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    Hi everybody. It has been a very long while but happy to be back.
  2. ramon


    No always been based in Brisbane, soon to be Sunshine Coast
  3. ramon


    sorry but can't tell you anything about your future. But mine includes integrating all the best things from my past.
  4. ramon


    I am going well and exited for the future.
  5. ramon

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Unfortunately I will be a no show due to short notice visit from in laws. Sorry ban man but it sounds like Jonny D is sorting you out
  6. ramon

    Meet up: Brisbane

    I have plenty of pots. Will bring along unless I ride in , in which case I will make some sort of arrangement with you
  7. Skimming through it all. I think the pushbike is the best advise.it would drastically increase your ranging abililities with no ongoing cost. Could do without electronics because you could cycle to library and access free. Didn't see it mentioned but should also consider eumptser diving as possible source of food. If I was to try this I would have it all fit on bike so I could check out surrounding areas and move there if found it more favourable
  8. ramon

    Meet up: Brisbane

    So that is 2nd march. It has been so long for me since meeting like minded people. Actually realised I assumed Sunday. What day exactly
  9. ramon


    I would educate myself on the share market and when we have the next imminent GFC buy up dividend paying shares. Commowealth bank was available at a price that paid 10% return tax paid. Dividends also tend to go up over time so the dividend stream you purchased would be hedged against inflation and if only bought franked shares you would pay little or no tax on money.
  10. ramon

    Paranoia as you age

    Often notice a unhealthy level of paranoia seems more prevalent amongst older people. My parents being one example, haven't really investigated it but thought that someone here might already have. So do people get more paranoid as they get older? and if so why?
  11. ramon


    I have ordered it 3 times in the last few years without any problems. Bought through ebay. Stuff bought from Health food shop in Australia is likely to be homeopathic. doxylamine succinate is very much inferior compared to Melatonin. Tolerance soon builds and left with hangover in morning in my experience.
  12. ramon

    Spilanthes Acmella oleracea Tooth ache plant

    I had it years ago. Yellow flowers as well. I liken eating it to putting your tongue on a battery. Good for your lymphatic system as all the salivation draws fluid through your system
  13. ramon

    I am Back

    Hi Shroomy good to see you back
  14. ramon

    Memorial threads

    recent posts regards Will upset me. I broke the rules knowingly due to the strength of the feelings resulting from the posts. I would not have debated that the post were accurate but still felt that they shouldn't have been posted. I see the memorial posts as belonging to the family of the deceased. Don't debate that people have a right to state how they feel, but others also have a equal right to form the opinion that they are assholes for not holding their tongue. I think a period of silence before negative post would be helpful as the grieving would not be so upset, but the inevitable result of that would be that the last posts in a memorials post would end up being negative and that wouldn't be good either. In the end I think people should be able to write what they want but should understand that what they write in these threads will have a greater impact on the how people see them then post in other threads.
  15. ramon

    Will Rekowski aka Gomaos has died.

    i would debate that he had a ever present sense of entitlement. I never got that sense from him and I had many interactions with him.
  16. ramon

    Will Rekowski aka Gomaos has died.

    You will be greatly missed Will you would be better served by paying closer attention to what your Mother tells you Mr Pink
  17. Don't see choko's mentioned. You can eat the leaves and shoots.
  18. ramon

    Texas holdem poker

  19. ramon

    Texas holdem poker

    Im keen. Only started playing texas holden in last month or so and Love it.
  20. ramon

    chilli seed trading thread

    vvvvvvv gets some dorset naga, Halepino and some identified by me as Tabasco vvvvvv
  21. ramon

    What has happen to Gomas?

    he was flooded and has moved to Nimbin
  22. ramon

    Bottles for Home Brewing

    I found the plastic bottles sold for this purpose at Kmart to be much easier to work with.
  23. ramon

    Bizarre Blueing of Amanita muscaria

    I doubt that is a Amanita muscaria
  24. ramon

    rock climbing

    Use to do it a fair bit years ago. Wouldn't want to try it these days without losing any extra weight. Places a lot of strain of connective tissue.
  25. ramon

    Curry spice 'kills cancer cells'

    Chilli has also been found to kill of cancer cells.