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    Todays grafting experiment.

    Thnx colhawk. Yea the plants are a good wise guide. They let you know when they are ready to be grafted. Amazonian, Yes wow they really do look like pencils dont they. =) Thanks for the top marks! Hehe
  2. Beautiful. Would look amazing blown up yo A3 size. Hanging on wall in house. The beauty of the natural.
  3. Amazing garden. So much love, time and dedication. Respect. Thnx for sharing.
  4. inti

    Best option for cacti potting mix

    Oh also I sift as much bark as I can out of soil mix. Plus diatomite is great for use as grit
  5. inti

    Best option for cacti potting mix

    I also mix coco peat, blood and bone and organic lifter and dry manure..I been using sheep poo. I have had super massive growth . One pach has grown a metre of growth In year after planting u rooted 30cm cutting. That be orginal cut growth plus Pups. Insane. Hit it with seasol they love it.
  6. inti

    New growth

    Nice collection bro. How long you been collecting?
  7. inti

    Happy birthday Colhawk

    great photo ! ...Not you ! haha ;P I mean I greatly respect and admire your book & whiskey collection! whiskey, books & ethno plants...the essential collection criteria for every great man on a path of enlightenment much respect Col happy bday
  8. inti

    what are your top 10 must have ethno plants?

  9. inti

    Sinicuichi seed giveaway - LAST 10 (updated 12/2)

    thnx got them in mail yesterday actually!
  10. inti


    yes please ! i will pm
  11. inti

    Happy Birthday El presidente Hillbillios

    happy bday el presidente !
  12. i say give the freak a chance. Let it do what i wants. As they have been laying on its side...surviving. Put it in the ground like that. The white tip and white pup will eventually take off and use the buried large stock as a food source. You will be surprised what will come of it.
  13. Hi Jwerta Hey yea I had the same thing a few months back. Had 2 cuttings in my garage. Looked pretty much the same as yours. Albino freak pups ! Mine were also poppin little root nodes out side in search for water n food. They were ultimately tortured. ..I was thinking of cutting them up for "experimental purposes" ...... but they spoke to me hehehe...so i changed my mind....i thought these little buggers are tough and have endured alot of hardship ..they deserve to have a good go at life. so.....one i buried in ground, just on surface . Whole stock in ground sideways with little albino pup raised to the sun. It went well. Turned green and started to take off up right. Going well. The other i decided to take advantage of thin growth and use it as a grafting stock. i grafted a small loph button cutting on it. It took within a a few weeks. It swelled up and is going well. I think this thin growth is a good idea for grafting use. You can use fat stock cuttings with this thin growth and the lophs take to it really well.
  14. inti

    Summer 2013 ( Pics from my back yard)

    Very nice collection !
  15. inti

    Aya Awakenings

    Good turn out..interesting journos perspective and personal story. Unfortunately only saw 2 sab crew...colhawk and justler. We need a a special sab symbolic badge or something so So we can identify ourselves. Sab secret society haha Peace
  16. inti

    Aya Awakenings

    Justler... I got a beard attempt to...purple checked shirt. . Should I write sab ob forehead haha.. I chillin with stout on chesterfield lounges
  17. inti

    Common Purslane

    interesting ! that weed appears regularly in my garden. Now I know i might try some ;)
  18. inti

    Aya Awakenings

    got tickets for tonight in Sydney See you people there
  19. inti

    Have you ever met a propper shaman?

    yes , 2003 - Ex girlfriends dad was a Paraguayan Shaman 60+yrs. He taught me to many things. I was 23 at the time. I followed his teachings. He was first step into Shamanism. Changed my life. Still to this day I use wisdoms and herbs etc he introduced to me. He didn't use ethnos to travel or journey. He says he didn't need them. 2005 - Rio Napo - Amazon Ecuador My life took a new path and i was drawn to South america. I took part in Ayahuasca ritual. Got cleansed with the whole smoke thing before drinking. .
  20. inti

    Sydney Plant Swap - 02/03/13 @ Bents basin

    Hey I am in for sure
  21. Hey yea thnx guys The pyrethrum did the trick. No sign of life. Yes been checking the other thread on caapi and ants. Great stuff. Recently bought blue ray dvd ".kingdom of plants" David attenborough...great stuff in there on insect n plant symbiosis.