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  1. Totally agree. My feeling is when working with the vegetable realm it is VERY important to make clear, to the plant and yourself, what you want out of the interaction. Ask for nothing, then don't get suprised when you get nothing like what you wanted.
  2. High dependence is defined by just such a sentence. Hard to give something up when you don't really want to though. The word addicition implies loss of control re use, and due to the pharmacological nature of nicotine (i.e. highly addictive whether you want it to be or not) control is going to be very hard to maintain with any kind of regular use (as addicition will be the result). True you could lessen cravings with various means, but you'll never stop unless you really want to, and that usually entails some sort of chronic/debilitating health concern with nicotine unfortunately. My 5c would be really try to be clear about what you want and why you want it. Unless you are it will be hard to know how close you are to your goals, so really examine those motivations.
  3. Superfeast: Legit and some shit hot miron glass jars to boot!
  4. That test cacked me out! I would've given them a C at least: apart from the initial missing capital letter on dinosaur it is on the money for spelling, and grammatically correct to boot, save for the excessive exclamations (which may or may not have signified considerable rage). **Dang! Just read the inverted commas around the word dinosaur in the question. Young one just got a B. Hilarious shit.
  5. A few cubes and pans around this morning, but still a bit too wet I'm afraid...
  6. I said GODAMN! Hot shit Spooge, and an awesome resource! *Come to think of it I'll keep that mob in mind for next season... which is pretty much now through next week if your a SE QLDian
  7. I know they do Apparently they are willing to either refund/resend if there is any dramas... Not that I know of anyone who has experienced that, only happy customers.
  8. I reckon people might turn to something like this, if they were that way inclined:
  9. I once met who I thought I was. It made me cry.
  10. Looks cubish to me. Spore print?
  11. I linked the talk in the YouTube thread but around 1hr 08mins he says that he has friends who have FDA licenses for psilocybin research and production. The same friends say that psilocybin will soon be made Schedule 2, which is a big deal, especially in the US. Don't want to get too excited but sheeit, sounds legit. He also outlines a nootropic formula that he has a patent for: 0.1mg+ psilocybin mush 100 - 200mg lions mane 150mg niacin/nicotinic acid, neurogenesis For creativity, cognition, PTSD, etc. and vision/auditory specific neurogenesis.
  12. If you have ever considered getting out amongst it for a bit of a forage, now is the time. SE QLD is underwater and humid as, so say hello to my little friends!
  13. Old, wet cubensis fo sho.
  14. Yay!! Good job team