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  1. Hey mate, So glad that you have not trespassed, 'cos admitting to certain shit can be problematic at times, especially if it is illegal... I would echo Northener's sentiments re. walking in that actual foraging has to take place, most of the time. If you get those Goldilocks conditions just look for the plates of gold mate. Have a flick back through this thread and you'll find some general foraging advice for SE QLD I did up for a fellow SABer which may be of assistance. Good luck!
  2. Nice one. Getting off the caffeine round-about never hurt anyone.
  3. ^ just need the temps to rise a bit now. Bit chilly still I reckon.
  4. I'd second a good chat with Horus mate. Good luck.
  5. An unpolished and probably slightly provocative theory I have caught bouncing around my consciousness is "Blame the boomers!" Let me explain: When you are the generation after the victory of a major war you enjoy the spoils; you also may believe those who deliver said spoils and were in control during wartime have your best interests at heart because hopefully they're in it as deep as you are/were. Biggest semi-thoughtful, underlined sentence I've typed. In short you view the government as a kind of parent figure.* Could be totally off, but I feel like my parent's generation, generally, are WAAAAAY too trusting of the government and seem to assume that the powers that be, or 'they' or 'them' to some, are 100% altruistic, statesmen from 19 hundred and fucking never-ever, who could/would never stoop to corruption and propaganda. That's what the baddies did, and still do. Not trying to pick a fight, just honest in my confusion. * apologies to the boomers out there. Gross generalisations noted.
  6. Not sure about the temps but chia is a ripper of a crop. I'd also look into biodynamics and 500 preps mate. Second the suggestion of medical cannabis of course, but if you have the space busting out a few hemp crops shouldn't be too hard (if you could be fucked getting a license), and the seeds are ideal solo feed for chooks, as well as being awesome for humans too!
  7. Same. I've had some super laggy page loading, but I feel that might be more on my end?
  8. Medical cannabis processing plant proposal welcomed by Richmond Valley Council You don't say?!
  9. The modern word for barbarian is terrorist - Stefan Molyneux
  10. Straight to the union rep and a meeting with the boss I reckon. Fuck lady supervisor, she can scramble and make her excuses when she gets called in to answer for herself. Hopefully? Good luck to the missus mate, I can't fuckin stand this type of shit.