posts. There are 9 left.
  10. Here is the link: Monk I created this track about a year ago. Its a techno track with tibetan monk chants thrown in for good measure. Please feel free to use it in any way.
  11. Hi All, Now its my turn to spread some love, I have a mexi-cube print for the first 16 people who have at least 20 posts. A big thanks to those who gave me prints out of kindness.
  12. Fezza

    My first

    Answering Bongchitis questions: - I have never sprayed the containers, I do however maintain high humidity by ensuring that the perilite is always moist. - I do allow some indirect light, but its quite minimal. A quick update: - The contaminated cake which I managed to salvage did not last long as contaminates started showing its ugly face once again, so off to the garden it went. - With the only remaining container I have picked off all the fruit and sprayed the casing with a light h2o2 + water combo, which has started the second flush. I think that air exchange is still an issue, which I will rectify with my next batch. After numerous attempts of obtaining prints from the small caps, I still wasn't able to.
  13. Fezza

    "Mushroom growing made easy" DVD movie.

    I loved it, it an easy to follow doco. But from what I've read in your posts, I don't think it will teach you anything new, but mearly reinforce things. But I certainly recommend it, it may help you improve some of your techniques.
  14. Fezza

    keeping jars off bottom of PC?

    I use an aluminium PC and when I used a tea towel on the bottom I found it stained the aluminium.. I think I'd rather use a stand for that reason.