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  1. The Culture High by Adam Scorgie (I think). Cannabis related of course, but I chucked money in for the Kickstarter on this one.
  2. My question is why? If 98% of everything grown is non psychoactive, who the fuck would want to steal it?
  3. I've used the Loving Earth Jilungin a fair bit. It's a very mild, almost flavourless tea. I sleep like the dead, so no dramas getting there for me, but my youngest seemed to do better after having a little tea before bed. The brown glass jar is also useful to... recycle.
  4. Fuck DisneyLand bro! Mike Tyson And His One Stop Weed Shop Tyson, who broke ground on the land back on December 20, finally revealed on Monday that he purchased the 40-acre plot of land in California City, a desert location about two hours north of Los Angeles, with plans to convert the land into a one-stop cannabis shop and amusement park.
  5. Brr-oooooooh
  6. This is an often overlooked health-consequence of vaping (and I mean with flowers, not BHO like this article slips in at the end): Pretty likely correlation when you think about it. Don't know anyone who vapes with tobacco, and if you've tried it you'll know why (again talking dried leaf).
  7. G, G, G, G, GODDAMN!
  8. Posting on SAB forums and having other men/women try to strangle/break/hurt me.
  9. Here is where cannabis can make a huge difference for many Australians, if the docs and their masters Big Pharma say it's OK though... Brisbane psychiatrist Niall McLaren sometimes prescribes antipsychotic drugs, but he is also very cautious and says they are being used illiberally. "We know that Australia uses antipsychotics at an extremely high rate by international standards," Dr McLaren said. "The overuse of antipsychotics is a major problem in this country, it will be a bigger problem because these drugs have long-term side effects. "People that take it in the long term, will die 19 years younger than un-drugged peers." It is a scary reality for some people who take the medication.
  10. Someone's getting nuts for Chrissy!!! That artwork looks so life-like too...
  11. Merry Siberian Shaman Day everybody!!
  12. Greetings and welcome mate
  13. I'm sure she's worth 3 mate.
  14. Gotta be careful what you wish for mate I put it out there and here I am. Paradise aka SE QLD.