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  1. lhb2444

    Giveaway...for the fishos

    If no one else gets in on these I shall for my little bro who's a super keen fisho! I think I'd have to go 2 and 3. 2's definitely got some character with his little beady eyes.
  2. Havent been doing much in the garden of late but noticed my Euphorbia Grandicornis pumping out flowers and noticed my P. Lamerii next to has sprouted a pup. Happy days!
  3. lhb2444

    Scared loph stock

    Yeah shes a little anxious but nothing a nice hot cuppa and TLC can't overcome.
  4. lhb2444

    Scared loph stock

    The significant reduction in green photosynthesizing skin was what had me worried but I guess i'll just keep an eye on it and see what happens as I don't have any suitable grafting stock ready at the moment plus its heading into the colder months and I've nowhere to put it once grafted. "First you need to ascertain what made the stock so afraid." I think it was extremely afraid of the solid month the scale gave it a beating untreated whilst I was away, was a pretty sad discovery upon returning home
  5. lhb2444

    Scared loph stock

    A few months ago I bought a couple of grafted lophs and whilst I was away for a month and a bit one of them got pretty smashed by some sort of scale like bug (I should've taken photos of that too but forgot) which has since been treated. I'm wondering though with nearly all of the stock turning into a scared hard brown surface if it'll affect the growth of the scion?
  6. lhb2444

    An Unknown Plant

    Pretty old thread revival I know but I was googling T. puquienses this morning and taking some pictures of my T. puq bought from SAB approximately 2 and half years ago as a little seedling labeled T. peruvianus var. puquiensis KK1689. Mine looks quite different to other show in this thread with the central spine being much thicker at the base and some very clearly defined V notches but I guess with KK plants you can never be too sure.
  7. lhb2444

    Trichocereus Cuttings

    I wish I wasn't broke You've always got beautiful specimens HN!
  8. lhb2444

    blue columnar id please

    Beautiful specimen I must say, love the spines on it and frosty colour.
  9. lhb2444

    mu's muving sale: part 1

    I was under the impression that Gnosis was either a pach or peru? (can't be bothered checking my tag on mine as its pissing down rain)
  10. lhb2444

    Pach ID

    Thanks for the response's everyone! I haven't removed the spines on the old growth in the first 3 pics it came that way although it was pretty beaten up from the storm it came down in. They do definitely love the environment MsSmith I'm actually a little shocked the big stump took off the way it did based on how beaten up it was but I guess trichs can certainly take a serious punishing and bounce back pretty quickly. I think your description of "plump and round and thin at the same time" hits the spot perfectly Micromegas, the plant overall isnt to fat but the trunk just down from the apex is like a pentagon, nearly straight sides. Looks like the labels will stay as T. pachanoi then
  11. lhb2444

    Pach ID

    So I got given a big chunk of pach that came from a huge plant growing at a mates place that his parents say have been there since before they moved in 30 something years ago. This chunk came down in a storm from a mother plant that's pushing 2 stories tall with multiple arms and flowers like crazy, unfortunately I've no pics of the mother though Anyway it looks different to the few PC pachs I've got growing so any thoughts on whether its standard PC pach or something a little more exotic. Its definitely got a bluer hue on the new growth than my other PC pachs but I've got no old growth cuttings of PC or any other pach's for comparison. This is some new growth on the stump. Old growth on the stump. Close up of some new growth on the stump. And some PC pach growing pretty much next to it in the same conditions for comparison. So any ideas from those with much more cacti wisdom than me??
  12. lhb2444

    Show off your freaks

    Got a couple of freaks here This was my first loph graft cresting and recovering nicely from heaps of mite/mealy damage. A crested TPM graft from HN doing well. Another crested peru graft from HN. This ones a little gymo I bought from bunnings with a nice red colour and pupping like crazy, even one of the tiny pups is throwing 2 pups!
  13. lhb2444

    What is our responsibility ??

    As EG said just because its a big cutting/plant doesn't necessarily mean its been stolen. I've been collecting for about 4 years now so couldn't have seed grown most of the plants in my collection but I've purchased from people in person and from these forums some cuttings that absolutely enormous but that certainly doesn't mean they've been stolen. I've also seen numerous posts on here from people acquiring cacti from deceased estates or through landscaping work that would have to be bloody old due to their size but again it doesn't mean they've been stolen. I do agree though if you've proof (which is probably only possible if it were your own cacti) of people stealing cacti then that definitely should not be tolerated.
  14. lhb2444

    Show off your freaks

    My first loph graft that was smashed by mites and mealy bug looked like it was starting to through a crested pup about 2 or 3 months so here's how she's progressing.
  15. lhb2444


    Definitely no Fero, love these gymno's though beautiful flowers on them