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    Qi Gong & Tai Chi Chaun. Drug law reform. Lady Ma, Pans and Cubes. BJJ.

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  1. Responsible Choice

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Mate I reckon the hinterland is the go, simply because you're more likely to find large herds of cattle. As far as cubes go I'm unsure as far as their general proliferation relative to the coast, but the greener the grass and the more cows there are, with a few shady trees chucked in, the better.
  2. Responsible Choice

    The backyard.

    Even more impressive than I remember it. You have truly been blessed by the plant kingdom mate. Now I remember what I was striving for in my own garden! Much love to you and yours.
  3. Responsible Choice

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    ID please...
  4. Responsible Choice

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    After much rain it is with great pleasure that I hereby announce Pan season open! Pics to come... Over the next week or so, as the water drains away and the sun comes out, we should see a bit more action underfoot. To the fields!!
  5. Responsible Choice

    Meet Up: Sunshine Coast

    Might be worth a squiz this arvo actually. A bit cool still, but with all this humidity and rain you never know ...
  6. Responsible Choice

    Alcohol, bars and drinking culture...

    Mr Thorn said the current disparities in alcohol restrictions needed to be addressed, especially because of the higher levels of alcohol-related harm in regional areas.
  7. Responsible Choice

    Alcohol, bars and drinking culture...

    Don't get me started... http://www.responsiblechoice.com.au/
  8. Responsible Choice

    Watch this space

    In a word, 'predictable'. That said I feel that the big pharma net can only catch the initial phases of this change, which I am sure is what they want, i.e. to posit themselves as the legitimate, 'non-drug' version of cannabis, because in this day and age if it isn't refined to the point of a single dose pill or liquid you can't really class it as medicine can you?
  9. Responsible Choice

    socket passed away

    Bro. I hope she still wanders in your heart, but with an even softer tread now. Peace.
  10. Responsible Choice

    Meet Up: Sunshine Coast

    Well Spring has fully sprung up here, and after conversations with fellow Sunny Coast SAB'ers I feel impelled to put out a call for a much overdue meet. I reckon towards the end of the month should be a goer, but we'll have to be flexible to try to get a decent turn out. Last 2 we've had were at Kondalilla Falls and Buderim Forest Park respectively. Both are lovely spots but Buderim is probs more accessible to those South of the Maroochy? Anyway log your interest here and we'll see what happens aye? Peace
  11. Responsible Choice

    Watch this space

    Can't have the 'fors' without the 'against' I guess?
  12. Responsible Choice

    Post your track of the day

  13. Responsible Choice

    Watch this space

    https://hightimes.com/news/canada-estimates-billion-legal-cannabis-sales-first-three-months/ Statistics Canada, the organization behind Canada’s census and hundreds of other crowdsourced data collection programs, is predicting that the country’s legal cannabis sales could reach as high as $1.02 billion from the commencement of the retail market on October 17 through the end of the year. "Nah mate, nah. Not gunna happen in Australia anytime soon..."
  14. Responsible Choice

    Watch this space

    For sure, but only personal use and possession at home. Apparently the change doesn't cover being in possession outside of your property... No dispensaries at this early stage
  15. Responsible Choice

    Watch this space

    Cannabis is now legal in South Africa???!!! https://hightimes.com/news/south-african-court-rules-private-adult-use-cannabis-legal/