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    Prickly Lettuce's Sedating Qualities?

    Hey guy's it has been awhile since I posted on here, and I have recently gained an interest in the prickly lettuce (aka lactua serriola) which is said to have similar if not more pronounced qualities then L.Virosa? My question is how potent can the processed resin be, as i am hoping to use the abundance of plants that i have been able to find to try and break away from smoking other more addicting herbs This is more so because it has been taking a toll on me and my ability to work and with out this other herb i find it extremely difficult to get to be sleep at night often tossing and turning for hours on end, only to get a few measely hours sleep for the next work filled day. Would the effects from this plant be in anyones experience a worthwhile endeavour for a goodnights sleep? Thanks in advance
  2. newageshaman

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    With all the hype that's going around with the new grand theft auto game i thought it would be interesting to see what games others are into or have been playing recently I've been playing kingdom hearts 1.5 just recently and have always been a fan of the franchise as i've always loved final fantasy and disney so i guess it figures a game that combines the two i would love lol, especially when it's a remake of the original yay other than that im saving for the new GTA like a good little fan boy
  3. newageshaman

    Argyreia nervosa- inducing seeding

    would planting a 12 month old Argeyia Nervosa out in central queensland weather cause any problems, I've found a nice spot behind some native trees where it only gets full sun for only a quarter of the day followed by filtered sun for the rest. As it is getting cooler I am thinking of maybe leaving it till november/december when it heats up again as previous winter it dropped all leaves and i was uncertain it was going to live, fortunately it has and seems to be the strongest out of al the argeyia I've grown from seed (ten in total, all the others died in winter and never got past the second set of "heart" shaped leaves?).
  4. newageshaman

    Marijuana firm set for ASX debut

    Why would he be located in Israel in the first place if he was the executive of this company, Isn't Israel one of the countries the government have been intercepting and stopping people from travelling to? I wonder what connections he has there, and weather they happen to be ISIS supporters or hired gun's that he has come across in his Travels, Interesting to see what happen's with his facebook rant, and to weather anything happens to this guy he was threatening on a public forum. You'd think someone as old as him would know posting incriminating statements on such a open outlet like facebook is a big no no, hopefully his actions don't negatively impact the company.
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    San Pedro x Cereus hybrid update

    looking forward to seeing how these hybrid look once they grow out, wonder if the rib's will be slightly flat like ceres or keep its fat pachanoi ribs. either way looking forward to it
  6. newageshaman

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    I'm hoping to go picking soon after the last few day's rain
  7. newageshaman

    ebay seller

    was wondering where he mentions the alkaloids in the description? the way robdmt has listed his product descriptions seems pretty covert, though his name is an obvious giveaway... there's another seller also named awesomeacacia who sells acacia confusa exclusively http://www.ebay.com.au/usr/awesomeacacia?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 he mentions alkaloid content though so
  8. newageshaman

    ebay seller

    interesting to know how long it takes before ebay catches on, they are quick to take down any lophophora plants if they are listed as such. Usually the sellers i have bought from call them button cacti and might slip in a LW or LD depending on species.
  9. newageshaman

    What are your thoughts on BAPing?

    I'm extremely interested in this also, if someone could elaborate as to were to get this BAP stuff i would greatly appreciate it. I have a few bridgesii's about 3foot that i have been hoping will start pupping soon but are just continuing to grow upwards.
  10. newageshaman

    Argemone mexicana extract...

    From the reading i have done on it the toxins only appear to be in the seeds/seedpods and roots, the rest of the plant is devoid of the toxic alkaloids attributed to the prickly poppy.
  11. newageshaman

    Argemone mexicana extract...

    I've noticed a fair few of them popping up on the sides of the roads in queensland, may end up harvesting a few plants and experimenting. Will post any results from experimentation here
  12. newageshaman

    Proof that Bunnings sells San Pedro

    I think that even if you grew a few plants that are somewhat dubious in there legality, that if you have multiple different cacti/succulent species around them then there should be a good case to claim ignorance on what the plants are/do. Just my opinion as i have quite a few cacti and am continuously buying more from bunnings/nurseries and local markets. Even scored my first TBM from this nice old lady after getting to chatting at a market, she sold me over half of her collection of plants including some advanced Madagascar palms, one of which is now happily thriving in my front yard
  13. newageshaman

    New Trichocereus clone competition

    Thanks ferret will pm you
  14. newageshaman

    New Trichocereus clone competition

    Damn it i knew i should of just manned up and sent that pic , any way here is my entry for the second clone. The picture attached is the first plant i ever was able to propagate from seed, an Argeyia Nervosa Var. Speciosa that i bought from SAB in the early days of lurking on this site. I remember when i first saw the little fella pop up i was so stoked that i slightly pissed myself due to excitment. He is now a lil over a year old and still going strong, will end up putting it on a trellis in part sun part shade once it starts getting a bit warmer. This plant is the whole reason i started getting into and collecting ethnobotanicals *edit* to propagate this plant i ended up using some sand paper to remove the tough husk around the endosperm, leaving only a thin layer of the woody husk between it and its contents. I then soaked the seed for about 3 hours before planting in 50/50 sand and garden dirt, took about a week for the first HBWR to pop up P.S. If it helps me get win this round i will post a dick pic for everyone to see
  15. newageshaman

    New Trichocereus clone competition

    really this is legit? cause i only usually send pics of my dick to ladie friends, maybe if a mod chimes in and says this is legit i'll send you a pic
  16. newageshaman


    yeah it did, i had to change my password and crap a few month's back, pretty pitiful considering they are one of the biggest online auction sites
  17. newageshaman


    probably be safest not to attempt to log in till the issue is resolved, if it has indeed been hacked they maybe collecting everyones passwords and paypal details.
  18. newageshaman

    Wanted to Buy Trichocereus Cuttings

    Hey all, I was looking at buying a few advanced cuttings from the growers here, I would prefer to make payments via PayPal but bank transfer can be arranged. I am looking to buy a 30cm trichocereus scopulicola a 30cm trichocereus Brigessii and last but not least a 30cm trichocereus Pachanoi. If possible can pictures of the plants on offer get posted here and i we can discuss pricing Thank you *edit* found some cheap cacti on ebay
  19. newageshaman

    Prickly Lettuce's Sedating Qualities?

    Thanks for the replies Auxin and PH, i do have a bit of heimia laying about so I will give it a smoke and assess the effects for myself along with seriola. Hoping that this will help with any negative impacts from going cold turkey on my prefered smoking herb.
  20. newageshaman

    Prickly Lettuce's Sedating Qualities?

    Planning on giving it a try for the next week and a bit, it grows like crazy all around my house so if it ends up agreeing with my body it may end up being my little herbal sleep aid.
  21. Just thought i'd share this really interesting book about shamanic datura use, For anyone interested in these plants i would definitely recommend. If anyones read it then what are your thoughts? This is the first book i've read by Endredy and i must say its a great read, supposedly based on his real life accounts of an apprenticeship with a group of Brujos who taught him the proper use of datura and even some brugmansia.
  22. newageshaman

    The Flying Witches of Veracruz by James Endredy

    Hey micromegas I apologize if you didn't like the book, It does seem to be a bit rushed with alot of spelling mistakes and the occasional missing word. But in answer to your question the only reason i bought this book was it was the only one to come up when I searched for datura in Amazon books. I didn't mind it personally, though as you said it lacks alot of the purported detail that you would expect from someone who was legitimately under the tutelage of the Brujo's in Veracruz. I can understand your not liking this book due to lack of details, I mean seriously a quick google search uncovers more in the ritualistic usage of datura then reading through here.
  23. newageshaman

    SAB Webstore Issues?

    hey i was just trying to access the SAB store and everytime i do it says this account has been suspended? Is this happening to anyone else? I hope everything is going alright for the workers at the garden and torsten. I"ve uploaded a screen shot of what comes up when i try to access the site also.
  24. newageshaman

    SAB Webstore Issues?

    You sure? I'm still getting the account suspended crap everytime i try...
  25. newageshaman

    SAB Webstore Issues?

    Lets hope not ^