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    Giveaway...for the fishos

    If no one else gets in on these I shall for my little bro who's a super keen fisho! I think I'd have to go 2 and 3. 2's definitely got some character with his little beady eyes.
  2. Havent been doing much in the garden of late but noticed my Euphorbia Grandicornis pumping out flowers and noticed my P. Lamerii next to has sprouted a pup. Happy days!
  3. lhb2444

    Scared loph stock

    Yeah shes a little anxious but nothing a nice hot cuppa and TLC can't overcome.
  4. lhb2444

    Scared loph stock

    A few months ago I bought a couple of grafted lophs and whilst I was away for a month and a bit one of them got pretty smashed by some sort of scale like bug (I should've taken photos of that too but forgot) which has since been treated. I'm wondering though with nearly all of the stock turning into a scared hard brown surface if it'll affect the growth of the scion?
  5. lhb2444

    Scared loph stock

    The significant reduction in green photosynthesizing skin was what had me worried but I guess i'll just keep an eye on it and see what happens as I don't have any suitable grafting stock ready at the moment plus its heading into the colder months and I've nowhere to put it once grafted. "First you need to ascertain what made the stock so afraid." I think it was extremely afraid of the solid month the scale gave it a beating untreated whilst I was away, was a pretty sad discovery upon returning home
  6. lhb2444

    An Unknown Plant

    Pretty old thread revival I know but I was googling T. puquienses this morning and taking some pictures of my T. puq bought from SAB approximately 2 and half years ago as a little seedling labeled T. peruvianus var. puquiensis KK1689. Mine looks quite different to other show in this thread with the central spine being much thicker at the base and some very clearly defined V notches but I guess with KK plants you can never be too sure.
  7. lhb2444

    Trichocereus Cuttings

    I wish I wasn't broke You've always got beautiful specimens HN!
  8. lhb2444

    blue columnar id please

    Beautiful specimen I must say, love the spines on it and frosty colour.
  9. lhb2444

    mu's muving sale: part 1

    I was under the impression that Gnosis was either a pach or peru? (can't be bothered checking my tag on mine as its pissing down rain)
  10. lhb2444

    Pach ID

    Thanks for the response's everyone! I haven't removed the spines on the old growth in the first 3 pics it came that way although it was pretty beaten up from the storm it came down in. They do definitely love the environment MsSmith I'm actually a little shocked the big stump took off the way it did based on how beaten up it was but I guess trichs can certainly take a serious punishing and bounce back pretty quickly. I think your description of "plump and round and thin at the same time" hits the spot perfectly Micromegas, the plant overall isnt to fat but the trunk just down from the apex is like a pentagon, nearly straight sides. Looks like the labels will stay as T. pachanoi then
  11. lhb2444

    Pach ID

    So I got given a big chunk of pach that came from a huge plant growing at a mates place that his parents say have been there since before they moved in 30 something years ago. This chunk came down in a storm from a mother plant that's pushing 2 stories tall with multiple arms and flowers like crazy, unfortunately I've no pics of the mother though Anyway it looks different to the few PC pachs I've got growing so any thoughts on whether its standard PC pach or something a little more exotic. Its definitely got a bluer hue on the new growth than my other PC pachs but I've got no old growth cuttings of PC or any other pach's for comparison. This is some new growth on the stump. Old growth on the stump. Close up of some new growth on the stump. And some PC pach growing pretty much next to it in the same conditions for comparison. So any ideas from those with much more cacti wisdom than me??
  12. lhb2444

    Show off your freaks

    Got a couple of freaks here This was my first loph graft cresting and recovering nicely from heaps of mite/mealy damage. A crested TPM graft from HN doing well. Another crested peru graft from HN. This ones a little gymo I bought from bunnings with a nice red colour and pupping like crazy, even one of the tiny pups is throwing 2 pups!
  13. lhb2444

    What is our responsibility ??

    As EG said just because its a big cutting/plant doesn't necessarily mean its been stolen. I've been collecting for about 4 years now so couldn't have seed grown most of the plants in my collection but I've purchased from people in person and from these forums some cuttings that absolutely enormous but that certainly doesn't mean they've been stolen. I've also seen numerous posts on here from people acquiring cacti from deceased estates or through landscaping work that would have to be bloody old due to their size but again it doesn't mean they've been stolen. I do agree though if you've proof (which is probably only possible if it were your own cacti) of people stealing cacti then that definitely should not be tolerated.
  14. lhb2444

    Australia post

    @Ballzac you've unfortunately probably got no chance of getting reimbursement from Australia Post so your best bet would be to ask the sender if they're willing to send again and have it addressed care of the post office. At least that way even if they say its been delivered and can't find it then it could only be in the post office you had it addressed to and they then have no real option but to reimburse you for your loss.
  15. lhb2444

    Australia post

    As someone who's just left Australia Post in the past few days I can tell you they are beyond shit. They take absolutely no care for anything they are dealing with at any stage in the process so your best off going overboard with packaging and trying to make it waterproof/resistant in some way. You'd be surprised to know that holding yard in the parcel sorting center in Western Sydney is not under cover and so if it rains the night your parcels are there your pretty well fucked. That and the contractors/posties will actually tell you that even if your parcel is covered in fragile/glass/breakable stickers etc they've been instructed to ignore them and they do a good job of it. Plus even if you do get insurance on your registered items Australia Post will generally not refund you as they'd state your packaging was insufficient. Moral of the story, take ZERO chances with Australia Post and package the shit out of whatever your sending even if you'd think its not 'breakable'
  16. lhb2444

    Show off your freaks

    My first loph graft that was smashed by mites and mealy bug looked like it was starting to through a crested pup about 2 or 3 months so here's how she's progressing.
  17. lhb2444


    Definitely no Fero, love these gymno's though beautiful flowers on them
  18. This is a very good watch, I've shown a couple of my uniformed friends who agree with 'legalizing won't work, what about all the excess junkies etc etc' argument and they've all come away with better educated opinion on the matter, I think it even swayed my mums outdated opinions!
  19. ^ Not sure there's a thread where intended for that Big Red haha
  20. lhb2444

    Pet dogs.

    My little mutt having one of many afternoon naps, not sure how this is comfortable for him? maybe he just likes baring it all to the world. I'm not worried at all with him being around little kids and other people but bloody hell does he hate other dogs, doesn't matter what kind of dog, size, etc etc he just seems to want to eat their faces/crush skulls its fucking crazy. It sucks thats he's so gnarly around other dogs cause I really just want to let him run around at the park but even if its empty I'm worried that as soon as another dog enters the park from any entrance he'll just be off like a bullet wanting to eat it.
  21. lhb2444

    Giveaway with a twist

    I've never read into this before and haven't heard of my mates who are right into 'conspiracy theories' and things of the like ever talk about it either but as myco said, very interesting indeed!
  22. So I'm a little pissed at my housemate moving out today (told me this morning) when she knows I'm heading overseas on a holiday in a few weeks and may not have time to find a new one which significantly fucks my budget central america's back packing trip as I can't really afford to do it paying double rent and can't reclaim my ticket costs. The clincher in all this is the reason why she moved out (which I think is totally overblown) and I hence wonder; a ) What would you do in this situation? (I like to hear this from a male and female perspective); b ) Am I being a cunt by being pissed off about this or is she over-reacting? So the reason she moved out involves me having a night out with some mates and getting pretty drunk (but not crazy drunk, I still got home, cleaned up the beers and kitchen/lounge room and from earlier in the evening then put myself to bed kind of drunk) I had however been having some restless nights sleep due to my bracers poking me in the cheeks and causing small ulcers in mouth so I took a 5mg valium my brother had to help me sleep thinking it'd stop me waking up every time I was jabbed in the cheek (probably not a great idea in hindsight) The result of all this was me sleep walking into the kitchen (that I assume my body thought for some reason was the bathroom) and peeing in my cutlery draw then going back to bed, all with no recognition of this happening in the morning. She preceded to go mental (so I'm told) abusing my mate on the couch who was asleep and then just moving out with zero notice and refusing to pay or adhere to the 2 weeks notice for leaving requirement we stipulated when she moved. So, any thoughts?
  23. Incog it definitely was not something I intended to do by any means, and no its not common as I've never pissed in the kitchen before. I did as child do a hell of a lot of sleepwalking and talking. Like IndianDreaming mum's found me many a time opening the front door as a kid to go for a wander out the front or found me sitting on the couch like I'm watching TV. I do vaguely remember mum telling me I did sleep pee in my wardrobe once when I was a little kid (can't remember whether that was me sleepwalking or just being a little kid having a little accident) C_T I agree it was irresponsible of me to be that intoxicated (like we haven't all been a little to intoxicated before though!) but my main issue was was her reaction to me being intoxicated. She's done plenty more irresponsible things than I have, eg I think its pretty irresponsible that for the last 2 years she's ended up in medic tent at defqon for a suspected overdose and yet continues to do the same thing, she came real close this to doing the exact same thing and thought nothing of it, had a little chuckle about when telling us how she blacked out on dancefloor and her friends had to drag her off and give her water and shade etc. Granted it was irresponsible but not nearly as irresponsible as things she did such as consuming anything she could get her hands that she assumed were speed or pills and ending up in medic tent at defqon, only to bail a hour later when they wanted to take her to hospital, end up eating another random pill and throw up all through her room later that evening.
  24. I should add that I do all the cleaning in the house she does none and I own everything in the house bar whats in her room (although I do own her desk, bed frame and cupboard) including all cutlery and the contents of the lower draws which are essentially empty bar takeaway menus and dominos vouchers. So I didn't actually urinate on any of her belongings or anything she uses as she doesn't really eat anything bar oportos. Thankfully I pulled draw out before doing my thing so no other draws were affected but they were all cleaned for good measure.
  25. Kykeion thats an epic little greenhouse, I'd love something like that, especially with a view!